The Clarion Call

by Elijah Falode

Nigeria got her independence on the 1st of October 1960 having scaled through Slave trade and colonialism. She underwent the stages of development as Rome was never built in a jiffy. A country of about 200 ethnic groupings, different tongues and tribes coming together to form a progressing nation.

The Europeans came to the land of the Negroes predominantly the western shore to have a kind of symbiotic relationships (trade by barter) which later resulted to Slave trade in Africa .Negroes were taken captives by Chiefs who raided the Villages, other were captured by the European slave traders themselves as cat chases rats in our household. The people of Africa were mentally and politically incarcerated.

Arise ! o compatriots,
Nigeria’s call obey.
Wake up from your sleep,
The people of Africa .
Awake from your slumber,
The giants of Africa.

There was sensitization at a stage as the people were enlightened by the few black erudites, writers, workers, artistes, royal fathers and students .Africans were determined then to resist the imperialists and institutionalize governments of their own-a democratically elected governments. Chief Anthony Enahoro moved the motion for self government in Nigeria. The likes of Kenneth Kaunda and Julius Nyerere led the teachers union and took over power in Zambia and Tanzania respectively. The students in Soweto and the workers led through Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela took over power in South Africa. The likes of Jomo Kenyatta and others in Kenya. The revolutionary artistes, writer and authors, the West African students at home and in diasporas wiped out all form of Colonialism from the West African soil. Sonny Okosun, the maestro of revolutionary music despite being a Nigerian played a significant roles in the hey-days of apartheid regime in South Africa, his music was not only a thorn in the flesh of the regime, but a moving spirit that kept the fire of determination to get independence burning and sustained the hope of the black majority.

It was a thing of joy when this country finally got her independence. There was a kind of jubilation in all nook and crannies of the country. The people’s dream of exercising their rights partly restricted them during the colonial hegemony seemed then to be surfacing.

Free food for all,
A new baby is born.

We have not finished eating the food served us during the celebration within a space of three years when the military men said, “Nigerians! to your houses”.

The heroes of the land planted a seed ;waiting for the generation yet unborn to reap its fruits. God makes it to spring out on the 29th of May 1999 when we are ushered into a new democratic dispensation.

The labours of our heroes past,
Shall never be in vain.

How we croon the national anthem every now and then without thinking whether we are preserving the labours of our heroes or trampling on this seed of democracy planted by them in our words and deed. No nation can thrive in violence, war or famine likewise no citizen can live with his two eyes closed during violence, war or famine. The emergence of the civil war sent some shivers down our spines ,many a life were lost during the combat.

The survivors who had nothing to eat could not differentiate between grasses and vegetables as all weeds were edible.

Do you remember the past election crises, riots and other mishaps that have befallen the country? Those who witnessed and survived those tough times are now the apostles of peace and unity of our time.

The mindset of everyone is to get the basic needs of life-food, clothing and shelter .We ought to create an arena in our mental syntax thinking about rebuilding what makes us as people in an entity. The failure of a country is a problem for her citizens. How long we wait to enter foreign countries undergoing proper scrutiny, why can’t we do it right? The success of any nation is ‘godfathered’ by the positive contributions of her nationals, remove the positives and replace it with negatives and you have found a retrogressed nation.

The governments at all levels in this country have a lot do in revolutionalizing our national life.
Changes can be achieved through write-ups, songs and prayer, there is no iota of doubt that it can only be effected through actions. The youths should be encouraged to be creative and employment should be provided as well. Road network, water supply and the power sector should be revisited. The health and the education sector need second touch.

Kudos to the national builders since the birth of the country. The likes of Chief Anthony Enahoro, Mrs.Olikoye Ransome Kuti, Chief Musa Yar’adua and past leaders, royal father and the religious leaders, the motivational writers and speakers, their labours will never be in vain.

Poverty can only be ameliorated and completely eradicated when efforts are geared towards rebuilding every facet of our national life. It is high time we let peace run in our spines, mind and mentality. Every Tom, Dick and Harry should embrace peace and unity since that makes a progressed nation.

One nation bound in freedom,
Peace and Unity.

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Adebayo Temidayo December 30, 2008 - 1:02 pm

It’s a job well done. What a motivating article!


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