The Coup in Egypt: The End of the Notion of Democracy in the Arab World?

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The military intelligence operations in Egypt, which purported to have terminated the democratically elected government of President Morsi, was a coup d’état.

Under French law, a coup d’etat is a treasonable act, and under Egyptian law, it is punishable by death.
A coup is said to have taken place, when the armed forces of a state engage in a military surgical operation, which overthrows the democratically government of a government.

The pattern is establishing itself that when an undesired political group wins elections, its political right to rule can be questioned by states that loathe the political philosophy of that party or group.
At BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, scholars recalled the Hamas electoral victory, the Syrian government electoral victory, the victory of the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt, just a year ago and the attitude of those, who judge the events in this Universe of Man.

As a result, rational thinkers may come to the conclusion that the democracy concept has become unserious.
The degeneracy in world political practice in the last twenty years, is a direct result of the demotion of knowledge and rational judgment in the conduct of national affairs.

What operates world-wide is voluntarism, dogmatism, cynicism, concocted political lies, fabrications by news producers, journalists and anchors to suit the governments in transient power.
I was surprised and amazed; when enlightened commentators were unsure whether the coup in Egypt was a Boy scout outing.

Belligerency, war-mongering and wickedness have been human traits since Creation.
I remember CALVARY and the BLOOD that was shed for our sins, the human conditions of the Jews in Egypt, the lives the Romans led under Caligula, Stalin’s Gulag, Hitler’s Auschwitz, Pol Pot’s killing fields, Japanese military operations in Nanjing, the Iraqi on-going killings, the Libyan destruction and the Syrian mayhem and the Guantanamo Bay respect for human rights, all these lead me to agree with the Biblical statement that the heart of man is deep and mysterious. It is also wicked and irredeemably unconscionable.

I am persuaded that but for the AMAZING GRACE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, hell would have been established on earth.

In Egypt, normal life has been mired in contentious engagements. The much they erected in the last hundred years have been pulled down, burnt down, with attendant population reduction through bullets, tear-gas and infirmities.

A very erudite population, which gave birth to aspects of human intelligence and civilization, now looks like Carthage. .Egyptians must resolve their problems by themselves and disregard opinion offered by those, who do not appreciate the depth of human sufferings we see on television screens.
The Nigerian government took a correct decision on the coup in Egypt, unlike in the Libyan flawed diplomatic response.

Diplomatic, economic and cultural responses in the British bond policy must be cleverly crafted. The British Government reserves the right to decide, who enters Britain and under what conditions.

The hasty and amateurish responses, which I have read so far, will not solve the problems.
In the Arab World, democracy is dead and buried, without any hope of resurrection.

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