The Constant Nip In The Bud

by Alero Obianyor

The inability of the Nigerian to dream stems from the simple fact that he isn’t given the necessary encouragement that helps nourish that dream. His dream is constantly nipped in the bud. Sooner or later, he will be unable to dream.

Reading about “The made in Nigeria car” struck an ever familiar chord of disdain for the Nigerian Government and it’s so called Ministry of Science and Technology. The aim of the Ministry of Science and Technology should be to foster the development of exactly what the name implies- Science and Technology. This is a grave indication that half the reasons these ministries were created are not being addressed. There is neither support for entrepreneurship nor innovation in the country, and yet people are constantly complaining about the country suffering from brain drain.

Ezekiel Izuogu without government funding or research grants has been able to come up with a prototype and yet the Government of Nigeria has shown little interest in funding production of this car; yet another un-addressed problem with Nigeria. The inability of the government to invest in anything but OIL. There is a lot of good that can come from this project if the government decides to back it up. Jobs will be created, and a market for exports will also be created.

South Africa sees potential in the Z 600. It also sees an opportunity to invest in its economy, which is why it’s offering Izuogu support for his project if he relocates to South Africa. In this way South Africa, a country which was ranked last in human resource development in a 1993 survey of comparable economies (World Competitiveness Report Geneva, 1993), will be able to create jobs, support it’s smaller industries which will provide raw materials and from exports probably improve its foreign exchange. This is the foresight Nigerian leaders lack.

Lack of support for Nigerian citizens is yet one of the many reasons the smartest Nigerians are supporting the technological growth of Countries other than Nigeria.

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Evans March 20, 2008 - 1:16 am

Bravo…completely agree.

Chinye Osai September 10, 2007 - 5:09 pm

Hey girl, Good work. I just happened upon this article from Google. I agree that our country needs to nuture the taents therein a lot more. It's citizens need the reassurance that their gifts will be cared for and not stiffled.

Keep up the good work…

lemdy July 6, 2007 - 8:49 am

is this the alero that i know. greater tomorrow

Bayo Ojo June 14, 2007 - 1:49 pm

Nice article. I don't have any issue with the government supporting projects but it must be done in a way that promotes investment. You might be right; this scale might require big bucks but this guy might do better if he can reach out to the big auto guys to lunch his project. OR maybe it really does not carry weigh. There is more than what the eyes sees when it comes to projects of this scale.

You cannot keep a good idea down not even if there is no funding. Necessity is the mother of all invention. God knows the need is there in Nigeria. Nigerians don’t know how to market their products…. Really they don’t.

On a lighter note nice name. My daughter is called Alero. What does it mean? Yep….i really don’t know.

Anonymous March 6, 2006 - 8:53 am

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