Resolving the ASUU Debacle – Once, and for all

by Michael Oluwagbemi II

The Academic Staff Union of

Universities (also widely known as ASUU) has become a perpetual nuisance to the

education wellbeing of the Nigerian student. A union otherwise created as a

platform to elevate education, has since the dark days of the military era-

when it was a beacon of resistance to military dictatorship, transformed itself

into a powerful lobby dedicated to undermining the wellbeing of Nigeria’s

future. With its persistent strikes, disrupting the academic calendar and

spurning out more cultists, prostitutes and unwanted pregnancies than learned

students, ASUU is now the enemy.

It is like ASUU doesn’t care. Six

months into its latest strike, ASUU and its leadership behave like entitled

spoilt brat that they’re and are unfortunately abetted by an unimaginative and thoroughly

bankrupt leadership in Aso Rock. It is hard to argue with ASUU’s deliberate

anarchy when our Abuja overlords are busy embarking on state funded trips to

Jerusalem that adds no value to the country, or buy bullet proof vehicles and

get nothing but government protection for such wanton looting.

ASUU can thumb its dirty nose at

Nigerians, drawing our attention to the ridiculous allowances four hundred and

sixty nine (469) lawmakers award themselves, even though it is doing a far

greater relative harm by destroying the future rather than the present: that

these lawmakers have chosen to squander. Fact is since 1999, ASUU has embarked

on twelve

major strike actions lasting a total of 117 weeks an equivalent of Two Years

and 3 months! This is just in a space of fourteen years, and it will be

very hard to find a more strike happy union in the world.

The cumulative effects of these

strikes have been the alarming falling standards of education in Nigeria, which

most employers will confess, is churning out half-baked graduates in their

hundreds from public tertiary institutions. The situation has gone from bad to

worse, as many eligible students (our best and brightest) flee to universities

in Benin Republic and Ghana, just to avoid the ASUU sham. While private

universities prosper, and I speak as an employer of labor from these newer

schools, the public universities that once stood up shoulder high with the rest

of the world is now a shadow of themselves.

Fact is ASUU Strikes more than

government under funding has done more for destroying our education system

combined than what the military despotic leaders did to undermine the

institution of education. Indeed, the dirty little secret of Nigeria

universities is that the very same lecturers that are producing the okay products

in the likes of Bells, Covenant, Igbinnedion and Madonna private Universities are

also the same ASUU members who dare not strike in the private sector. Given

this fact, it is time for the government to get bold and solve this debacle

once and for all. There is a solution to this ASUU madness, and it is staring

us all in the face.

First, ASUU gives a plethora of

reasons for going on strike but most of them don’t make sense, because they’re

contradictory. A reading of the Gamaliel

Onosode negotiated settlement of the last major strike action will lead any

sensible observer confused, and wondering why the government delegation could

not pick holes in such badly conceived settlement. On one hand, ASUU claims it

wants independence for the universities (“autonomy” as it calls them), on the

other hand it wants to keep feeding on the government breasts. It is either you

get autonomy or you’re dependent. If anything, the striking experiences of the

last few years should give impetus to the government to move rapidly to grant

full funding independence to Nigeria’s Higher Institutions as well as real

academic autonomy.

To this end, government must

rapidly transition from a system of direct funding to grant making to wean the universities

off the national allocation bottle. This system will specify in an agreement,

how much each Federal University (emphasis on Federal) will obtain in the next

ten years, and escalated for inflation during the same period. The goal will be

to make every Federal University entirely independent and self-sustaining at

the end of such period, with certain assets (including properties, land and

shares in public companies including NNPC and Power Cos) allocated to each

university system administration to slowly reduce their dependence. The Morrill Land Grant

Act of 1862 by United States has done this for more than two hundred years

successfully, why can’t we just copy and paste?

In the same token, universities

should be allowed to charge any fee they so desire to bridge the gap, while a

system of bursary and scholarships should be provided for indigent students,

and bank loans through the Bank of Industry specifically targeted at students encouraged

to take on post-education entrepreneurship. This emerging education

super-structure will be a win-win-win as government will be making tangible

investment in education instead of burdening the system with costs. Loan

programs tied to entrepreneurship will also create a foundation for future job creators;

creating records of credit for young people and history of loan use prior to

becoming job creators themselves.

Furthermore, a reorganization of

how our universities are administered should be considered. The current

structure of single member universities is not workable and sustainable – as it

leads to duplicity of back office operations that contribute virtually nothing

to learning. In more advanced climes, the leveraging of shared system resources

where groups of learning campuses are organized under a singular administration

is the norm. In the United Kingdom for example, the University of London system

is well established with various autonomous universities therein that share

administration, as will the Texas A & M university system or the New York

City Universities in the USA. This reorganization will enable cost

effectiveness and enhance research as well as learning.

With new found independence, each

system will be free to administer its finances as it chooses to; if it so

prefers it can even squander all the money on posh professor salaries and

self-aggrandizement of ASUU members who didn’t mind “doing-in” their

Non-Academic Staff counterparts, when

they negotiated with Mr. Onosode! Indeed, under a system where fair market

value are charged for tuition in our universities, professors will then be

required to deliver services as at when due as it is being financed by parents,

scholarships/bursaries, guardians or by loans- for which the student is termed.

This will permanently restore sanity to our citadels of learning that has been

lacking any, for the past few years. Enough is enough.

We must conclude with a note of

warning to our do-nothing president, whose characteristic approach to crisis is

to kick the problem down the road, or behave as if it will magically disappear

– kicking the ASUU problem down the road, is not an option. But will Uncle Jonathan

hear? I heard he was busy with his old lecturer buddies last night in Aso Rock;

hope they exchanged pay slip and at least appreciate how far a former lecturer

has come from not wearing shoes to sitting in Aso Rock and flying overtime on

taxpayer’s dole. Can someone restore sanity here please?

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