Senator Muhammadu Adamu Aliero, The Rising Profile of An Achiever

The mention of political concept of democracy in Nigeria, always remind me of the inaugural address of Alhaji Muhammadu Adamu Aliero as the democratically elected second executive Governor of Kebbi State on 29th day of May 1999, when Nigeria returned to full democratic experiment.

At that material but historic moment Aliero lamented the level of infrastructural decay and political apathy that characterized the State after which he promised to introduce and embark on total revolution and rejuvenation of the infant State by laying a solid and concrete foundation for the benefits of the present generation and posterity.

Yes Aliero has since fulfilled his campaign promises and transformed from a retired and respected custom officer to a States man, a national figure of repute, a polished political leader, an excellent political scientist by training, a nationalist of great passion, a philanthropist, a worthy African technocrat, philosopher and thinker. He is today seen as a man who made people and created wealth for others, a counselor, and visionary for his people. For this Senator Aliero deserves commendation and respect and for this a toast for Aliero will be like string from glass to glass across the land.

It is true that Adamu Aliero is the builder of modern Kebbi State. This is a man who picked Kebbi State up from a status of an impoverished entity unable to even pay workers salaries and lifted it to one that sets the pace in remuneration of workers. While other States did battle with their workers before a kobo is added, Kebbi workers woke from sleep to find a new pay pack on the table. This is also a man who lifted Kebbi from a State, which hardly paid students bursaries to one that increased and paid by over 600 per cent. A State that sent hundreds to foreign land on rare scholarships, and a State that pays high premium on child development, the Birnin Kebbi orphanage is a clear testimony.

Those who like the sound of cash have remained grateful that Aliero moved the States finances from a mere paltry allocation accruing to the State prior to his coming in to power to a worth mentioning and encouraging figure. A leader who moved the State from a distant educationally disadvantaged State to a wonderful and encouraging status.

This is a man who lifted the pace of infrastructure in the State with passionate determination. He wiped up the brick house mentality of the State Government House to a new magnificent edifice that remains the envy of many. He it was who built a befitting State secretariat complex despite the meager resources at his disposal. He built a new airport; re built the face of roads in the capital city, and initiated a University that would change the psychology of the State forever. The Kebbi State University of Science and Technology and the Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic are still there as evidences. Adamu is the man who God has kindly permitted to wake up this moment and see himself as father of all politically; he is eminently qualified to occupy his present position.

Aliero did not touch lives only in Kebbi State . For eight years, he remained the friend of the nation, changing lives, bringing smiles. He introduced several administrative techniques as a social scientist and showed others how to execute projects. He introduced an innovative independent Agricultural Programme, the KATASHI scheme that became a national model, he assumed a father figure in and out side the State, he promoted national unity and showed love and tolerance where others showed the opposite, he supported the security agencies such as the police, military and other relevant organization by pumping facilities to the security as if Kebbi State was Abuja. Aliero encouraged friendship and handshake beyond the four boundaries of Nigeria , visiting and canvassing for investors who want to relocate to Nigeria CGC is an example when you reached the beautiful factory site at Zauro in the State.

To this day his gallantry and empathy during the legal Tango that nearly consumed the seat of the incumbent Governor of the State have remained legendary. Today in Kebbi, a monument of love and support has replaced anguish and sorrow which hitherto characterized the State. Sports lovers have one mentor a new pillar of sports to rely on, as Adamu Aliero spared no resources to make the youths happy. Dr Adamu made awards he won awards he made heroes he became a hero to the charging of his detractors.

It would not be fair to examine this political colossus just from his days in power. As a student, he exhibited great commitment and spirit of industry. He excelled in all sports and in academics never missing to top two. In the University he showed the vibrancy known with social science students though he still plays roles as a giant farmer and reformer.

In politics Aliero is known as the master strategist and tactician on account of his several schemes to evade being humiliated showed tremendous prowess in building consensus to the extent that he hacked down the monster called emirate dichotomy in the multiethnic State such as Kebbi. He built his bridges with sacrifice, compromise, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding, objectivity and humanism.

Aliero succeeded in making the elite such as himself as the common factor, becoming one of the few to move from elitist way of thinking to that of an ordinary people. He consults and mobilizes with high success rate and it is on record that some of his owing to his performance some of his detractors turned to be his admirers. He is loved by his fans, dreaded by opponents.

Perhaps Aliero’s greatest asset is in the home front. This is a man who never lost his warmth and commitment to immediate community issues and family to office pressure. He is a disciplinarian who begins from self never indulging in sharp practices. He chose his dress mantra and lived by it all through his sojourn in the Birnin Kebbi Government House that our people have an identity.

He branded Kebbi State; he marketed the State world wide. He is shrewd investor who opened new revenue streams for administration to come. He it was who made his successor to always smile, when others wept in their first one week in office as most of his projects were prepaid as they say in the GSM world today.

A toast for a hero can never be dry Adamu Aliero gave Kebbi State his all but he did something more. He gave the State a sense of strength in unity through harmony between all the three arms of government and among all the various emirates in the State. Indeed he gave political expression to the oppressed and never deprived the minority.

Aliero has set the State on a good path that no senatorial zone would sit tight on the detriment of other zones… Those who profit through it may not like it, but a tradition has been set. As we sip from the ornamented gourds that pour the liquor of life, as we click glasses of true love, as we remember a man of vision, a rare gift from God, we must remember where we were coming from in 1999 and where we are today as a State, as a nation and as a people of God.

Aliero occupies a befitting position in the history of Kebbi State as all those who ate from his penumbra of political influence and his younger brother Abba’s ever flowing pot of generosity, all those who studied in his wise counsel, all those who rose by his hand and remember it, all those who escaped the scourge and fangs of poverty due to Aliero’s good efforts will continue to pray for him and God in Heaven will definitely crown it. The crown will fall on one head, the golden head of our dear leader mentor, and the father of kindness Senator Dr Muhammad Adamu Aliero.

This is our toast, the toast of a long lasting covenant, the covenant of love and peace that the Kebbi people shall remain united and that their leaders will strive to change their stations. This is a covenant on a right mantle and on a right hand. Distingui

shed Senator Sir, take your deserved position our dear hero, after eight years of the battle to change the fate of a people from nothing to hope from dark to light. Please keep it up in the senate.

Written by
Mohammed Ahmed
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  • pls if u dnt know wat to say,its not by force to comment.Aisha mind u Aleiro is not a thief nd is not like a rogue.if u know Aleiro,u must kal him a hero…..

  • i really commed your effort in doing this grate workof yours in fact i am really impressed i wish you good ending.

  • yes it is very wounderfull. but you people have cheeted too many people in your state. you invited people that did not choose yuour school for your past post jamb screening exercise. yet you did not choose any of them. despite the fact that they had came from different places. it not fair, in fact you had disappointed them all.