Ruth leaves her Root for the Root of Jesse 2: Why come out of Moab?

by Eferovo Igho

What is really Moab! Why did Ruth leave, and why with that focus, steadfastness and drive? What is Moab today to Christians? And why must people and, sorry to say, so-called Christians desire the focus, steadfastness and drive to leave it as Ruth did?

Christianity has so much to gain from the story of Ruth. Here, we want to see what Moab represents and why we all must be away from it. Christianity is about leaving the world for Canaan yon or heaven. It is a pilgrim’s walk; pilgrims who do not entangle themselves with the world so that they might please Him Who have called them from the darkness of this world into His marvelous light.

The present angle of the story of Ruth tells how to go about it. It is told with near poetic effect.

Moab Naomi left with Ruth to Canaan and its God;
Orpah back went, to Chemosh, Moab’s national god:
The same is Molech, god of Ammon, Moab’s sibling.
Moab, though Lot’s, Babylon root and branch became it:
That’s Ur of Chaldees whence Abraham and Lot came,
Then Haran chief seats of worship of moon-god Sin,
Sin, not of ‘sin’, but iniquitous all the same,
For all gods the mother-god cult, acquiesce in:
This Semiramis cult of Babylon so vile!
Whilst Ruth Abraham ‘sought after’ in his last home,
Orpah loved from whence Abraham was called out from;
Whilst Ruth with him wants yon City with Foundation,
Orpah went back as said afore to tap to Moab,
Whilst Moab draws from Babylon’s satanic culture:
Which sorry culture dates back to Semiramis:
The founding queen of Babylon, full of cunning,
Who ‘made’ herself goddess, nay, ‘made’ so by Satan;
The so-called queen of heaven; and of the coast too;
Satan’s mother of god, of the mother-god cult,
In times ancient and today by many worshipped:
Ishtar among the Babylonians, Assyrians;
Atargatis, Astarte of the Phoenicians;
Ashtoreth of Philistia or the Philistines;
Diana of ‘Ephesus whom the whole earth worships’;
Thought by some the Cybele of the Phrygians,
Yet by others the Ma of the Cappadocians;
As ‘Mary’ to many masking, by them worshipped,
Whilst Bible Mary, holy, humble worships God,
Nowhere in God’s Holy Book craves to be worshipped,
Or promises us intercessory role yon:
For in God’s Right Hand Christ sits doing that for us!
The Syrian Venus, Saxon goddess Eastre,
Yes, goddess of Eastre, called Eastor too by some,
Which festival held at the vernal equinox,
Or the spring equinox around March twenty-first,
Which today is become ‘churchianity’s’ Easter,
Differing from Passover, Christ’s Resurrection,
As the Devil is from Jesus Christ our Savior;
She’s the ‘something’in untold cultures, then and now!
This Astarte, so-called queen of heaven’s deceits,
And this Ashtoreth, of this mother of ‘God’ tale!
O this Satan’s damning delusion, deceptions!
Ruth’s walk from Moab was from its Babylonian roots
Orpah’s return to Moab was back into that grip:
Back to satanic worship God at Babel stopped,
But Satan, Nimrod, Semiramis returned to;
This mother of all licentiousness and ‘make-ups’:
The ‘something’in untold cultures, then and now, she’s!
All Jezebel, Delilah, Athaliah’s penchants
And characteristics traces to her and Baal
From Egypt, Greece, Rome, Arabia to all peoples:
She denotes untold names, titles and aliases!
In her Satan’s worship virtually centralized,
In her, Baal, Bacchus, ‘Mammon’ and all gods converge,
And all that opposes our God tacitly merge!
When Moab Ruth left, left she all those strange gods also,
Which gods Abraham left in Mesopotamia,
Ishtar or Atargatis and Baal being top two:
The first is this heinous queen of heaven so-called;
The second, Damuzu, son of Semiramis,
Called so in Babylon, Tammuz by Phoenicians,
‘Made’ Baal or the sun-god by same vile genii;
These two Ruth left and Abraham too before her:
What irony that Israel these gods so ‘preyed on’!
As they do many a worldly churches today!
One is Satan’s ‘queen of heaven’ as aforesaid,
And the second Satan’s very ‘lord of heaven’
For so his full title, Baal-Shemaim, signifies,
And he, also, being the same with the Greek Zeus,
Which Zeus, corresponds with the Roman Jupiter;
One is the mother of god, that’s mother of Baal
The second the god-son of that mother that’s god:
Satan trying to blur the Truth way back that far!
And this Tammuz being born 25th of December,
A date his heathen adherents celebrate big:
From Babylon, imperial Rome to papal Rome;
All informed Encyclopedias and books affirms,
For there you may go to for origins of such,
And anything found in ‘the church’ yet not in Bible.
Peter and Paul the two great apostles of Christ;
Apostles to Jews and Gentiles respectively,
Knew not these things for the Lord Jesus taught them not,
And, indeed, ‘another’ shepherd’s voice they heard not!
Christmas then is Baal worship, simple and factual,
Just as Easter is Ishtar or Eastor worship!
The King James Bible translator erring greatly,
By translating Passover ‘Easter’ once in Acts
But Translations since then restores God’s Passover!
Worship obsessed, both seek it by hook or by crook,
To some openly, deceptively to others!
Ishtar and Baal, both grossly fiendish, we refer.
These openly hold sway in all the secret cults,
Openly or tacitly drive false religions,
Deceptively in charge in many a churches;
Many pulpits answer to them where they sit god,
And are the promoters of mammon in the ‘church’,
Extinguishers of freedom from sin, holiness,
And heavenward messages in pulpits today!
Theirs is grinding presence here and there, then and now,
Worshiped by not a few, aware or otherwise!
Away with them therefore and let’s be heavenward.
When Ruth Moab left this was what she precisely did!
But are Semiramis, Nimrod, Tammuz now gods?
Not at all, but have been in hell fire of torment,
That being their abode since Nimrod’s Babylon!
For as always Satan chooses to work with men:
He reaches humans through humans for ‘good’ effect.
But though these his three human trinity now burns,
Principalities that lurked behind them exist,
Even the vile satanic princes of the air
And wicked rulers of the darkness of this world;
For Satan would delude even his greatest tools,
Being the father of lies, with no truth in him,
As here with his first human trinity on earth,
And with all their adherents over the ages!
So that all illuminati and freemasons;
And, indeed, all cults in every climes and culture;
All false religion founders and heads, then and now,
Are under Satan’s veil emptying into hell!
So, all delusions and falsehood we may now leave.
When Ruth Moab left this was what she precisely did!
Of Roman Catholicism we may yet speak.
True Christianity this much may need to know:
Roman Catholicism is ‘faith’, ‘religion’;
Roman Catholics boldly, ‘proudly’ will say so.
Very right are they, just that it’s something else,
Christianity being ‘faith’ too, another!
And really there cannot be two faiths in one faith,
This is the faith found in the Lord’s Bible ONLY
Never elsewhere or in the Bible plus elsewhere!
Eclecticism: Alien to Christian faith;
For the Lord Who our God is, is a Jealous God
And H

e is Consuming Fire then, now and ever!
No institution on earth has killed God’s saints more
None has suppressed or tried to kill the Bible more,
That failing, to mix-up truths therein with fables;
None has turned spiritual truths to images more,
Which idolatry, God’s Holy Scriptures frowns at,
But in origin, sponsorship Babylonian!
None wants to return the Church to Babylon more,
With what’s on in many groups today being Romish,
And in many ways very distant from Antioch!
That’s beside ecumenism in various shades,
Which is indirect return to the ‘mother-church’,
And step in the ‘one-world church’ goal of the end-time!
Jerusalem, Christianity dates back to,
Then Antioch, where the saints were first called Christians.
These are where we see our foundation, mother-church!
And therefore, other foundation shall no man lay!
“Come out from among them and be ye separate,
And touch not the unclean things”, says our very God;
“And I’ll be your God and you my people”, He adds!
When Ruth Moab left this was what she precisely did!
But Christ’s Cross, Christ’s shed blood and our personal cross,
And nonconformity with the world the winner!
Like Ruth these roots we must leave and Jesus hold to,
Putting off all that’s Diana in roots whence we came
Staying clear of all fashions and trends of the world,
All beliefs, practices, creed, costumes, offices,
Titles, hierarchies corresponding to the world
Or, paralleling the world, and Babylonian;
Traditions – of men and churches – not Christ-given;
And being not like the world or world-in-the-church,
For so walk the narrow way we can to God’s heights!
This is Ruth’s holy bequest of great price to us;
Which Ruth up dwells right now with the Root of Jesse;
This Ruth who is forebear of our Lord and Savior,
Third Gentile Christ’s forebear in God’s SALVATION PLAN!
The others being Tamar, Rahab before her
And her that had been wife of Urias the Hittite.
See then how God tacked-in our salvation long ago!
And note that in Boaz, the very son of Tamar
And the husband of Ruth and father of Obed,
Are two Gentile figures tacked to Salvation Plan;
Even Boaz whose name means fleetness, that is, fastness!
O three years of Christ’s ministry, only three years:
And Satan’s works of thousands of years wrecked, undone!
So like a dream we heard, still hear: “It is finished”!
And grace, marvelous grace has unto us appeared,
But it, teaching us to deny ungodliness,
For His worshippers must worship in Spirit, Truth;
And Obed, child of Boaz and Ruth means ‘worshiper’.
True worship another legacy of Ruth then:
“Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness”;
‘Holiness’ summing up ‘Spirit and Truth’ worship’;
‘True worship’, implying ‘out from sin and the world’!
Like her, all our ‘Moabs’ let’s let go for Canaan yon!

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