Still On Acho Orabuchi’s Desperate Smeer Campaign on Imo

by Uche Onwuchekwa

Acho Orabuchi, in a continuation of his smeer campaign on Imo State, “Imo’s Tour De Farce”, The Sun, Thursday, March 14, 2013, adopted the tactics of the average smeer artist. He pretended he did not understand what I wrote in my refuttal to his earlier work, which I titled, “Acho Orabuchi’s Bad Verse On Imo”. Act deaf and dumb to the message of your opponent and go along with a continuation of your smeer job. Quite laughable. The most astonishing fact that exposes his intellectual dubiety is that he devotefd a sizeable chunk of his latest effort (two thirds of the entire length of his article) struggling to put down views he didn’t quite understand. What a man! Well, my reaction is, let Orabuchi continue to fail to make sense of my replies to him in his incensed frustration with the present Imo State government for ending the honeymoon where he ate and made merry in April 2011. Good enough, Nigerians are not so afflicted by this self-imposed dubiety. They know and understand all I replied Orabuchi and his masters, as feedbacks I have gotten confirm. Most importantlty, ndi Imo that suffered the burden of being abused by the masters for which Orabuchi engages in these smeer ventures know very clearly what I was talking about in my piece and this was why they did away with the Ohakim hemlock in April 2011.

To start with, I didn’t leave anyone in doubt of who I am in my article as I signed off as Media Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Imo State, I didn’t sign off as Media Adviser/Chief Press Secretary to the Chief of Stafr, as Orabuchi mischieviously tried to present. For the avoidance of doubts, there is no such office as Media Adviser/Chief Press Secretary to the Chief of Staff but of course, we know the tendency from where Orabuchi is coming and where he is at present. To that tendency, truth is a scarce commodity and it is even there to be slain and mangled en route the achievement of base desires. No Imo man, nay no Nigerian, is in doubt about the man and government Orabuchi worked for as he excelled in writing, dancing and singing for the four years the pestilence of Ohakim’s regime lasted. It is only Orabuchi and his ilks who will pretend that Imo people who disgraced them last April do not know them or what their present pooor effort to find words to belittle the great works in Imo State is meant to serve. We all know that hiding behind their palms and thinking no one sees them remain the choice means the Ohakim people excel in and even when this con tactics failed them so badly in April 2011, Acho Orabuchi is refusing to let go the same foul means as they strive to achieve competence in coining and marketing false stories and muck in Imo so as to tarnish their nemesis, Okorocha. I wish him and his people good luck. But let Acho and his compatriots in the present unholy warfare against Imo know that we, Imolites know them well enough and we know their means and their efforts at hiding their real identity and intents fool no one.

As one of my friends will say, the greatest affliction is a self-chosen blindness just because it cannot be cured unless the person so afflicted decides to free himself from the type of self denial that visited him with such affliction. We know that Orabuchi will loathe to have the mirror to his face. He would rather we shovel the hideous epoch which he promoted with infantile glee as it assailed Imo under a thick cover while he pretends that Imo just happened with the coming of Okorocha. On the other hand, it is obvious that Orabuchi is sore ashamed to be linked to the regime he promoted and for which he has become a perpetual smear artist. It is a tragedy that a supposed emergency critic is so loathful of the regime he would have employed as a measuring rod to let whoever wants to take him serious to measure how we had regressed, as a state in the two years of Okorocha compared with the laudable heights we achieved with Ohakim, Orabuchi’s other side of the Okorocha coin. Why is Orabuchi not touting the ‘stellar’ Ohakim governance template, if he so believes the slanted tones of his voice? He would rather we take off from an Orabuchi as an emergency critic of government, a brief history forged in the two years his principal had been wandering in political limbo. Orabuchi won’t want us to take even a glance at the Orabuchi of the period, 2007 ro 2011, who was a choirster of Ohakim’s dubious choir that left a legacy of a skyscrapper built on spit that collapsed as soon as his principal was sent packing from an office he serially abused and raped for four better forgotten years. He won’t want us to revisit the circumstances that tranformed him from a rabid praise singer for the Ohakim government to a bitter critic of the Rochas Okorocha government . We wont allow him and his ilk ro cheekily walk away with such liberty.

Orabuchi and his principal, together with the full coterie of temple worshippers that peopled the Ohakim soiled court will forever remain bitter with Imo State and particularly Owelle Rochas Okorocha for ending the revelry from which he ate and dined and wined while Imo pinned. That is very understandable but when a man, pursuant to base interests, resorts to bizzare slander and brazen marketing of lies, either as a way of reaching back to a system that failed him or recreat a soiled emperor, he loses the credibility that should otherwise attend his criticism.

Pray, why is Orabuchi twisting and twirling to present Okorocha in terrible light when he is not attempting to uphold the four years of Ohakim where he was a chief praise singer? Why won’t he take the simple challenge I posed him in my reaction he was responding to compares the nearly two years of Rochas to the four wasted years his principal took in Imo? It is very simple. If you must subjectively present the Rochas government as having failed in two years, it is apt to weigh its performance against the two years of Ohakim and let the people see whether they have fared well or badly. But in this case, one is asking that the comparison be between the four years of Ohakim and the nearly two years of Rochas. Why is Orabuchi shying away from this comparison if he is not ashamed of the failed four years Ohakim and the Orabuchis wrecked and plundered Imo to the bones? Does he want us to gobble the relentless lies, idle gossips, plain forgeries and misrepresentations onOkorocha’s Imo which has become the vocation he and his ilk have fully embraced since they were sent packing, tail behind their back, from Douglas House? Does he want us to indulge in his raw tales without actually locating his criticisms within the realm of facts? He regurgitated the challenges I threw at him about Rochas’ achievements since he came to power, without either denying them or throwing at me the wonderful achievements his master recorded in the four years Orabuchi was blaring the trumpets for him. In cheeky fashion, he alleged that I did not proide any evidence to back clearly stated achievements, located in Imo State and not in giant bill boards as his master was wont to do. Maybe, he was talking of the kind of colourful cartoons his principal lavishly splattered in newspapers and giant bill boards for four awful years while the Orabuchis gyrated to such wild self serving music.

I longed to see Orabuchi deny the phantomness of the regime he gleefuly promoted but he lacked the liver for that. I wanted him to tell of the fruits of Oguta Wonderlake, the dividends of Oak refinery, the location of Imo Highway, Nnanna Ukegbu Boulevard, Oguta Wonderlake, Midwest Iarline and other phantom forgeries he generously celebrated during the Ohakim years, which leads me to wonder whether courage has failed Orabuchi or whether he is ashamed to openly identify with a regime he brazenly promoted. He never told us of the glories of the Ohakim years so that we can know how badly Imo is faring in the hands of Okorocha, rather he dubiously went on an excavation spree, retching up diustast

eful smeer works of his like minds like a certain “Sir Roy Iwuala” (you can bet that in line with the Ohakim tradition, it is a phantom or a pseudonym the Orabuchis use to embellish their seedy trade) on how a certain Roche Group has cornered all the contracts in Imo (thank God it was not CODUC). He went further in reharshing the incoherent ramblings of his alter ego on ITC, Imo Water Corporation and Muslims taking over the state health sector and such other ill digested fake stories about happenings in Imo for the past two years. Perhaps, he thought that whoever reads the many jeremaids he has made his primary business since the Ohakim free launch ended will garb him in the clock of an impartial critic and not a sulking pampered child whose lolipop had been taken away. Perhaps, Orabuchi who had made the plastering of mud on the present government in Imo his primary business since Ohakim was disgraced out of power thinks we all are afflicted by selective amnesia as to go after Okorocha’s jugular just because Ohakim’s palace crooners feel so and leave the horrendous crime the Ohakim and these same crooners committed against Ndi Imo for four damned years. Perhaps they think we are dunces that have so soon in the day forgotten the reason we all massed out and stood against tanks and guns and resisited the desperate and do or die effort the PDP made to force Ohakim on all of us after devastating Imo for four years.

But we have to serve notice to the sulking Orabuchi and his fellow rusticated Ohakim trumpeters who have found anchor in spreading mischief, falsehood and raw lies on the pages of newspapers from where Ohakim culled them to lead his defamed choir for the four years his full blown demolition of Imo lasted. We will not allow Orabuchi and his fellow songsters in the well known dubious Ohakim choir to continue retching and splattering mud all over the place in a desperate effort to deny the wonderful works in Imo State and confuse those that are not priviledged to see same. We wont allow Acho Orabuchi and his desperate ilk who serenaded the four years full demolition of Imo to misrepresent the facts and smear a governor that has banished the spectres of fraudulent government they promoted here and replaced same with concrete, identifiable achievements which the denial and mud slinging from a million Orabuchis and his sulking masters will do nothing about.

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