The AZATA/NEPU Party: Vistas, Visional Frontiers for a New Nigeria; the Role of the Scholar

To the Universities

We start with thanksgiving that the Federal Republic of Nigeria has embarked on a political process that would create the atmosphere for peaceful change, as encapsulated in the PEACE PACT, which the parties signed on the 14th of January, 2014.

Modern value philosophies have no place in Nigerian politics. As a result, crude and cruel tactics are employed to achieve political goals. It becomes expedient to invite foreign observers to monitor elections.

In well-ordered societies, this practice is not necessary. Those politicians, who would have starved without politics are often driven to desperation at the prospects of losing elections, so they are satanically driven to apply the butcher’s solution as happened in previous Nigerian elections.

Some Nigerian students need information about the sad events in Nigerian political history, especially between 1966 and 2015.

We thank all politicians, who have participated in Nigeria’s governance since 1948. Ruefully, we still mourn Tafawa Balewa, Col. Adekunle Fajuyi, Aguiyi Ironsi, Festus Okotie-Eboh, Dele Giwa and those who died in Odi massacre, Aguleri and Umuleri clashes, Ife- Modakeke crises and the soldiers who died in various ways, in the service of Nigeria.

Particularly pathetic is the mayhem in North East Nigeria, now under insurgent control, in flagrant violation of the Nigerian Constitution and all norms of international humanitarian laws.

Chapter1, General Provisions, Part 1, The Constitution of Nigeria states inter alia

  • “This Constitution is supreme and its provisions shall have force on authorities and persons throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall not be governed, nor shall person or group of persons take control of the Government of Nigeria or any part thereof, except in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.”
  • A strictly legal interpretation of insurgency incursion and control of large parts of Nigeria, results in loss of sovereign control.

The failure of social policy results in disruptive actions that add to human misery in failed states.

Nigerian social   political life has been replete with chance happenings. There have been incidences of blatant corruption, ineptness, mal-administration, lack of social policies to mitigate the plight of less privileged, marginalized under-class, who live in the riverside areas of Rivers and Bayelsa States, in Ajegunle in Lagos, in Maraba in Abuja, the Almajaris in the Northern states, the entire North-West zone of Nigeria and other out-of-the way regions.

I have since 1978, been documenting the fermenting social cauldron that have smothered in the Maitatsine, Agbekoya, Niger Delta and Boko Haram insurgencies.

These reactions by the distressed are the disastrous consequences of lack of egalitarianism. There is suffering in Nigeria. Amidst these interlocking circles of misery and desperation, the people are asked to vote for continuity.

This is a grotesque grand-standing that shows the lack of understanding of the people’s social condition.

The British colonial legacy put in place the bourgeoisie, individualistic ideology of the survival of the fittest, the enthronement of mediocre leaders, with qualifications that are unsuitable for governing a community of social humans.

The military incursion into politics had its good aspects and negative consequences. The inchoate constitution they left for Nigeria’s governance and the Olusegun Obasanjo’s hand-picked political neophytes did not match the intellectual level, evinced in governing a complex and diverse state like Nigeria.

It is trite logic to posit that the old order must yield place to a new dispensation, which hopefully, will be more socially relevant to Nigerian citizens and not only those, who have access to power and the trappings of same.

The former military rulers now live in hill-top mansions. The mavericks among them still spew occasional confusion into the national dialogue.

In Thailand, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, the people exercised their right to self-preservation by changing leaders, who did not advance their cause.

Since 1960, Nigeria has been governed mainly by people with little knowledge of what politics, statecraft, and social engineering are all about from a scientific perspective. We have been blessed with a good civil service, until deterioration set in.

In the last 16 years, there has been a dismal record of neglect of the people’s welfare.

Jean Bodin canvassed for a well-ordered state in which the state and the family co-exist. A state should not neglect the family. Today, families are owed salaries and other living conditions are inadequate.

These social welfare crises can push people to anti-state activities.

In Plato’s Republic, he advocated the virtue of education and he regarded virtue as knowledge. It is very important for our politicians to acquaint themselves with rudimentary studies of political theory and political science. This would enable them to run social and political institutions better.

Aristotle’s political ideals adumbrate how conflicting claims to political power can be resolved through superior arguments rather than crude methods and using the butcher’s solution, which this country has witnessed and condemned many times.

Political philosophy, studies about the state and the law, economics and history, prepare the politician for the arduous and intricate matters involved in running a Republic.

Political parties should map out their political programmes on how they propose to tackle the future. Old wives tales will prove   unhelpful; muck-raking of past actions will not advance our national cause.

It is clear evidence of lack of preparedness.

The new politics must eschew bitterness, hard attitudes, venomous dispositions and wickedness, Government officials must dispense with their epicurean habits, which are unconscionable and ill-defined.

The Consequences of Social Decay

In the Nigerian press during the 2015 elections, the Buhari military government was accused of overthrowing a democratically elected government.

From the point of view of constitutional argument, this is true, but what type of government did Shehu Shagari run?

It was rudderless, corrupt, and inept and had no social policy direction. The Ministers were demi-gods. Umaru Dikko, Mr. Mazi and others

Who frittered away federal resources?

Shagari had wanted to be a Senator but the NPN cabal forced him to be president, knowing his weaknesses and limitations.

Buhari’s rescue mission saved Nigeria from total collapse. The methods used were harsh but surgery is harsh.

It is ironical that the PDP campaign is harping on Buhari’s military rule, without   being conscious that contracts that are never executed, oil theft, missing billions, that are never properly account for, are eye-sores that attract remedial actions because” equity will never suffer a wrong or wrongs to be without a remedy.

It is laughable to hear campaigners talk about construction of roads and some infrastructures, as achievements. This is exactly what governments are supposed to do. A danfo driver, who plies Ikorodu-Oshodi-Eko straight does not beat his chest. The Lufthansa pilot who lands his plane regularly in Frankfurt does not advertise his prowess.

What is so special about reviving a Nigerian, railway when modern countries have 350 mile per hour aero trains and jumbo jets. We do not even have a national carrier!

In Nigeria, some political party members do not support the government by offering blueprints for national governance, but go cap in hand to beg   for favours.

Governments also go a borrowing which weakens their edge of husbandry. Our abstention during the UN vote on Palestine is case point.

Nigeria has been governed through external influences, which use local chieftains to carry out their wishes. This is telegovernance by the Robert McNamara‘s boy and the Chatham House devotees.

It works when foreign governments perceive weakness and so, they arrogantly interfere in the internal affairs of other sovereign states, using their proxies.

Prominent in the trig-comedy of the last sixteen years is a man driven by egocentric impulses, who has imposed leaders on us according to his whims and caprices.

As if by some magical conjuration, he has always had his way.

Having not passed through the culture of learning that teaches modesty and refinement, he rides roughshod on anyone he picks upon.

A little learning said Alexander Pope is a dangerous thing. Drink deep or taste not the Permian spring. Its shallow draughts intoxicate the brain and drinking restores us again.

At times, there are claims to intellectualism, which are not supported by hard evidence of schooling.

Books are commissioned, speeches are written for leaders, which is why they do not remember their promises. They do not say what they mean and they do not mean what they say. A good grounding in the relevant studies in politics, law and economics is important.

The Nigerian Constitution, both the original and   serially panel-beaten versions, even the amended ones have proved    inadequate for good governance.

Above all, law enforcement at all levels is weak, so impunity reigns in the nation.

There are people, who have cases to answer but have still not been prosecuted. It is curious that politicians and Chieftains of industries are sending their families abroad as reported in the Nigerian press recently.

They have perhaps, read the hand-writing on the Nigerian map.

If Hobbes instinct of self-preservation invades the Nigerian psyche, then Karl Marx’s proletarian revolution could become a reality.

It will be a super story, when the cock crows at dawn. It has been said that “every day is for thief but one day is for the owner of house”.

The owners of this Republic are all Nigerians.

Politicians did inaugurate evil days while the people have groaned under oppression.

It is ridiculous to jettison military rule and be governed by its proclamations.

The AZATA/NEPU Party recommends a total rejection of the Constitution of 10th January 2011, and we should replace it with a workable code. It should be written by investigators in the area of interest and not by agents of telegovernance, who pop up with outlandish theories on how Nigeria has been governed since 1960.

The political parties did not evolve political theories on how Nigeria should be governed but have depended on the incompetent opinion of bureaucrats, who follow West European models that have

not worked in Nigeria.

The IMF, the World Bank direct economic and financial opinion and to those, who do not understand the ideological dimensions in these permutations regard them as final, immutable and sacrosanct.

Every Republic should design its state structure and its laws to suit its peculiar nature and the goals of its people. This has not been the case in Nigeria.

We attend Davos, World Bank and IMF meetings, where our African leaders contribute very little.

The moral purpose for which political rule exists is to ensure a well-ordered society. If the politicians fail, they should be replaced. If they sit tight, the people will be pushed to revolt.

One can trace the factional disagreements and endless dissensions Nigeria to an inchoate system of political rulership dominated by greedy politicians and military officers, the latter, who were forced to overthrow the so-called democratically elected, but irreverently corrupt governments.

Rousseau’s general will theory supports the view that if the State, which entered a social contract with the people fails them, the people have right to change the government.

V.I Lenin discussed the theory of revolution in depth. He held that” where a government can no longer govern except in the old way and the people are tired of living in the old way, a revolutionary situation occurs.

The Nigerian political space is dominated by a primitive political culture, whereby venom flows from the hearts of politicians. This is because most of our so-called rulers, who are in fact dealers lack the refinement good education imparts.

The loud-noise-maker, who can use unprintable words, is admired by a populace that is soaked in ignorance. Such noise-makers are regarded as “tough “, but are empty. They seek to be noticed by the hoi poloi.

The more people’s money one has stolen, this materialist society applauds and deifies the thief.

The clamour for political appointments is hinged on joining the Buccaneers to get an opportunity to loot the treasury.

Seeing the hand-writing on the wall, treasury looters are sending their families abroad, others are losing sleep, as the day of reckoning draws near.

Measures are already being put in place to check fleeing looters. They can no longer use ATMs in USA and China.

, World Intelligence Unit and other intelligence formations, Transparency International, banks and real estate companies are publishing, who owns what and where.

There has been a long-standing myth or fiction that Nigeria came into being in 1914. This misinformation has been peddled by Oxbridge scholars, who did not care to look at the correct historical evidence, yielded by research.

Professor Edgerton, who taught history at Oxford University, painted a biased picture of Africans as a “horde of savages living in the Dark Continent”.

Basil Davidson who wrote a book on African history said that such views were held by scholars, who did not look at the evidence.

Before the advent of European colonialism and imperialism, there were Nigerian kingdoms and nation-states like the seven Hausa states, Oyo, Benin, Opobo, Calabar, just like in Europe of the Middle Ages, Monaco, Liechtenstein, England, etc.

The feudal practices were similar world-wide, royal visits, exchanges of diplomatic missions, etc.

Basil Davidson wrote that the Kingdom of Kanem-Bornu exchanged gifts with the Ottoman Sultan of Istanbul in the 12th century, while the King of Benin maintained diplomatic relations with the King of Portugal.

The celebration of the so-called centenary was to spend money and enrich contractors. The National Confab yielded little dividend. They opposed presidential debates!

The AZATA/NEPU Party advocates the adoption of a new Federal or Co federal Constitution to create a more comprehensive socio-economic basis for Nigeria’s all-round development.

Nigeria has been held down by people in government with satanic credentials.

The paramount ones are mediums, mystics, psychics, prophets and seers,” visionaries” and stigmatics, tribal irredentists, ghost hunters and agents of the anti-Christ, who have covered Nigeria in darkness and have deadened the sensitivities of the populace.

All over the world, the Holy Spirit is moving against the forces of the anti-Christ. Revelations about the End-times abound. Every revelation that helps Man comes from the Holy Spirit, who teaches the people all things.

It is given to understand that after the Fall of Man though the subtlety of the Serpent, the Second Eve brought Adam into disrepute and they were driven from Paradise.

After the Dragon was driven from Heaven, “woe has betide Man”. Principalities and Powers, Dominions and the forces of darkness have used politicians to cause the deaths of millions. They still do.

The rule of the strong village man, the feudal Kings and Chiefs served the dark forces. Now the rule of money, sex and political power in the fourth dimension is in ascendancy.

Governance world-wide is hinged on money, willingness to serve the forces of human manipulation and control, through coercion, voting and partisanship. The juicy fruits of corruption await the winner.

Nigeria’s universe of the turning wheel and the turning tide became manifest when PDP legislators defected to APC, giving the APC a majority in the House of Representatives.

We agree with Apostle Paul when he wrote that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but with principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places and against the forces of darkness”.

In Nigeria, we war against corrupt officials, bribe-takers, kidnappers, ritualists, agents of foreign powers, soulless minions, fake evangelists, and recurring political personages with past histories of wrong-doings.

As a result of poor law enforcement, these people get away with stolen funds and dare to rule again, as if born to rule.

It is the right of the people to participate in national politics, not only through casting their votes but telling the government how they should be governed.

They can indict their leaders like it happened in Israel (Olmert) in Pakistan (Perverse Musharaf), Mubarak (Egypt) Thaksin of Thailand (Thailand) Campore of Burkina Faso and many other erring leaders.

Today, the converging consensus is that the old order has to change. Perhaps, a new order would cater more for the peoples’ needs and not feather the nests of Buccaneers, with misplaced consciences.

Urchins, who attended provincial schools, colleges and local universities, have been saddled with assignments, which they are ill-equipped to perform. Academic arguments posit that human intelligence is shaped by the studies a politician undertook before entering the realm of such important area like politics and governance.

Like Joan Grant, who wrote about her reincarnations, I have learnt to consult my Akashic records. I am convinced that I was the diplomat, the Emir of Kanem Bornu sent to deliver gifts to the Sultan of Istanbul in the 12th century and the diplomat the King of Benin sent to Portugal in 1492.

This why I have taught and written books on International law and Diplomacy with ease.

Liking or not liking a leader has little to do with digital and ascorbic assessment of his performance. The evidence is a ringing tone that never stops. This why Nicolo Machiavelli, having watched the Italian rulers say one thing and do something else, wrote that “People are so simple-minded and trusting that anyone who wants to deceive, will always find people to deceive”

Politicians have deceived some people, some of the time.

The AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking men and women is determined to advance the cause of meaningful governance by making socially relevant suggestions for the new Nigeria, we wait, with trepidation.

The AZATA/NEPU Party believes that governance that is not ruled by intellectual dynamics can only stand on the shifting sands of political fortune-hunting.

AZATA/NEPU Party has observed that there has been a blatant inability to defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic and its people, as insurgents gain grounds and momentum. There has been abandonment of governance for re-election concerns in the last six months,

Promises have not been kept, which dampens hope about continuity. Politicians have not reckoned with the fact that people do not forget promises made to them by government.

The people’s broken hearts never mend. The people are plagued by regression hypnosis.

The AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking Nigerians is watching the shifting sands of Nigeria’s power politics, which has reached a crescendo, with increasing bitterness, intrigues and subterfuges, attempted assassinations, divisiveness and satanic plots, which reside in the deep recesses of men, who seek power.

We are now persuaded that power in this Universe of Man is not given to honest, patriotic and thinking social humans, but to schemers and their advisers.

These leaders refuse to acknowledge their in- capabilities and inadequacies, so they re-enact failed promises they had enough time to honour, but failed to do so. There NUNA FIKIS, who do not see and do not hear of failures.

During the 2015 electoral campaign, some politicians ridiculed Buhari’s age. We remember Ronald Reagan, Shimon Peres, King Abdullah, and the current President of Tunisia, who were and advanced in age and ruled well. Then Buhari presented his credentials, presented his wife. He has said that his health is good.

He put fear into those Nigerians, who have cases to answer for misdeeds.

After the Greek radical left defeated the conservatives, who took orders from Brussels and Germany, the Nigerian voter became enamoured with radicalism,

It is given to men and women to live for 70 years. Only the righteous live   that God decreed time.

So, to mock old age is spiritual ignorance per excellence. Only people with puerility of intellect and grasshopper minds can mock old age.

When the late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo insulted Zik by mocking at his age, the great Zik told him that he would die young. He did.

The shallowness of politicians confounds us.

These are people, who are still in their natural state and have not come into higher, cosmic consciousness to embrace truths. It is when they become spiritual that they can enter the supernatural state. Then, they will perceive the ephemeral nature and how mundane such posts as “President” “Governor” “Senator” are.

The corrupt politician, who is addressed as “His Excellency” suffers pangs of conscience.” “Excellence is never granted to man. It is only a reward for labour” said a sage.

The predictive validity of standardized measures of human intelligence does not permit the award of excellence to man or woman.

Those, who have entered cosmic consciousness are like eagles that fly higher than other birds. They are paradise-bound. The corrupt and murderous politician is an instrument in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy, the anti-Christ and the spiritual dominions, who use then to destroy the sons and daughters of GOD, in the name of “demoncrazy” politics, in which men and children are OBLATA to the ghoulish owners of spiritual power for whom they stand proxy.

Politicians, who have contempt for holiness, seek the earthly kingdom of darkness. There are palaces, outriders, jets, world travels to the detriment of righteous living. But what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul. There is a life after this God-forsaken enclave.

For God is not mocked, what nations and people sow they shall reap. Some Nigerian politicians have sowed the wind and they shall reap the whirl-wind.

As a result of the dastardly actions of politicians of all races and persuasions, there has started the “ coming judgment of the Earth” Isaiah 24 verses 1-4 says .

“ Behold the Lord maketh it empty and maketh it waste turneth it upside down and will scatter abroad the inhabitants thereof.

And so as it shall be with the people, so it shall be with the priest ( with Presidents, Governors, Senators (mine ), is with the servant, so with the master. As with the maid, so with the mistress as with the buyer, so with the seller, as with the lender, so with the borrower, as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him.

The land shall be emptied and utterly spoiled. For the LORD has spoken these words.

The Earth mourned and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away. The haughty people of the Earth ( Presidents, Governors, Senators etc mine) do languish,

The world will soon share the sorrows of captive Zion and the fate of Palestine.

One theory of thinking persuades me to hold firm that “ in the end nothing matters.”

Why do you agonize so much to be what you are not fit to be. Others who were what you are burning to be, were either assassinated, humiliated out of office, jailed for corruption and murderous shenanigans. Can you not see the hand-writing on the map?

As Mitchell wrote in 1988, “ The undisciplined has no wisdom and no-one pointed concentration, with no concentration, no peace,, with no peace where can joy be? When the mind constantly runs after the wandering senses, it drives away wisdom like the wind blowing the ship off course,”

A wise man knows his limits. When a load is too heavy, only and only a fool will proceed. To be ignorant of one’s ability is the sure way to degradation. “Go to the ant, thou sluggard, learn her ways and be wise”

Rational Suggestions on the Way Forward

1) We must restructure the neo-colonial state, its economic and social patterns.

2) Invigorate constitutional democracy

3) Declare war on corruption based on the UN Convention on corruption.

4) Re-enact the Indigenization Act of 1977.

5) Ensure reasonable price control.

6) Strengthen the rule of law and enforcement.

7) Enforce accountability, audit all Federal Government accounts.

8)Engage in international trade more actively

9) Bring back the Chibok girls.

10) Overhaul our education systems and education should be free at the Primary School level.

11) Develop the Niger Delta region and the North –East geographical zone..

Limit the operations of intellectual trading post agents, who pop up each time to propagate inanities of inconsequential and transient import.

12) Build a National security system to save Nigerians from dangers and the influence of foreign-backed mercenaries.

13) Promote meritocracy, eliminate mediocrity.

14) Revamp the civil service and make it more efficient and productive.

15) Review all awarded contracts and publish the findings.

16) Improve the living conditions of the armed forces and the police.

17) Institute a with-holding tax system.

18) Investigate all govern outfits and how much they spent in the last ten years.

19) Build and upgrade all hospitals and medical clinics, invite overseas doctors to work in Nigeria.

20) Publish government’s yearly audited accounts of the previous year before announcing the new budget.

21) The President should not award contracts but he should set up a High Contract-awarding body. All such awards must receive presidential approvals.

22) Unpaid salaries must be paid and any head of department, who fails to pay salaries as and when due must be sanctioned.

22) Governors must brief the President monthly and local government Chairmen must send their audited accounts to the Federal Ministry of Finance every three months, so must the state governments.

23) Reduce the influence of intellectual, commercial and bureaucratic trading post agents     masquerading as lovers of Nigeria, in our national affairs.

23) There should be a national carrier and aviation safety in Nigeria.

24) After three months of detention, all awaiting trial persons must be tried or set free, so that accused persons do not become untried prisoners.

25) Set up a Committee to review awaiting prisoner’s cases.

26)) FCT lands, houses, who owns what?

27) Promote the book-writing and reading culture and eliminate, influences of the hip hop culture being promoted by agents of debauchery among our youths- THE CELEB mass culture that promotes prostitution and youth disorientation must be reduced.

After the polluted and convoluted haze of cultural imperialism takes its toll on Nollywood divas, the single mum syndrome will become a reality.

28) The Nigerian media is populated by purchasable libertines. Some of its practitioners are extortionists, who pursue stories wrapped in brown envelop or any envelop. They show evidence of prejudice and lack objectivity in many cases.

Fashion out new fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy.

We must promote minority   economic and social rights. There is the need to promote transparency and regulatory measures in the financial sector.

Government should support public utilities that require heavy capital expenditure.

There should be new political attitude change and paradigm shift.

We must remove negative political and religious factors that have hindered our development.

The nation must avoid a north/south or Muslim/Christian dichotomy. We must see through the musings of CAN and AREWA devotees.

The Almighty God the Creator of the universe is the Alpha and Omega, who has appointed bo religious group to kill people on his behalf,   the murderous activities of the forces of darkness only serve the Kingdom of Evil.

Politicians, who pretend to love Nigeria, do so in their own interests. Let no-one deceive himself by chanting altruistic mantras.

At the Bradford University Conference on the “Future of Africa and the New Economic Order” hosted by the Founder of the AZATA/ NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking Nigerian men and women, from December 2-7, 2012, Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai, asked Nigerian rulers to establish a more patriotic, progressive and national political movement to govern the country since all available evidence pointed to retrogression, decay and decline in Nigeria’s political life.

Inspired and not-so-inspired, informed and not-so well-informed discourses in the national and international media firmly hold that the opposition is coasting to victory, riding on the tidal waves of national discontent.

The Bradford meeting was a success. Governor Rauf Aregbesola came to the Conference, with a ten-man team. He adroitly outlined his socio-economic programme for Osun state. He received the endorsement of the people in the last election.

Governor Bola Tinubu advocated very forcefully that there must a new political party to govern Nigeria. The paper was well received, widely discussed and well-documented in the Conference communiqué.

The paper outlined in detail, the strategies and the modalities to actualize the All Progressive Congress Party.

The Bradford Initiative Conference has yielded fruit. We are interested in the advancement of the African people, whose leaders do not seem to show concern for their people, but loot their treasuries.

Those scholars, who are regularly advertised on the pages of national newspapers should be reminded that,” A scholar never stresses himself for the sake of reputation or of fame. These are worthless bauble of the day. They rise and fall like empty bottles on the stream. They are indices to what the thoughtless think. They are illusions and will fade away “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

We urge all Nigerians to deny self, affections as well as appetites and the inner eye will manifest its clear and solemn vision”

The AZATA/NEPU Party salutes the APC as it girds its loins to lead Nigerians into a new age, when governance will be in the able and committed hands of patriotic, honest and thinking Nigerian men and women for the good of our fatherland to the glory of Almighty God, the FATHER . AMEN, Hallelujah!

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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