Softly, Softly Rev. Fr. Mathew Hassan Kukah

Mathew Hassan Kukah

It is shocking and disturbing to read about Rev. Mathew Hassan Kukah’s disposition to official corruption in Nigeria. Our word is our bond for legacy and posterity. I think Nigeria is due for self-exploit in political and spiritual redemption.

The revered Rev. Father should have distanced himself from the disgraceful show of shame being put together by these children of corruption if he’s not an accomplice.

Mathew Hassan Kukah
Mathew Hassan Kukah

Rev. Fr. Mathew Kukah is a brilliant writer; a beacon of our collective hope and aspiration, a religious activist who gave us hope during the dark days of evil administrations of Ibrahim Babangida and Sanni Abacha.

To hear that this odd statement is coming from the Reverend father, and a man from the constituency of the people, is not only preposterous but pretentious of his past. He shouldn’t rubbish his past quintessential and etched legacy for ghouls in Nigeria. To dine with these corrupt people, you do not need an enemy!

Nigeria is at last changing for good. The system is alruistically separating the husks of grains from the grasses. It’s a new dawn!

Rev. Fr. Mathew Kukah should retrace and apologize to some of us who staunchly believed in him. He should be cognizant of the burdens of history. Rev. Mathew Kukah shouldn’t falter his hard-earned name at the Nigerian political expediency.

Our revered man just revealed the mindset of a pretentious elite and also explained the synopsis of the general decadence in Nigeria. I unrepentantly corded with Buhari from day one because, I am an inquisitor and have discerned Buhari’s mind as an incorruptible persona with zero tolerance for corruption; a transactional and transformational leader, and a no-nonsense-man who also means well for Nigeria.

To cleanse Nigeria’s mess, it requires the political disinfectant like Buhari. A man who belongs to plebeians but to nobody. A brash man whose anti-corruption stance will change Nigeria forever. Buhari should take heed of people around him.

The events of the coming weeks in Nigeria will not be palatable for the children of corruption as they will be taking stock of their unholy acquisition of wealth in the court of law and public (plebeians) opinions.

Nigerians are tired of Hobbessian state; a state of hopelessness and despodency. We want to break away from the past to face the future with enthusiasm of which we campaigned; and massively voted in the last general elections.

Mr. Jonathan’s administration is our last collective journey to our ugly past. The future of Nigeria as a country is very bright, we are gradually returning to decency. Nigeria has a lot of resources yet untapped. It only needs to break away from the shenanigans of the past; and face the future with unhindered progress and opportunity.

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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