Ruth leaves her Root for the Root of Jesse (4): Orpah, America and Negroid Christian Women

by Eferovo Igho

That the world is sadly hugely planted today in the Church is very obvious. That Egypt-Babylonian, nay, Satanic practices and lifestyles exhibit themselves in ordinarily hallowed places in our age with no restraint is very evident. That sweeping practices, way of life known to saints of old as worldly, fleshly and lustful are overwhelming many a pulpit, pew or church people is not in doubt. That backslidden America is done so much havoc to the church globally is equally not in doubt.

This, however, is not an overarching piece but one that sifts out one of such damning way of life: improper dressing, and even narrowing it to women, and further yet to the Negroid woman, nay; the Negroid Christian woman, taking it from various angles including the sad role of backslidden America in this.

It is a narrative with near poetic effect:

Orpahs, so many, the Church have come in to stay.
What with these very strange wears in the Church today?
Or the many so-called “make-ups” of the world here:
Attires blurring contrast between the world and Church?
No more will they blur if their spirits may well ask:
Will Priscilla this attire or “make-up” put on?
What a clear answer the Holy Spirit will give!
Blur, they will no more if their spirits may ask too:
Will Delilah this attire or “make-up” put on?
What a reply the Holy Spirit will supply!
Mary, Jezebel: who will change God-given-hair?
Or between them who will “make-up” what God has made?
And, if Phoebe were a Negroid, and of our time;
Will she her skin bleach, her hair alter, her lips paint?
Our spirits asking God; clear, direct answers will get!
Artists’ impression of Bible women of old:
These you may want to go and see properly well.
These sane artists, truth of this matter richly tell,
Truth hitting us through spirits of these artists:
How women of the Lord of old attired themselves,
Clothing properly according to divine injunction!
O how godly women appeared from Bible days
Till Kathryn Kuhlman’s era in America:
Which’s just few decades away; all, God-ward dressed they.
O America, America! Just four decades!
You became the resort for “eye salves” and all;
You that have turned Negroid women against nature,
Helping Satan to change their Africanness;
You, headquarters of today’s Laodicea’s spirit
O America! Turn you now back to your God!
And you, slavish Black Christian women: “Where art thou?”
Can the Narrow Way that takes few allow for this?
Negroid Christian women; to you is that poser!
Can the “way” that allows these be really “narrow”?
Multitudes, multitudes; know you not where they’re found?
Turn now from America, turn back to God too!
O! Satan, the man from within has he altered,
Alter him from without will the devil also;
The outward being faint picture of the inside!
Yet, “It doesn’t matter”, they kept telling us all,
“God looks inward and that’s what matters”, they will add,
As if God has no eyes to see the outer man:
This naked house of the inner man mortals see!
Truly, God sees both, and we only the outside.
But the inside we may know from what we’re doing,
Or such things we see in and upon our members.
O this lie of Satan, this sweeping deception,
This beguiling snare playing on our very flesh!
Shall we remain ignorant of his devices?
O the multitudes the devil is “making up”,
Making different from how the Lord God made them!
God, “fearfully and wonderfully”, had made man,
And “very good” made He him at the beginning!
“God has made man upright” the Holy Writ tells us,
“But he has sort out many inventions”, it says!
O the many make-ups, attachments, weave-ons,
Paintings, exposures, trousers and others like these:
Besides affronting the Creator-God, are also:
Products of apex inferiority complex;
This, informed psychologists know too very well,
Common sense also nodding in full agreement,
For only those who first have slammed self will go thus!
So, though abhorrent to some carnal levels too;
Flesh, lust of eye, pride of life compels and gets them!
Yet, “fashion” their hoodwinked practitioners call them,
But complete it as: “fashion of this world”, they won’t;
Fashion that shall soon “pass away”; and the end comes!
And time shall be no more and all men God faced
For what they did to soul and body, God’s temple!
And when tongues cleave to their roofs; all will matter!
What a fearful thing to alter what GOD has made;
Even what He’s fearfully, wonderfully made!
His name is Jealous, and a jealous God He is;
And a consuming fire He is also, you know!
There’s Christian, Christ-like and heavenward attire, looks!
There are Egypt-Babylonian’s or Satan’s too!
That is the Truth, the contrary is Delusion:
And if men the truth won’t believe, then delusion they will.
And Ishtar through the flesh many have deluded!
The way of Orpah, may we then shun completely;
The way of Chemosh, which’s Moab’s god, may we abhor;
The grip of Satan’s queen of heaven we may lose.
Like Ruth we may learn to be within and without:
Earnestly leaving Moab for our very Canaan;
Then Heaven we with the Root of Jesse will be!

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