Solutions to Nigeria’s Food Agricultural Problems

In this earthling life, one of the foremost basic needs of every living individual is food. And whenever a people fail to solve their own food problems, then the destination of such people remains doubtful.

In Nigeria, as in some other countries in Africa, unusual conditions of malnutrition; hunger; starvation; and infectious disease out-breaks are very common, because there are lots of problems facing food and agricultural developments.

The ways to provide the most effective lasting solutions to Nigeria’s food problems is what this post is all about. And to get started, here are 10 most effective solutions to the problems of food and agriculture in Nigeria:

1. Leadership

In terms of solving Nigeria’s food and
agricultural problems, an honest-minded,
patriotic and caring leadership is an utmost
priority that Nigeria can never do without. For
the over-all nucleus of Nigeria’s decades in
problems is leadership.

In fact, any real and lasting solution to the
problems of food and agriculture in Nigeria can
only be possible under an uncorrupt, patriotic
and caring leadership.

Situations where public funds are, shamelessly
embezzled by government officials has always
added more to the hardships and sufferings and
grievances of Nigerian masses.

2. Agric education

Any introduction of a free and affordable modern agricultural education programs for farmers in Nigeria’s rural communities, is another great solution to the country’s problems of food and agriculture. Using this kind of agricultural education programs can even help to organize the local farmers into reachable farmers’ co-operative unions.

3. Peace; unity, and understanding

Real peace in unity, understanding and stability is a compulsory step to take if Nigeria is to really solve her problems of food and agriculture. Nigeria as a nation, should at least learn lessons and know that only the money that some African governments and rebel groups are spending in buying weapons for wars, is more than enough to make do for some reasonable agricultural and food investments.

4. Reaching the individual

In Nigeria, as in some other African countries, foreign agricultural investors from non-government organizations, international communities, and humanitarian aid groups do always provide funds into wrong hands.
For the suffering masses and these international aid groups to see real positive solutions to, at least, these nations’ problems of food and agriculture, these kind of funds and aids need, and should be directly channeled to reach the exact targeted individual[s].

5. Mechanization of agriculture

Providing Nigerian rural farmers with
modern farm machines and simple farm equipments is another powerful solution to her problems
of food and agriculture.
this is highly very important because the
local farmers there in Nigeria are still,
helplessly making use of only cutlass and
hoe. Another great step toward
mechanization of Nigeria’s agriculture, is to
provide stable water and electricity supplies
in the rural farming areas.

6 . Advancement of organic agriculture

One thing that you can easily understand is the fact that Nigerians and Africans in general, are naturally organic farmers. The use of modern agricultural chemicals and hormones are still not applicable to these peoples’ methods of agriculture.

And if organic agriculture alone is brought to some extents of advancements in Nigeria, that indeed would be of the very best solutions to her food and agricultural production problems.

Please know that organic farming is relatively inexpensive. It delivers large yields of safe, delicious, and healthy foods. It is a great source of income for rural farmers of all sizes. And, most of all, it is environment-friendly; and a great solution to global warming and starvation.

7 . Justice to animal rights

Nigerians and Africans really need to re-think
and ensure that justice is duly done in their
up-keeps of the natural rights of animals.
over-grazing; de-forestations, and an unfair
keeping of large herds of livestock are already
having some serious health, economic and
environmental effects on Nigeria and Africa.

8 . Use of renewable energy

The use of low-cost or do-it-yourself
renewable energy supply systems, like solar or
wind power is another great answer to
Nigeria’s quests to solving her food and
agricultural problems.

Even a provision of only a small wind or solar
electricity generator to rural Nigerians, can go
a very long way to boast food and agricultural
productions, as well as a boast to other rural
jobs and more.

9 . Funding

The average Nigerian local farmers are not just facing the hardships and challenges of poverty. They, particularly have very little or no funds to expand their farm potentials.

Agricultural funds really need to be made available for these farmers as this is still part of the most effective solutions to the nation’s food and agricultural development.

Another plus to funding is to provide these farmers with hybrid seeds and simple agricultural machines at subsidized rates.

10 . Change

Nothing can ever change for any people until
the people themselves changes.
as a people, Nigerians have out-grown the
stage where they continue to do things the
way they have always done them.

In this age of rapid civilization and modernism,
one need not be reminded that Nigeria’s
destiny is wholly in the hands of Nigerians.
look! Lots of talents there in Nigeria are
undeveloped. Projects are uncompleted, and
the dreams of Nigerian people are unfulfilled.
yet, the resources in Nigeria alone; if well-
managed, is more than enough to feed the
whole Africa and even beyond …

In brief; Nigeria really need to change and to
organize and to unite and be her true-self.
yes! She need to re-think and desist from
corruptions. She need to put an end to
embezzlements of public funds; and an end to
land disputes; tribal sentiments; and economic
migrations. This change alone, is more than
half of the most effective solutions to Nigeria’s
problems of food and agriculture.

Written by
Sadiq Chuks Orji
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