Sex Abuses: Imagine If the Abuses Were by Imams, Muslims?

by Paul I. Adujie

Instead of apologies, remorse, regret or contrition and atonement, the pope and the Catholic Church demean victims of sex abuse scandal and critics of the church for its handling? Why did the pope and the Catholic Church expect adoration and adulation over these sex crimes against children?

The pope and the Catholic Church have resorted to blaming the victims and the critics who have expressed appropriate righteous indignation over the sex crimes against children which is an abomination and sin in any religion, culture and by any definition of human decency. The pope now accuses his critics of merely gossiping and seeking to intimidate him and the Catholic Church!

The long concealed crime sprees by pedophile Catholic Church priests have spread from nation to nation, and as the still unfolding sex abuse crimes burgeoned, the pope and the Catholic Church became defensive

Instead of embarrassment, shame, remorse and sincere contrition, there are attempts those in the Catholic Church who attempting fruitless spin doctoring to reshape the sex abuse scandal controversy. Some in the Catholic Church have taken to attacking and deriding critics of the pope and the Catholic Church. Even though the pope and the church have clearly dropped the ball in neglecting to tackle these sex crimes against children. Predator pedophile Catholic Church priests were not defrocked and dismissed.

These criminal priests were not reported for prosecution and imprisonments which they deserved. And worse of all, there were these elaborate and massive cover ups, in which predator priests were transferred from parish to parish, from locality to locality, and sometimes, across national boundaries in which the crimes were continued, and, all these, to the awareness and knowledge of the Catholic Church

I have had to endure a barrage of unfair attacks as criticisms for writing public commentaries in regarding the pandemic of sexual abuse of children by pedophile Catholic Church priests. Sex abuse of children by Catholic Church priests is a worldwide scandal which have raged in many nations, among them, America, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and quite likely, many more nations will be added to this list

Pope Benedict XVI the head of the Catholic Church worldwide has apologized for these shameful criminal defilement of thousands of children by Catholic Church priests worldwide. But some have thought that the papal apology was too little and too late, and worse, it was as if the pope apologized reluctantly and as if the apology came through clenched teeth.

The pope and the Catholic Church should, and ought to, quietly bear the shame of the crimes and scandals wrought upon themselves by the pedophiles and sexual predators amongst its flock. This is particularly so, in view of the fact that the church have long known of these sexual abuses directed at children and did nothing. The church instead, chose, in self-interested and collusive ways, to subvert justice and provide protections for these child molesters in religious garbs and robes. And yet, the pope and the church seem irritated and angry for getting bad press for these sex crimes? These sex crimes were committed by predator pedophile priests, which completely justifies the increased scrutiny of actions by the pope the church.

The pope and some in the Catholic Church obviously have and inflated and a very exaggerated sense of own sense of perfections. The pope and the Catholic Church have for so long spewed unreasonable, illogical and unnatural hypocritical moralizing about forms of sex by consenting adults. Then it turns out that unnatural imposition of celibacy and sexual repression upon Catholic Church priests, have managed to produce over time, criminally and morally bankrupt deviant sex with vulnerable children worldwide

The pope and the Catholic Church have lost their pretense to moral superiority. Their perennial holier than thou attitudes have been repudiated as what it really always was, hypocrisy!

And in all of this, it has become clear that this hypocrisy is a permanent feature of social, moral and religious arguments of our times.

In this era of renewed culture wars, the new crusade and epic contest or battle royal of moral and religious superiority between Christianity and Islam, the universality of virtues and vices is speedily becoming clearer to all. Since the attacks of September 11, 2001 by those 19 hijackers from the Middle East, who happened to have been of the Islamic religion, it have become fashionable to stereotype and stigmatize Islam and Muslims with the generalizations of terrorism.

This have been so, even despite the fact that persons whose religious faith is not Islam and who are non-Muslims have been engaged in criminal actions with the intent to produce murder and mayhem and inflict so much violence on the human communities.

There are clearly Christians who are clearly unable to come to terms with the incontrovertible evidences and facts which have surfaced regarding these child molesters in the Catholic Christian Church. There are clearly those it appears, who pretend hypocritically, that these pedophiles and predators could not and do not exist within Catholic Church, which is known for being often hyperbolic in its claims to moral purity regarding matters of sex. As it turns out, the current pope and other leaders of the Catholic Church, have presided over a church infested with fiendish criminals in robes who deviously molested children. While pope and the Catholic Church have been implicated in shielding the criminals from punishments or sanctions richly deserved

All these should act as wake up calls to all of us humans to the fact that, there are persons in every community who engage in anti social behaviors, violent crimes and acts which fit’s the general descriptions of what the world now refers to as terrorism. Joseph Stack rammed his aircraft into a federal building in Austin Texas and some Christians sought to explain and justify such acts of terrorism as a legitimate way to protest taxation. ” Hence the article, “American Terrorists Suicide Bombers Are Engaged In Terrorism Or Protests” Joseph Stack religion and nationality were non-issues in comparison to the harping upon the nationality and religion of some others accused of similar public crimes, for instance, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab. On the other hand, Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and the Unabomber Ted Kyzinski never had their nationality and religion painted as factors in their lunacies

Similarly, there is clearly an absence of outrage and condemnations directed at Christendom and the Catholic Church in particular, despite this humongous controversy and worldwide scandal in which the pope and the Catholic Church have been embroiled. Where is justified righteous indignation directed toward Christendom, and the Catholic Church in particular? Where is our collective outrage?

Would the world’s reaction to these sex crimes, sexual abuse and molestation of vulnerable defenseless children have been different if the perpetrators were persons in-charge ministering to adherents of some other religious faiths? Would Christians, and in particular, the Catholic Church, have reacted more vociferously, stridently and with more vehemence to these criminal sex abuse of thousands of children worldwide were committed by a bunch of Imams Muslims and of the Islamic religious persuasion?

There are obviously those who pretend that Christians are superior to all else. And that crimes by Christians do have some logic to them, such as these pedophile priests. Or perhaps it is that Christian who commit terrorist acts or sex abuse of children are merely crazy lunatic, and Muslims who may engage in identical acts, are motivated by blood lust religious zealotry, after all, Islam is now in many minds, synonymous with violence and terrorism? Generalizations and stereotypes against Islam? You bet!

We are left to wonder what the deafening decibe

ls would have been, had the abusers been Imams, Muslims? Imagine that in so many nations as, have clearly been the case here, with thousands of predator pedophile Catholic Church priests sexually molesting thousands of children worldwide? Is the Catholic Church tarnished forever as church which condones sex abuses of innocent children, as well as a church which knowingly concoct a worldwide racket to conceal the sex abuse and molestation of innocent children? Or, virtues and vices are actually universal and not peculiar to any nation, region or religion?

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Akinola April 5, 2010 - 2:10 am

Paul Adujie; you should be ashamed of yourself! I am not a Catholic. But why must you choose the holiest of the holy weeks of Christendom to attack Catholics? Are all Catholics pedophiles or child molesters? Or is pedophilia one of the doctrines of Catholicism to which all Catholics must adhere? Haven’t you read about at least one Catholic somewhere who did wonderful things for humanity in the name of his/her Catholicism? Couldn’t you have found it within yourself to praise such a Catholic during this past holy week, or rather just allow all the Catholics of this world to at least enjoy this past week’s celebration without your general assault on their faith? Would you have chosen the month of Ramadan to attack all muslims for the worldwide Islamic terrorism? When you are not defending homosexuality or all other sexual perversions; or when you are not defending those who seek the destruction of Jews everywhere, you demonstrate your hatred for everything good by assaulting Christianity UNJUSTIFIABLY.

Are you one of those A.C.L.U lawyers?

Ezhi Opfu April 3, 2010 - 11:01 pm

You may help by providing one specific example of an occassion where Christians have sought to expose scandals or faults in Islam.

I am really wondering why you seem to be obsessed with the issue of the Pope and the Catholic Church as you are obviously not a Catholic.

Do you imagine that your twisted views would impact on the strenght of the Catholic Church?

Saifudeen Haruna April 2, 2010 - 10:59 pm

This is a very interesting piece! We need more people like you who will present themselves with clear minds in explaining issues. Kudos to you,please keep it up!


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