Scintillators of Primitive Politics: Nigerian Ruling Class Chalantry and Our Marginalized Under-Class

I start with our marginalized under-class. They are those who did not have the benefit of enlightenment in their youth. It was either that their parents could not afford to send them to school or they played truancy and deprived themselves of formal education. There are also those, who were poorly educated by make-shift systems that just crashed them through stratagems of EBAWASHE.

These people, in their later days become misfits, unfits and maladjusted citizens. If they get into politics, they become scintillators of primitive politics. The nation has always been the loser. It is not surprising that the level of political activities and events in Nigeria rotate around the well-educated, according to British standards. They are eloquent in English but lack the comparative thinking ability one acquires from diversified global learning. As a result, we have a ruling class that can easily be led by the nose. They can be used by foreign intelligence formations against Nigeria, without their knowing it.

The charlatanry of the Nigerian ruling class is plain. They only aim at becoming politicians, get appointed ministers, governors, without the attendant philosophical, economic and political knowledge evinced in people, who hold such offices in other countries.

I listened as a college boy, to the erudite political speeches of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alhaji TafawaBalewa, Dr. K.O Mbadiwe, Alhaji MaitamaSule, Shetima Ali Munguno, Adegoke Adelabu, Zanna Bukar Dipcherima etc.

Today, our politicians read speeches written by civil servants and hired hands, in monotone, boring tones. Yet, they put their pictures in newspapers as if regular appearance in tabloids is evidence of good governance. It is not. This egocentric political culture enriches newspaper houses, but does not advance the cause of the people.

There is palpable idiocy in a political dialogue that harps on 2015, when there is nothing to show for the already acquired power. There is something at once unconscionable and banal in a political culture rooted in power holding without performance. Instead of the press querying this primitive political culture, the columnists applaud those, who propagate inanities of inconsequential import. The ruling party has no political structure that can advance their quest for electoral ambitions. So, by what magical conjuration do they aspire to win?

Rigging elections and using the courts to acquire rodent legitimacy is improper, but there are scintillators of primitive politics, who feel proud that their party can rig elections with impunity and use the Supine Court to stamp jurally concerted authority of illegal power gain.

I have meticulously read the three Supine Court judgments in the BUHARIV OBASANJO, BUHARIV Yar’ardua, BUHARIV Jonathan rulings. As a law student since 1964, I saw the chicanery, juridical manipulations of facts and logic in those rulings. I have had contempt for the institution ever since.

The pundits, who assist the not-so-erudite politician to build castles in the air, must beware. SCHEM CHORT NI SHUTIT.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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