Rewarding Loyalty – The Obasanjo/Andy Uba Story: Retraction And Sincere Apologies

“When we admit our faults we (usually) are given the benefit-of-the-doubt by others. They see us as not being full of pride. They see us as having weaknesses as they do. They see us, then, as fellow soldiers in the daily battle of life. They empathize with us, knowing someone struggles as they do.

Of course, there are hardened individuals who won’t bend, and will always deal harshly with you when your faults bother them or interfere with their lives. They lack compassion. The problem’s their’s, though, not yours, in those situations, as long as you’re still striving to improve.” – Michael Ugulini, HELIUM

It is often the most difficult thing in the world for some of us to admit our mistakes. Our pride won’t let us. Our self-image won’t let us. Somewhere in our hearts, we believe that if we ever admit to being wrong, it will have some devastating effect on us. But the reality is — ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There’s not one person — except Jesus Christ — who has ever walked the earth who has never made a mistake, who has never committed a sin. Not one of us is perfect.

I am somebody who takes pride in admitting my mistakes. It makes me human, because as they say, a man who does not make mistakes makes nothing at all.

It is therefore with humble heart that I apologise to my readers for seemingly misleading them or insulting their intelligence when I wrote that piece on Obasanjo and Andy Uba’s meeting and extolling their loyalty to each other. It seems I was myself misled by an article that I read about their meeting. I wrote the article in very good faith, based on the human and philosophical perspectives and it was not meant to eulogise Obasanjo or Andy Uba or their relationship, friendship or otherwise for that matter. I therefore sincerely apologise if I have inadvertently offended the sensibilities of the many people who read my original article.

Since that article, I have been lambasted and vilified for praising this virtue of loyalty, as seemingly exhibited by both men. More importantly to me, I have been corrected on the facts. I have been made aware of many basic facts of Obasanjo and Andy Uba’s meeting and relationship.

One is that Obasanjo and Andy Uba met AFTER Obasanjo became the President of Nigeria and not before. Secondly, I was corrected that Andy Uba put Obasanjo up in a hotel and NOT in his own house. Thirdly, Andy Uba’s qualification is a subject of some contention in that nobody quite knows whether he is a medical doctor or a Ph D holder or maybe none at all. This latter issue remains contentious, but does not really matter to me, as I still believe anybody can ascribe to himself or herself what they want the world to believe of them. It is up to the world to verify this and treat them as such. In this case, Andy Uba has not come out to defend his title.

Thanks to a feedback from “Dem” from Nigeria Village Square OBJ met Andy Uba in America AFTER the former had been elected President. OBJ was booked into a hotel that Uba felt was unbefitting Nigeria‘s President elect. Consequently, Uba put up the Obasanjos in another hotel at his own expense. Furthermore, Uba has never claimed to be a medical doctor. The initial story was that he claimed a doctorate in Physiotherapy (aka Physical Therapy) which he has since been unable to substantiate.
Having said all that, loyalty can never be at the expense of the people. Thank/reward friends and contemporaries yes; but never at the expense of the nation or the greater good”.
I am in complete agreement with the last sentence.

However, having said these, I did say at the beginning of my original article that “This article, nor the quotations above, is about the good or bad, the right or wrong or the positive or negative aspects of political associations, friendships or rewards. It is mainly about the loyalty of humanity towards one another and the philosophies behind them. It is about the values of our political development in Nigeria

I also reiterated that “I was at first dismissive of the story, but then had another read of it, read between the lines, mused over its content, and then asked around as to its veracity. I have not succeeded in any way as to determine whether this story is true or not, ……….. I am not quite sure of the authenticity or veracity of the story, but if it is true, it is a symbol of friendship and loyalty from one human being to the other”.

I read the story of their meeting in an article published in Nigeria Today Online (unfortunately, I cannot recollect the authorship or the publication date), and waited for anybody to challenge the story. After a week, nobody did, and I assumed it must have some elements of truth in it, and hence decided to write on my own human side of it. Never in the article did I insinuate that Obasanjo or Andy were good men, or that they did well for Nigeria. That was not the issue. It was the human side, and I also near the end of the article said that “Without going into the merits and demerits of this uncommon bond between the two men, it was this single human value, …….. This does not mean that I will condone their various parts in piling untold hardship and poverty on their people” and further that “The fact that Andy Uba allegedly rigged the elections in Anambra State to emerge the winner is not the issue here. At least he has been removed and disgraced. The fact that Andy Uba allegedly smuggled some money in the Presidential jet or that he bought certain farming equipment for his mentor’s farm do not matter here”.

From this, dear compatriots, I have not supported either Obasanjo or Andy Uba or condoned their actions. I was just marvelling at their loyalty to one another, and wishing they had transmuted this virtue to helping their people – Nigerians. At the same time, I was condemning the lack of loyalty often exhibited by our leaders and politicians and which has caused untold hardships to Nigerians because of their selfishness and utter lack of sincerity and commitment to one another and to their people.

And I concluded as thus “The problem is letting the good in us overcome the evil, and using it for the benefit of mankind, because we do not live in isolation. Obasanjo will always be grateful, good and loyal to Andy Uba and so will Uba reciprocate to Obasanjo. Let them transfer this good to their people – Nigerians. As they say, as a man sow shall he reap……….”

So dear readers, I was not deliberately condoning what Obasanjo and Andy Uba might have done to Nigerians through their loyalty to each other, but in a way actually highlighting the fact that their loyalty to each other, mush as it is commended, has not meant or done a lot to contributing to the progress of the country.

Again, we (or at least, I) do not know the true story of how they met. I have now heard several different stories of how they met and what help they gave to each other. I suppose the only way we will ever know is if both men say it.

Once again, these are my apologies and my thoughts. I stand corrected.

Written by
Akintokunbo A Adejumo
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