Tax Reform and Illegal Commission Agent: Oyigbo Example

by L.Chinedu Arizona-Ogwu

The State of Rivers is guilty of illegal taxation of its residence, who, with a fair and objective policy on traffic speed enforcement, would not be considered criminals and could not be reasonably or ethically expected to pay what can only be described as a tax.

Law abiding citizens of the State are in violation of Tax Code and format by simply exceeding a number printed on a sign and thus can be justifiably taxed, despite an actual crime, physical or monetary, being committed. Because the reasonable actions of a citizen must not be considered illegal, the number printed on a speed limit sign must not be allowed to exist as both arbitrary and criminally binding.

A complete re-evaluation of every State, city and town business must take place. An actual intersection: Route 18 old Aba Road and at Route 261 Afam. In this case, Route 18 is Satellite Village, while Route 261 is PalmGroove Estate. Physically, both taxation methods are similar–both are one direct tax unlike pay as you earn (PAYEE) each direction and in a residential neighborhood. In fact one has a commission agent’s shop which is within a few miles of the intersection mentioned. However, there is tax agent that has a higher risk associated with it. That of course is the road with the park.

For the record, the People request that you simply answer this: “Which is the sanitation tax, and which is business support tax?

The taxation with the partisan commission agents has the faster, but disreputable limit. No, you heard me correct. Driving law-abiding citizens to pay government revenue outside banks to commission agent is always illegal, but it’s perfectly fine in front of the political office holders who kid us just to play a few prank away.

Logic finds this to be a contradiction. The fact that this contradiction is the product of the process in which a criminally binding numbers of fake receipts and unidentifiable individuals can come from no-where to print outdated voucher and thus justify taxation, just to lead the People astray. To be realistic one “Mr. julius” (a real name with hidden surname) used the police authority to exhibit illegal tax collecting whim and caprices. An undiplomatic taxation abuse which could bring the tender local government of Oyigbo a shame requires urgent reforms. Review of the nationwide tax system properly approved the use of financial institutions and Banks to collect their revenue unlike the people of Oyigbo who engaged touts, crooks and illegal tugs to run the affairs of what could had followed due process to ascertain. What a shame! To be frank, immediate performance of government re-orientation with a full pardon and repayment of any illegal taxation could be commendable.

For the record, the People request that you answer these simple questions: What guidelines, goals and requirements were used to classify these set objectives?, How could a fair and logical process lead to such an obvious mistake?, When was the last time the local authority limits its reviewed for these tax irregularities, or any enforcement?

More examples of bad law:* How can over 10 controversial letters thwart a safe idea of whom to pay and who not to pay tax in Oyigbo at an undefined expense of the downtrodden citizens, in top down-time business condition, that utilizes the best that modern business security has to offer, alone on a familiar instance, opposing tax-payers that could be illegal?* How can safe mobilization concepts, like “keeping up with tax”, be illegal? How many truly realize that they are criminals in the eyes of Rivers State when they are just keeping up with uniform taxes?* How can the reasonable actions of law abiding citizens possibly be considered illegal? Already we have a law that is too easy to break, because there is no apparent reason for their actions to be considered illegal.

The People demand an immediate reevaluation of all tax and revenue mobilization procedure in Rivers State. Failure to do so proves, without a doubt, that the current law is simply a means to justify stealing money from the People. A defense of “because it’s the Law” that proves your guilt.

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