Reply to a Rejoinder by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah Regarding Ngozi For President

by E. Terfa Ula-Lisa Esq

Politics of Continuity

While professing to argue against continuity, Mr. Umannah made the argument for the case.”The true problem in Nigeria is elitist greed and nepotism. Followed by external impositions of foreign ideas, foreign economic-interventionism which has impeded Nigerian economy. In 60s down to 80s 60 kobo was equal to a dollar. Europeans flooded our universities to teach and to study. University of Ibadan and UNN and others had the best equipped Medical Training Centers in the whole of Sub-Sahara Africa – SSA if not the whole of Africa. Iraq, Nigeria, and other countries are typical examples of foreign intervention taking its toll on these developing economies. Exxon and Elf Oil companies control our industry. These multinationals in collaboration with Nigerian elites drill our oil and ship refined oil products of exorbitant prizes to Nigerian and other consumer populations around the world. While through this scheme and Nigerian collaborators refused to allow repairs or allow building of new refineries to enable them continue their looting prey. This is why everything is heading to collapse today because somebody is getting rich, benefiting from the chaotic system of the land. Democracy cannot be externally imposed on countries – democracy will take hold only when it is locally developed, nurtured by locals not foreign interventionists.

Ndi-igbo and Presidency

Politics is part-game part-calculation and part-chance. Any person who has been around me knows how much I espouse and argue fervently Igbo issues. This is in view of the fact that Tiv-land was one of the fronts of the civil war. This, also in view of the fact that no Tiv person has yet ruled Nigeria. The uncharitable lumping of the Tiv with the Hausa-Fulani, a group whose jihad, the war-like Tiv stopped on their way south of the Niger. The Tiv also gave to Nigeria J.S. Tarka, Paul Unongo, Isaac Shaahu and the search for equity in government in Nigeria. In every national interaction, the Tiv seek to balance the equity and to do what is right for the corporate whole. It is not a lack of ambitious male that causes me to suggest an Igbo female for the next President of Nigeria. While Zaki-Biam and indeed Anyiin is my ancestral home, it does not stop me from seeing the good in NGOZI FOR PRESIDENT.

While it may be an over-generalization to label all Igbos charismatic (I have met all types), sometimes a self-evaluation of the individual in the mirror might bring out a perceived confident smile; while to the on-looker, it might represent a boorish arrogant smirk. While you are entitled to your opinion and even self-delusion, in matters-political, the viewpoint of others, especially enlightened netters would count for more since they are the ones likely to campaign for the candidate in their areas of jurisdiction. Mr. Umannah and company have sought to shoot my preferred candidate down without a solid replacement. Could that be part of the problem with Ndiigbo? I did not insinuate, I was explicit, NGOZI IWEALA, OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. How explicit can you get? He mentioned Governor Nnamani, Dim Ojukwu, Ben Nwabueze…Did Mr. Umannah say any should be the Igbo candidate? A true Nigerian, I gave him a national candidate, he had to present a line-up of his ethnic champions. I am charged with trying to be relevant, well go ahead, read the rest of my contributions world-wide sift the wheat and throw out the chaff.

Mr. Umannah is free to think what he wills, it is no insult and definitely this article or any other is not calculated to launch the writer anywhere or into anything. That I live in Milwaukee is not a secret and I do stand behind my ideas with my photograph and e-mail address. We are serious enough that the many commentators at NVS and elsewhere were lining up to applaud NGOZI FOR PRESIDENT and are willing to back it with their Dollar if NGOZI agrees to run. Some are slow to catch the vision. We cannot all be visionaries. Some are consummate stragglers. Please read my book the Kingdom of God in Spirit and in Truth to find my relevance.

Feminism and Presidency

Mr. Umannah wrote unbelievably in regard to my article this quotable quote:

With due respect to Igbo-sisters and other Nigerian-sisters out there, the priesthood leadership runs through the men and not women.

Sir how did the Igbo men let NGOZI break through the glass ceiling to be Vice President World Bank. If that is abroad, how did these very chauvinistic sexist oriented people Mr. Umannah purports to represent allow this Igbo sister to break through the glass ceiling and become MINISTER OF FINANCE of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (directing men/controlling budget, being the priest in the Federal Ministry of Finance and representing OBJ in NY and DC with other Igbomen including my favored Soludu in her entourage?

If these Igbo sons could not stop Ngozi because they did not have any influence in what she could become, these same Igbo priest cannot stop her if she desires the position of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and we are there to make it happen by merit.


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Anonymous December 29, 2005 - 12:58 pm

Thank you Sir. Ngozi for President. Ngozi for President. Ngozi for President. It's about time. The Umannahs of Nigeria have failed us and they have absolutely NOTHING to offer us.

Anonymous December 27, 2005 - 10:13 am

Three Gbosas. Gbosa! Gbosa! Gbosa! Thanks man: if Nigerians can stand for their belief the way you do, then we will be a better place. While I also think Nnamani will also be a good candidate among many in Nigeria as well as El Rufai or Ribadu, Ngozi will make a very good president. But the reality of the naija electoral process might make this just a pipe dream, but there is no harm in trying. To the damn Chauvinists, as a Yoruba man myself, I see nothing wrong in a woman President: men have failed Nigeria, the past generation has also failed us. Let the torch be passed. God Bless you and may God rid Nigeria of the Umannahs…is that his name Tell the guy to get a life!


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