Remembering Our Own Soweto

All the greatest things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word. Freedom, Justice; Duty; Mercy; Sacrifice; Hope. We who have come together here today, Representing almost all the ethnic groups and national life and nearly all the creeds and churches of whatever our traditions are of the African world. This small audience filling a famous hall – we also can express our purpose in a single word; “Africa“.

At School we learned from Maps hung on the walls, that there is a continent called Africa. I remember quite well, being taught this as a child, and after living this 24yrs of my life, I still believe it is true.

However, professional geographers now tell us that the continent of Africa is really only on the tropics of the Himalayan Land-mass. I must tell you that I fell that this word be an arid and uninspiring conclusion and, for myself, I distinctly prefer what I was taught when I was an adolescent young boy.

The real demarcation between Africa and the black man is no chain of mountains, no natural frontier, but a system of belief and ideas, which we call African civilization (The preservation of our ancient culture) in the rich pattern of this culture, there are many strands; the Yoruba belief in Ifa; the Christian message of compassion and redemption, the Egyptian love of philosophical truth, beauty and goodness; the Ethiopian genius for law. Africa is a spiritual conception. But if men cease to hold that conception in their minds; cease to feel its worth in their hearts, it will die – this is what the Neo black movement is set to prevent, that Africa Heritage should not die.

These are not my words, but they are my faith; and we are here to proclaim our resolve that the spiritual conception of Africa shall not die. We declare, on the contrary, that it shall live and shine and cast its redeeming illumination upon the world of confusion and woe. Honestly apart from the theme of this Essay, challenging the secondary school students towards academic excellence; above is what has instinctually brought us together here, to this very moment and that is what is going to keep us all together – however sharply or even deeply we may be divided on many other matters-until our goal is reached and our hopes are realized.

In our task of reviving the glories and happiness of ancient Africa, her culture and her prosperity, it can certainly be said that we started at the bottom of her fortunes. There is the fairest most fertile area of the globe; the influence and the power of Africa have for countries shaped and dominated the course of history. The sons and daughters of Africa have gone forth and carried their messages to every part of the world. Religion, Law, Arts Science and Industry; through the world all bear in so many lands under every sky and every clime the stamp of African origin and faces of African influence.

What is Africa now in this present time? It is rubble heaps, a channel house, a breeding ground of pestilence and hate. Ancient nationalistic feuds and modern ideological factions distract and infuriate the unhappy, hungry population. Evil teachers urge the paying off old scores with mathematical precision and false-guided points of uninspiring retribution at the path to prosperity. In the real sense of the matter, mathematics will always lead Africa to higher truth, and with mathematics being encourage by and wide, it will serve as a catalyst in the redirection of all minds to the actual tenets of hope-actuated dreams, Africa can attain higher truth. In this regard, is there then to be no respite? Has Africa‘s mission come to an end? Has she noting to give the world but the contagion of the Black Death? Are her peoples to go on Harry and fomenting one another by war and vengeance until all that invest human life with dignity and comfort has been obliterated?

Are the states of Africa to continue forever to squander the first of their toil upon the erection of new barriers of moral decadences and the widespread of amorality? Are we Africans to become incapable with all our tropical and colonial dependencies, with all our long-created trading connection with all that modern production and transportation can do, of even everything famine and inflation from the mass of our people? Are we all, through our poverty and our quarrel, forever to be a burden and a danger to the rest of the world? Do we imagine that we can be carried forward indefinitely upon the shoulders broad though they may be – of these young youths like myself and of my age bracket? The time has come when these questions must be answered. This is the hour of choice and surely the choice is plain. If the people of Africa resolve to come together and work together for natural advantage to exchange blessing instead of curse, they still have it in their power to sweep away the horrors and miseries which surrounds them (us) and to allow the stream of freedom, happiness and abundance to begin again their healing flow.

This is the Supreme opportunity, and if it be cast away, no one can predict that it will ever return or what the resulting catastrophe will be. In my experience of the enterprise, it is often a mistake to try to settle everything at once far, on the skyline, we can see the peak of the delectable mountains, the fountain of solution switching close. But we cannot tell what lies between us and them. We know where we want to go but we cannot foresee all the stages of the journeys or plan our marches as this “SOWETO” day celebration and the incident, which has been occurring typifying those brutalities worse than “SOWETO” captioned “OUR OWN SOWETO”. We are not acting in the field of forces, but in the domain of option. We cannot give orders, we can only persuade for change in our national and social mind-set. We must go forward step by step.

It is for us at this stage to attempt to define or prescribe the structure of the Nigeria construction. We ourselves are content to present the idea of Africa, in which our country will play a decisive part as a moral, cultural and spiritual conception to which all can rally without detergence about structure. In the ordinary day-to-day affairs of life, men and women expect rewards for successful exertion and this is often right and reasonable. But those who serve cause as majestic and high as one needs no rewards; nor are our aims limited by the span of human life. If success must come upon our every existence as Africans and if it must be soon, we shall be proclaimed by the march of future event and the judgment of happier ages, we shall have done our duty and done our best.

In order to make a change in this era of Humanity, we must follow concomitantly the African Trinity of ” Reason, courage and Grace”. As posit by one of the Founding Fathers of the Neo Black Movement of Africa.

A time, where Africans should strike to the trinity, which the NBM hold dear. In our daily lives this should serve as a guiding principles towards living. It should be applied in words and in deeds at all times.

As a true African, one should at all times have a positive and genuine reason to do whateve

r he wants to do and make sure that whatever he does in words and deeds does not bring shame to him / her firstly as a true African, secondly that it does not bring shame to Africa and the Black man, no matter where they are. Thirdly that the deeds does not bring shame to our common Humanity. Once you are sure of a good reason behind whatever you want to do then comes the “COURAGE” to go ahead and carry out your positive deeds.

Finally when the good results of what you have courageously done comes to the know of all and sundry and it is acceptable, you can now begin to walk through “GRACE” with your head held up high as a result of the glory of what you have done. This was the trinity of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa; REASON, COURAGE and GRACE, which was, posit by Mr. Benny Ojishua in its ‘Philosophy and Principles of NBM’s Trinity’. This Ideological principle of the NBM was built upon this unshakable concept.

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Ihaza Elvis A.K.A Jago June 2, 2018 - 8:16 pm

D Basis Why Black Axe Was Founded Is To Liberate The Students At University Of Benin From D Oppression Of D Management.Today It Has Now Turn Into A Fatal Group,so Many Fibrant And Intelligent Youths Who Are Members Has Lost Their Lives.D Problem Is D Initiation Of Miscreants Into D Movement, Those Are D People Dat Have Destroyed D Name Of D Group.And To Crown It All So Many Members Who God Has Blessing Dont Help Their Members Instead They Will Take Them As Their Bodyguard And It Is Not Pleasant.All I Want Dis Those Office Holders Most Expecially D Head Of D Movement In School,is To Stop The Bamming Of Non Student So Dat The Massacre In The Street Will Reduce To A Barest Minimum.

Collins July 17, 2017 - 1:50 pm

I greet u all. All axe men of Africa

precious December 20, 2015 - 8:47 am

Aye axe men, I greet all men Wey show love to reason their bele, krf guard ouna o… NBM get level… Present C.Ihaza (OHT)

Jaman January 12, 2012 - 12:49 pm

Aye axee men i tell u say una da sweety me for my boby, una da sweety for my boby , if no belongooo na how i for dooooo. Aye axe men una bam, ayes wa da school go graduat by d special grace krf. and aye wa graduete go see work by glorious name of krf. May krf keep guarding us, glorious axemen world wide una bam. Na jaman/boyo KB HT .

Otee August 12, 2011 - 11:15 pm

Dodorima 2 all axemen all una rezn na koko rezn. I b jew name otee bakassi ht.kf on grd

Okoli August 2, 2011 - 6:24 pm

”He who does not teach his children about the ways of his grandfather has KILLED that child and bared his descendants forever.(African provierb) Carl-Collines Ogunshola Osholdi, more grace to ur elbow,.. Any body dat is not part of the solution is part of the problem. We should not call the forest that shelter us a jungle…. I say dodoooos to all bam members of NBM

kolade July 10, 2011 - 3:10 am

aye axe men,dodo for all men na mi b aye jomokiata olm ht i pray say all men no go fall inside papa k.

TMONEY X March 20, 2011 - 9:43 am

How can you write and say such a bad word like that mind you speech young man.BLACK AXE IS 4EVA A GAME OF LIFE.

Adeyktutu March 16, 2011 - 11:48 am

Aye mi axemen no matter d rough of d life,no matter d smouther of d life we remain BAM EGEDE TO MY NATIONAL HAED AND TO ALL D ZONAL Z P

Mosaic February 6, 2011 - 11:52 pm

Now the motive of the neo black of africa is to maintian peace and social justice and to promote the black culture.I bam for una, una axe no go ever go blunt.

Oxygen October 13, 2010 - 7:37 am

Freedom band to all axe men .From fj temple to the lowest temple bam u all for african heritage can not be forefeited.Celina celina to u all

outlawz October 1, 2010 - 6:17 am

Egede to all men wey sadi. I bam for una, una axe no go ever go blunt. Ayeee axe men, papa k on guard. (men spiritual, gallant u)

Victor Okotie June 17, 2010 - 4:07 pm

i,m just reawakened. Thanks

cheephy June 14, 2010 - 6:04 am

u are welcome to the game it is encouraging and intresting game………….muhammed barnery

victor June 9, 2010 - 1:53 am

egede dodo 4 u i believe sey all meme na men

Xodiq May 28, 2010 - 4:15 pm

Aye mi elder according to wetin you yan for this comment about Gbolahan , I believe Gbolahan Dosunmu is one of the founding fathers but I won gum the names of remind seven men wey start NBM and i know say Charles Oklahoman is the out for NBM to make NBM projective and forward ever….. Aye axe men

Xodiq May 28, 2010 - 4:02 pm

I really enjoy reading all this comments and i am proud to be a member of NBM…. A cry of one is a cry of all

Reply May 17, 2010 - 4:45 pm

Dear Ggolahan,

The name itself goes into antiquity of NBM’s Origin and its first founding father. Understanding NBM does not take anything. It does matter whether you are a member or not; what really matters is understand the true meaning of neo-blackism. Because anywhere there is any signs of oppression, intimidation etc of both members and non-members, that is where the beauty of Neo-Blackism glamours. The sort of activities that pervades NBM, haven associated us with campus violence is not far from the truth. In fact our true aims and objectives were against anything of this kind. But since it has happened, we cannot distance ourselves from the barbarity over time, we must all work togethr, I mean all confraternity in ensuring peace on campus. The lot doesn’t fall on NBM alone. We swore aoth to defend those lives that are being lost on campus, our agenda is to address NBM, and that is exactly the function of the National/International Leadership of the NBM. I hope this gives a little insight into the true meaning of what you are joining.

Good Luck.

eddy March 26, 2010 - 9:40 pm

now i know what the real aim of the neo black of africa really means.we most save our culture and fight for social justice.good work guys,keep the the good work going and promote the black culture.real men are black.

gbolahan March 7, 2010 - 10:43 pm

i like axeman i want be

blacky September 3, 2009 - 11:33 pm

the nbm has come to stand we are 1st n will be forever,d axe that fell d iroko tree…..

Reply July 10, 2009 - 7:15 pm

My Brother Chygoz,

if you follow my responses and agitation critically, you will find that its all revolves round excellence and Education; of Peace and tranquility; of The probing into the heart of the issues reflecting on the black race, and Africa in particular. I do not subscribe to ethnocentric debates of the white or black superiority, my very stand is on the hallowed antiquity of ancient Africa, of the TA MERRY and the TA NEHISI (Egypt and Ethopia, and the Upper nile); I hold dear an invocation of the ancient remix of African Civilization. We as Africans and Nigerians in particular, education is needed; but we have seldom engage in theoretical rather than emperical researches of truth with regards to economic and social development… African leaders must work their docile brains and produce developmental ideas, those that will help catapult into the practical 20th economies of the world as it has it on paper. Ghana and South Africa have taken the forefront for this ethos and rhythms of success stories; have you heard? There if Africa must reclaim its lost glory, its must reawaken the spirit of civilization through education and socio-moral sessions. Without this, there will be no peace. Bottomline is, I stand for PEACE!!! My Best Regards.

chygoz ekeleme July 8, 2009 - 2:14 pm

dear sir, i chygoz has been in the confliction of bein under association that will not under go into fraustraion bracket. a man born of the resources of the modern time, of a created and existed in the heart of civilization through education and information. By this very co-efficient, permit me to ask what you are actually standing for?

Reply June 18, 2009 - 12:43 pm

Mr. Omo-Emi,

I sympathize with you on how you feel concerning the conflict within and without Nigeria, after using confraternal clashes as a case study for our strive for a greater goal.

But you agree with me that, if we do not start making amends now, building a legitimate and responsive society, i mean our generation; then will a generation of woes be born. Also in the spotlite is how well we can all galvanize our forces towards identifying with our Soweto, individually, not agradizing Soweto, rather we are working behind the scene so that we can all live in a happy society. We are not bulding some block of mental and racial retardation, nor are we enslave the Blackman. With the sensitization exercises, we are preaching the spirit of the New Blackman, a man born of the resources of the modern time, of a created and existed in the heart of civilization through education and information.

By this very co-efficient, permit me to ask what you are actually standing for. Is it for sympathy of the colonial and post-colonial IMF, Shell and other corporations and organization’s enslavement of our people economically, to what extent is your point purged?

If your read and re-read every part of my articulate, nowhere did i mentioned cult supremacy, rather i only gave a report of our community services. Like every other registered Non-governmental, non-profit Organization, NBM is slated to achieve great things in no-time to come.

My Humble Regards.

Dr. Carl-Collins Ogunshola Oshodi (PhD)

Conflict Management

Joseph May 25, 2023 - 6:07 am

the movement has been spoilt by illiteracy
it’s not longer freedom it’s oppression members they oppress members.i join the movement to fight for the black race no to disharm anyone make the movement peaceful.dodorima to all glorious axe men world wide

Omo-Emi April 16, 2009 - 11:20 pm

Have been following these Neo-Black race and Cult issues online lately. I discover that virtually all the cults tend to proclaim same thing, the preservation of the African culture and traditions. Unfortunately, far from it now that the world is becoming a global village and and productivity from diversity (races and traditions) dictates socio-economy progress of any state or country. I think its high time for this generation to desist from colonial sympathy, work hard and seek a way of impacting this generation, either white or black, Asian or Hispanic, leaving a positive mark in this short life span of ours. See this, the quality of a seed is usually determined, until when planted, nurtured and grown. The fruit will always justify the seed. The fruit of cultism or whatever you might want to justify it as, is total evil and curse on this generation. I take to look at the seed. It was all bad judgement of the future!

kelechi March 9, 2009 - 2:02 am

aye rugged axemennnn.wetin dey hapen 4 damisa self.movement is dieing soso obontemen full na solid strong front axeman former cabyne KK HT.damisa men make una wakeup myfellow amen.make we remove 1 bad egg from d 8,make d remaining 7 jolly well .dodorimaaaaa baba KRF on guard

Alison Kingsley October 20, 2022 - 2:44 pm

Pls axe men are not rugged

gadaf February 19, 2009 - 6:56 pm

i would like to get in touch with Mr Carl-Collins Ogunshola Oshodi. I am a wise who envisioned great things when becoming an axeman but has lost direction within the movement. Please how can i be patched thru?

frankie April 21, 2008 - 5:39 am

aye axemen, aye axemen, aye axemen, may our axe never go blunt!!!! we are the ayes and we stand for justice, aye axemen…

Reply July 6, 2007 - 5:37 am

Dear Umuidi,

First I accept all you have said and your accessment on issues concerning the Black-Axe, or perhaps the Neo-Black Movement of AFRICA NBM. If is a petty that such a wonderful movement concieved by a well thought founders has taken this dimension. We all fret for the generation of Blackist who are blood hungry killing innocent students and youths alike. I do not share in this nonesense, i was not blended to follow this rediculous mondus operandi, a dick-head bunch of students raping, stealing, and all sort of vices, just to prove a malicious and barbaric point of supremacy. I have had a enough of this bullshit going on around the courtyard of the NBM.

But if you must criticize me sir, i crave your indulgence not to make a haste generalization, such that you will end up reframing from your earlier statements. If you will bitterly criticize my stand in my resolve and hope in Neo-Blackism, you will be right in your opinion and assessment based on the past involvement in confraternal clashes within the campuses amongs waring factions which may either involve the black axe against mafite, or Black axe against Buccaneers, or against the eiye confraternity etc. Honestly, I share in your blatant ourburst; for it is in my dreams to see a community blooming with peace and non-violence. This of course takes me memory lane to the words of Gandhi in his philosophy of "Ahimsa – as a way to Human Preservation". Sir, I can feel you bitterness in the past and present involvement in all of the calculated genocide of the past and present, like the issues arising between the Black Axe and Eiye confraternity in Benin, and Black Axe with mafite confraternity in the east and many other areas. I have traced your statements as an anti-cultism in all ramification. But let me point here that what i joined isn't a cult, but a confraternity of Black Consciousness.

Whatever you say about my grammar cannot be subject of debate at this time around, i m not a grammarian, neither do i major in English. It is not a my first language even if the lingual franca is English. However so, With your "Numskull Lord" analysis you reinterated earlier on, i agree with you totally. For years now, i have noticed that these students where isolated from the major activities of what NBM really entails. there was also a time when the NBM of lords was deculted while the NBM of the campus was culted. This is an irony in a nutshell. I fought tooth and nail to correct the impression that we are one, and whatever those boys in campus does, it all boils down to our head…But for certain, let me therefore inform you that actually there are 86% of these Numskull Lords in NBM, and they are currupting and defiling the originaly, wishes and aspiration of the founders. This is not to say that there are no capable lords who can not effect a change, but the change they think can only come from the outside. Now with your approach to confraternal resolution, i see very little hope if you by your grammatic standard, talk this way; the great Island of "Ahimsa" cannot be realizable. My aim is to culled people like you and others, it doesn't mean you must be an axemen to affect the change and the docileness within the confines of NBM, we are talking about lives here, i need hands from all quaters and all confraternity, be it pyrates, Buccaneers, Mafite and all others to start this "change". I have sensed a conspiracy within some national prospect to eliminate the flourishing and ambitious youths. Some set of generation brackets are out to present future prosperity which is only achievable if the youth are well organised. But the case is the opposite with the past and present killing of the youths by the youth.

Now, the ethical question is, to what end are they killing themselves? What is the target? Do you really think it is a supremacy war? This question is meant for all and sundry who think there is no way out. Something is afront, we should all team up and cure our common cancer. If you are not in the youth bracket, then help us and let us make this country great and the blackman a strength in the hopes of Africa. If my semantic is apologetic, then i agree with that, if that i will be rediculed and cursed because i know there is hope, and others like you do not believe in the hope, then, let it be that, i alone will rot in such an escapade. I believe in the future, and that my generation will make the future great. But the conspiracy theory here is, something is wrong somewhere. Why is it that the youths within the generation spur of your time and mine started killing themselves? Why? Why is that before this time, there wasn't nothing like confraternal clashes and beefs? Haven't you asked yourself, what has your contribution be. Well if your criticism is because you are a member of other confraternity with your writing style, then i can't help it but appeal to you to join in this crusade to liberate the youth. I employ you to drop all sentiments and let us be collectively encouraged to fight this battle, let us war against the principalities and powers within the Nigerian polity, whose plot is to eliminate the youthful generation, and create a spasm of cultural lost, and sacrilagious (whatever the spellings is) morality. Dear Mr. Umuidi, we are not fighting a battle here, we are trying to reconcile all that has been vexed with the past, present, so that we can collective attain a great target of future prospects.

When i was in school, i learnt well, i faced my studies, and i came out with flying colours. Go ask the University of Jos. I still remain the person i m. I have always pursue academic and moral excellence. During my time as an Under-graduate, i was the best in my departments, and i still had the overall GP in the University apart from Professor Monday Mavgwart. So quench your utterance in trying to bittle me, even though i m 24yrs, that doesnt give you the privilege to insult my person, even though you are older, at least respect me because i m a human being, and a necessary creature of God, the father of Humanity. Look i m not trying to bambozoo you with some aride philosophy, they are not my words, but like i said, they are my faith. A great "AFRICA". I have read my books, i have leanrt alot, from experience, with the little years i have spent in life. I knew life at a very tender (not to go deep into my childhood), but i had it tougher to get a full vibe of what life talked about. And i bet you didn't pass through this path i had passed through. Like every other persons in life, we all though are one before God, but were created differently with regards to endowed human potentials.

In all, My reply to your Argument is, let us Unity by all means necessary, for we are brothers in one resolve. And this is, to make AFRICA great. I remain i an Axeman, and will always be. I have hope for the blackman worldwide, I have great concerns for the precarious situation happening in Nigeria amongs youth within and outside the University. But all i have to say is, because i m convinced there is a conspiracy theory in the whole of this act, I employ all to join hands and liberate the youth. We cannot fight from the outside, we can only fight from the inside, at least by this act, victory is certainly.

All the same, i greet you my Elder!


Dr. Carl-Collins Ogunshola Oshodi (Jr) – Rotary Peace Scholar

Bsc – Applied Psychology (Specialty Para-psychology and clinical Option) University of Jos, Nigeria

Msc – (Philosophy – Metaphysics Option) – Berea College/University of Kentucky USA

PhD Candidacy – Peace and Conflict Resolution. University of Wollongong, Australia

Umuidi July 5, 2007 - 5:32 pm

There is no way neo-black movement can take credit for preserving the heritage of Africa.That is a tall ambition, Black-Axe is quite inconsequential in issues like that.Please drop that exuberance, its way above your petty board.I am surprised that like your infant days you ealier refered, you are still carrying on with that contraption you are fed with at Black Axe initiation grounds! It is perfidious that at 24 you have joined a secret cult that engages in baseless killings of fellow students and come here to talk of preservation of african heritage.What a cheek! I wish i am replying a numskull lord, not a textbook sibling like you!

Wait until you graduate and join the rank and file of job seekers while your so-called lords cruise along in politis.They wont even take your salute even if you were the emblem like a cap.Grow up and read your books.

i rate you poor because your logic is poor and your grammar is apologetic.Go back to school and pray for ASUU to stop going on strike.


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