The Beauty Of A Real Woman

by Michael Ewetuga

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.

Whatever it was the coiner of these words is talking about must not be a living creature such as in human being or plant for they perish.

With regard to man the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” will be more appropriate.

I was talking to Dapo Adu, my friend in Maryland one day. I can’t remember exactly what it was we were talking about but when he mentioned how most men are crazy about Halle Berry . I didn’t know who Halle Berry was but then I remembered when I was living with my wife and she would be so insecure about some women taking me away from her. I would tell her she was beautiful and she would reply that Halle Berry who was regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world could not hold on to a man.

I remembered all these after my friend mentioned Halle Berry, so I decided to check Halle Berry out and I discovered I have seen her in a couple of movies, I just didn’t know that was Halle Berry.

Now you have to know me to know why I did not know who Halle Berry was. If I’m watching a movie I am more interested in the movie than who made it. I know a whole lot of people watching movies do not know the names of Directors of most movies, well; I do not know the names of most actors in movies.

I’m like that in terms of music as well. I listen to wide varieties of music; genre doesn’t really matter to me. After listening to the music a couple of times I may go out of my way to find out the name of the artists.

There are movies actors who have made an impression on me, actors such as Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Harrison Ford, Nicholas Cage, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Dhamendra, Amitab Bachchan, Tin Long, David Cheng, Whoopi Goldberg, etc. Can’t possibly put all of them here can I?

After looking at Halle Berry ’s pictures I remember I have seen her in a couple of movies Catwoman and others. I also checked the movies that she appeared in, some of which I watched but did not pay any particular attention to her, as a matter of fact, I didn’t notice her, period! In those movies she was just another face

In my opinion she is indeed beautiful but I don’t honestly think it’s worth the hype. Women make the same noise about Denzel Washington, who I think is more noticeable because of his acting prowess, I mean, the guy is good and has charisma which I think is the basis, really, for the noise being made about his handsomeness. No doubt though, that he’s good looking but he would just have been just another guy if he was not acting

I have seen a couple of beauty pageants and there are times I feel like the chosen queen is not worth the crown. Of course there would be millions of women that are better looking than the queen but since they did not contest someone is chosen as Miss whatever country they contested in and eventually one of them will end up as Miss World.

And of course you have Mrs. World which I think is a laugh really. What should qualify anyone for the position of Mrs. World, her beauty or her success as a mother? There’s also Miss Universe

So the question is what makes a woman beautiful?

I do not think there is one answer to that question; like the saying says “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” I can tell you, in my own opinion, what doesn’t necessarily make a woman beautiful

The Hair: I will start from the top, let us examine the hair. There are so many styles of hair and whatever styles a woman believes suits her fine is ok with me. Whatever one does, if one is comfortable with it I have no problem with that. But then I wonder especially where black women are concern, must their hair look like that of a white woman before they consider themselves or be considered beautiful? I feel sorry for black women when they remove strands of hair from their eyes’ way, they needn’t do that if they had stuck to the structure of their hair according to God’s plan

The Eye Brow: Well I guess one can really get artistic with the eyebrows and probably get one artistic imagination going by the way one shapes the eyebrows

The Eye: I have read in so many literature that blue eyes might be the best color for eyes, this is so widely believed to the extent that even children are not left out in that believe. A daughter of a friend recently invited me to come help her create a lady on the computer and she was going to change the brown eyes of the character on the computer to blue. I of course discouraged her from doing that. After we finished creating I asked her if the lady was not better with her brown eyes left intact, she agreed.

The Nose: Just this evening, I was watching TVOne. There were these surgeons on a program and they were showing all sorts of surgical operations that black people had undertaken, they being blacks themselves. One of such surgery was with respect to the nose, nose elongation I think it is called. This is an operation that is undertaken to pull the nose up, so to speak. I guess I need to do that because I have a typical big African nose or maybe I should just be happy with my Big African nose. I don’t think Michael Jackson is finding it funny that his nose might fall off his face when he’s in the middle of a heated performance.

The Mouth: Will people ever be satisfied? Just as we are worried that black people are doing all that is within their powers to turn White, it seems the Whites are getting ready to turn Black. I was watching TV sometime ago and it was asserted Britney Spear (not her again!) carried out surgery on her lips so as to make it fuller. Hahahahahahahahahah. I guess the world is crazy. Let us look at this, who would you enjoy kissing really, someone with full lips or someone with small flat lips? I guess it’s a matter of preference.

The Face: What some people have on their faces is enough to make an animated movie. All those mascara, some people have so much powder on their faces that if you decide to dust them off, you might need a mask in order not to suffocate. Do you really need so much powder on your face to look beautiful?

The Neck: What sort of neck is more sensual? Maybe those who are in the business of kissing necks can tell us. I know when I was growing up my mom would likened your neck to that of a giraffe if you have long thin neck. I have seen necks on TV that I personally find irritating.

The Breasts: This is a highly contentious issue. What sort of breasts would make a woman beautiful? Is it better for a woman to have small breasts that will wrinkle easily as she grows older and feed her kids or would she appear more beautiful when her titties are big enough for the Husband or Boyfriend, if he likes big titties and I don’t know any man who doesn’t. Whatever sort of breasts you have you need not worry if you decide you need to add to or reduce them, that’s a child’s play in the front of the surgeon’s knives

The Stomach: One of the trainers at the gym when I was in college once told me the most difficult area of your body to train is the tummy. There was a time they did a documentary on men with tummy, they were likened to pregnant women the difference being pregnant women will deliver their baby and if well handled their stomachs will go back to normal. If your stomach is big you need not worry all you need is insurance or a lot of dollars to get it flat.

The Area: I don’t know for sure if anything can be done about that, if anything cold be done about it it’s certainly not publicized. I get unsolicited email from time to time talking about manhood elongation. What about women’s area? That reminds me of a joke a friend told me about a woman’s private part. He said the woman complained about the guy not giving her a good time because his stuff was too small she didn’t feel it, he retorted that he didn’t have a grip too, it was like a big ship in the Atlantic Ocean . We are living in a world of advanced technology anyway, if you don’t like your thing you can change your sex. That brings me to the question, would you date a transsexual lady? Would that not make you feel like sleeping with a man? I wonder if the lesbians would take transsexuals too, that’s like sleeping with a man

The Legs: Some said hairy legs are really yucky, but then I have heard a guy say it’s sexy. I have witnessed a man look at a pair of legs and drive into a street light. Some legs could make you go on meditation, I swear it. Imagine a lady with pretty legs sitting across from you, crossing and re-crossing the legs with you hoping you will catch a glimpse of paradise. There are different names for legs but far as I’m concern legs are either straight or crooked as in K-legs. I haven’t heard much about altering the legs, they probably do.

After all is said and done, what exactly is the factor that makes a woman beautiful? The press has concluded that when she’s slim she’s beautiful and some slim women, especially here in America allowed that to get into their heads. Is every slim woman beautiful? I know someone who would not trade a big butt for anything.

Is it the face that makes a woman beautiful? I have met a whole lot of women with beautiful faces and some of them are not beautiful, ask some men who have dated beautiful ladies. I don’t want to waste time by examining every physical aspect of the woman’s body in order to discover beauty; this is my take on the matter.

Physical beauty whether or not it lies in the eyes of the beholder is not beauty, what is beautiful in a beautiful woman who scores zero in terms of behavior. Our forefathers in Africa in their wisdom, which we have willfully abandoned, asked rhetorically in one of their proverbs “what is the essence of a beautiful woman with bad behavior?”

We glorify vanity leaving the essence unattended. What is the essence of a beautiful car that is not mobile? But then we are not sane, if we are we will know that in choosing Miss or Mrs. anything we should see how such a woman impacted her society, what good has she given to those close to her, how well has she done in school, what good is she or would she do the society, what morals has she taught with her existence?

If she’s Mrs. anything, what kind of home is she running, what is her relationship with her husband, children, brothers and sisters, her community, and her coworkers, in short, in what way has her life positively impacted those surrounding her? Running after unnecessary glamour is what has made criminals out of our children because we are not there to show them the way, forgetting that they are the real gold.

Water, that is not what will destroy this world nor is it fire, it is humans with our shortsightedness, our lack of appreciation for what really matters, what is beneficial to our very existence.

To all the real mothers, those who stood firmly on too feet to produce children that had and are still contributing to the good of humanity I say you are the real beauties, the undisputable queens, the real mothers the Herculean that is holding the world on her shoulders and to you I say “A thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.” Thank you so much for making gold out of our children and men out of us, such women you will never find under the surgeons’ knives because she will be busy operating on her children, shaping them to be better leaders, leaders worthy of taking the human race to the next level.

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Toups October 1, 2011 - 12:53 am

Absoltely Amazing. I like this article becasue it encourages women to love and appreciate themselves for who they are.. Good job!

Nafisatou November 6, 2007 - 4:26 pm

Excellent! And thank you.


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