Security Issues At The Forthcoming Election

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

Fellow Countrymen/women,

There are speculations going about, and it is synonymous with the current political tides. In Nigeria, election periods go with the rebuttal of certain heinous activities and one cannot predict what will happen. Every politician sees victory as the only option, and would attain it either do or die. Even though not all politicians will emerge victorious, yet none of them will be excluded from the mediocrity that will breeze through our social circles. At work place, civil servants will become partisan over night, and will indulge in one rhetoric or the other.

In the market place, men and women have started forming campaign rally groups in support of a politician as against his political opponents. The trends of ACN, PDP, APGA, ANPP and other popular political parties have started wheeling through the gimmicks of political mediocre, money bags, cultist, and all shades of people.

In between these groups are those with a genuine course, those that want to see change come through, those that are ready to police their votes come election day; that have seen suffering in the opening of its fierce jaw. Nigerians are watching and ready with keen interest to see things change by all means necessary (excuse the crude language). At this juncture, there are certain phenomenons that are bound to happen, and it has started already. It is the events that accompany the diabolism of politics in Nigeria, one with watch with rapt attention how popular figures have started following, some are kidnap, some are poison, some are missing in action. name whatever scenario that it has surfaced with. Again, there threats, abductions, car theft, vulgar attempts to assassinate character; and corrupt people’s political ambition; just to win at all cost.

Around other corners, this is the time where money is sorted for at all cost; all to be prepared monetarily, because politics is serious investment crusade in Nigeria at any election fiesta. And no matter how they do it, winning is the utmost target. So many exchange hands with reckless abandon this period, and anybody that will dine with these money bags are sure going to provide the objects of an end at all cost, through any means.

While things are taking a new dimension, politicians have started erratic consultation from friends in low and high places. Some very cabals have reunited for the purpose of their common interest, and herein it doesn’t matter what kind of gathering it is as long as it is for their common interest. Since I venture to mention such gathering in the first place, then let me go into a very important aspect of these numerous gathering, and that is its benefits and counter benefits of their kinds and nature.

Things are just too many to discuss at the moment; but as it is, this is the time to thread with extreme caution; to warm our friends and families to beware of politicians. We have to always reason critically before we take any decisions; in fact this is the moment of sober reflection. A time to cut spending and be security conscious; there are demons out there in sheep clothing.

This is the actual season of speculative and monumental doom, where people die like goats, and property worth thousands, millions and billions of naira destroyed. This is the time for missing in action; so we must take precautions if we must do anything at all.

Let’s warn our girls on campuses and those that like clubbing 24hrs, that this is not the time for jokes; else they will be threading it upon their dead corpse. There are cultists as politicians right now roaming about town, looking for whom to fall victim to their unholy manipulations and machination; and some of them seek higher powers for their victory in election and other matters; so they are looking for human goats for their sacrifices.

Apart from these facts, those that like to keep late nights should henceforth desist from such act, as you may be risking your life and those of your families and friends who you may be with at that time. At this period, try to stay away from troubles and crimes, and the intimidation of the police. When you are humiliated by an individual, report to the police, and if you are not satisfied, take the matter to the court.
Avail yourselves with the opportunities of Ombudsman.

Our kids should be heavily guided and guarded, because these cultist and ritualist are opined to use innocent spirits, and they have their agents everywhere. When you see strange faces within your neighbourhood, and you feel you don’t trust that face, please for the society’s good, call the police, and get that individual arrested for questioning.

Wives and husbands, I know that our present world possesses a lot of inabilities to hold what is in-between our legs, but whatever you will do to prevent it and dis-indulge in abstinence try your best.
Again this is another issue as the agents of darkness are everywhere, both male and female agents, and their advocates. Apart from the spiritual torture, you just can’t know if these people are sexually fit, as there are so many STDs, and other sexually transmitted disease case.

Anywhere we are going, we should Endeavour to inform those around us. A case study has been the reoccurring incidence of kidnaps; while the wives of the kidnapped don’t even knew the whereabouts of their husbands. If you are going to Abuja, tell your wife or husband where you are going. Some men are found of these acts, they are going to night clubs, they’ll tell their wives they are going to a hospital or commissioning of a project, or the caucus meeting of a board meeting, etc. Rubbish, for this is not always true.

As for the wives who have several boyfriends outside, you should do a rethink, perhaps maybe because your husbands are impotence or whatever the conjugal irresponsibility is, but whatever it is, you should put your legs upright and devote your love to your family. Sometimes, you will tell your husbands, you are in the shop while you are reciting Solomon’s song with Brother Eddy in the office or in Houston Hotels and suites. These should stop!

As for the young men and women (Youths), these politicians will come for you; they will use you (Male) as political thugs; assassins and foot soldiers, while they send their wards abroad. Stand up, and tell these old boys, you won’t do it. Network with other law abiding youths to enthrone credible candidacy, and transparent governance in Nigeria. Let us resolve to do this, not for us, but for the people who are suffering.

As for the Girls (Youths), don’t be used as sex tools or being reduced to a common whore. These men will offer your heaven and earth, and buy the latest cars as gifts to you; accept, then you alone will tell us what the outcome of the relationship will be. Light and darkness has no relationship, and like new wine in an old wine sack, there is surely going to be an explosion of a negative nature.
I just cannot over-emphasize the type of atrocities this very season carries; your brains will tell you soon.

While this is so, please take caution in everything. Be extra careful with people; trust, but verify; have faith but be on your guard at all times.

Yours in Truth.
Dr. Carl-Collins Ogunshola Oshodi (PhD)
Conflict Management Consultant
Strategic Security Consultant
Counter-Intelligence/Counterterrorism Expert

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