Senator Dino Melaye: A Microcosm of Nigeria’s Moral Decadence

Seriously, the committee of elders in Kogi West, Kogi State, Nigeria should convey an emergency meeting. This crucial meeting must earnestly bring to bear the idiocy of their son. The suggested committee must check the childish mockery of their constituency by their braggadocio son, Dino Daniel Melaye, the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. How Dino Melaye became a Senator of the Federal republic is not surprising, the system was made for corrupt people to fester in the society. He is a typical Nigerian in a country whose founding fathers were imbued with intelligence and superlative wisdom.

Nigeria is now a theater of the absurd in the international community. Like the diarrhea-mouthed Femi-Fani Kayode, Senator Dino Melaye, a replica of FFK is currently in the Nigerian political spotlights. The cyborgs in zukerville are either mourning or celebrating his malfeasance with stupefaction or mesmerism. Dino is one of what I call ‘national generic tragedies’, one of the sins plaguing the country. Inadvertently, and with time, his story will be consigned to the familiar dustbin of the country’s ugly history. Dino is one of the political microbes inhibiting the Nigerian political sphere.

Dino Melaye’s behavior now is like the antic of a buffoon which is a comic relief in the marketplace. The unashamed Senator seems so childish in his legislative demeanor. A cyberpunk who continues to hack his supporters’ innate intelligence. Dino relishes in cyberspace to gain grotesque attentions, the attention he stupendously garnered to himself in the last few days has thoroughly embarrassed the nation. With the present NASSty members in the house of commotion, the comedy central in Abuja, Nigeria continues unabated. Dino Melaye’s saga is another circus show of shame for the comic relief of the international community. It is sad!

Meanwhile, Dino’s disgruntled and senseless behaviors are a big embarrassment to the Nigerian literati in the Ivory Towers. The likes of Dino Melaye, Femi Fani-Kayode, the oblivion Doyin Okupe and a host of other political nymphs can only thrive in a country like Nigeria. In a civilized society, Dino and his corrupt acolytes would be cooling off in a penitentiary institution for surreptitiously sabotaging Nigerian economy. His recent pilgrimage to the hilltop in Minna to pay homage to the evil genius attested or confirmed the cult or company of looters he belongs.

In the meantime, while the ordinary citizens suffer, this hedonist and his coterie of obnoxious ass makers are dwelling in opulence. He regales the dystopic clime with illegal affluence. Nigeria, through these “lawmakers” not only wash her family’s dirty linens in the local market (while she dries those linens in an unending self-induced rainstorm) her children are already dancing naked in the international community. In the eyes of the world, Nigeria is now being seen as a theater of the absurd. We are seen as one of the most corrupt and resourceful nations in the world, but her citizens abjectly wanton in mismanagement of their resources by their leaders. Nigeria’s blight image abroad continues to be consumed by the shenanigans of the people who should be rebranding her battered image.

Nigerian history is sadly a repetitious one. Her intractable problems are the generic sins committed by her present and past leaders; who have spilled in vain, the blood and sweat of the deprived and innocent Nigerians. If Nigeria doesn’t circumlocute expired politicians, she glorifies those who rape her with impudence and ignorance from left, right and center. Yet, her siblings, husbands, relations, acquaintances countrymen and women, ‘respected’ politicians are recalcitrant to rescue her from further violent rapes and international humiliation.

Furthermore, to write a manuscript on Dino Melaye is like giving him a cheap platform in the comity of honorable people; and balding him in the land in short supply of political truism. Nigerians have had enough of these opportunistic individuals with no iota of shame in them. Majority of NASSty members are political wastes that do not need any recycling, as some of them are political Methuselah. The rational minds in the country are tired of these recycled, retired but not tired politicians. Nigeria needs to breed a new generation of people who will punctuate the perilous and famished direction of Nigeria.

My strong admonition to responsible Nigerians is to identify good people amongst them from the grassroots; people with impeccable credentials with no glorified and questionable certificates. I strongly refuse to believe that the country is in short supply of good men and women who will re-order our value system. If Barack Obama and Obafemi Awolowo could eke and achieve political treasures of their countries at their youthful age, the hidden treasure of these unsung people amongst us must be unearthed to bring back our glorious days. We should stop sitting on the fence with complacency and allow the future of our children be mortgaged by these mindless people.

This is the time to spot, recruit, select, support and encourage these unidentified individuals to partake in politics. This is time to begin the difficult tasks of rescuing Nigeria from total collapse. President Buhari is presently handicapped by the contradictions in our legal system. His efforts at bringing these corrupt people to justice are being surreptitiously sabotaged by the conspiratorial and connivance of the legislature, the judiciary and the warped citizens of Nigeria. The ad hominem against president Buhari instead of the saboteurs of the country’s future is preposterous.
Nigerians and the Diaspora-Nigerians should begin to mobilize themselves to take back their country from total ruination from their retarded political elites.


Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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