OUK and the Chase for Substance

Somebody is causing signs in Nigeria that many people dared not, because of
their egoistical approach to things. This person has refused to lose
substance for shadows. This person is simplifying the complicated and, not
complicating the simple. This person is Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, (popularly
called OUK by friends and followership).

Kalu’s untiring crusade for Igbo presidency in 2015 cannot be
overemphasized. His love for Nigeria can never be swept under the carpet.
From the United Kingdom to the United States, he has been delivering
lectures for justice and equity to reign in Nigeria. He recently bared his
mind on (some governors-made) crisis that has been rocking the once vibrant
and remorseless Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), asking them to sheathe their
blunt imbroglios. OUK is not a rabble-rouser. But as he took the Igbo cause
to the UK to understand some malevolency done against the Igbo nation in
Nigeria, Kalu who speaks about justice, has also taken a message to the NGF
to douse the lingering tension that has characterised the once moral forum.
His employment strides for the once unemployed youths are story for another

It is a well known fact that for the period of 53 years Nigeria officially
got her independence from the rapacious colonialists, Ndigbo have only been
the president of this country for just a period of six months and 13days,
while the North has smiled home with the presidency for a period of 35yrs.
This angers Kalu a lot. But, especially, when those who are suffering
from Igbophobia speak that the Igbo are not united, hence they have been facing challenges to emerge the president of the country.

Social injustice in our country is the real clog in the wheel of progress
of the country. This is what Kalu has been toiling to re-write, to make the
message of justice clear, so that the country can move forward. Some
persons think that his messages are not being recognised, but Kalu would
say that the British he took the case of the Igbo in Nigeria to, were
surprise that Ndigbo are facing such political catastrophes in a country
that is so blessed by nature and, obviously cursed by man, woman, in

Bring practical leadership into the country again, Kalu had said that
leaders of this country might not have gotten it right before, but in
earnest, things would be gotten right with his clarion calls for practical
leadership. He tells those using propaganda that Ndigbo are not in unity to
go pick their towels from the bathrooms where they took their baths and
leave Ndigbo alone, because even the South-West where ex-President Olusegun
Obasanjo comes from was not in unity during the period Obasanjo ruled
Nigeria like the Owu-generalissimo he has always been; the North was also
not even united when the late President Musa Yar’Adua was in power; not
even the South-South is in unity now that President Goodluck Jonathan is
president. Anybody using the issue of ‘unity’ and any garbage to pull
Ndigbo down politically irritates Kalu so much.

Kalu wants a free and fair election in Nigeria, and not whether when Dim
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu ran for the presidency, he got an awe-inspiring
vote from the South-East as anticipated or not. Kalu is calling on all the
Igbo to be united. He might not be the leader that Ndigbo would reverence
the way they reverenced Ojukwu, but Kalu is paving the way for Ndigbo to
talk in Nigeria without fear, and for the elites to also speak-up, without
being eroded in semi-blindness, else Ndigbo will perish.

Njiko Igbo being his pet project for the realisation of the Igbo unity and
Igbo presidency, the group is working hard to ensure that Kalu’s vision for
Ndigbo is achieved, using the best tactics to fight for the Igbo cause,
Igbo agenda, for 2015.

Kalu is making sure that apart from Ndigbo having many brains and those who
understand what politics is all about and its importance, the need for
grooming more Igbo sons and daughters is timely. However, he is not against
those people, those Igbo sons and daughters, who have sold out, for the
continuous humiliation of Ndigbo in the political space in the country.
Nevertheless, he wants Ndigbo to chase for substance and not shadow; Kalu
says that 2015 will define the justice in the country, where Ndigbo are, as
enshrined in the Constitution.

It is time Ndigbo came together and understand what Kalu has been fighting
for: there will never be a time when shadow will be precious than
substance. Never! Ndigbo do not lack the substance and should not be
allowed to be seen as those who chase shadow. If anyone is finding to
chase shadow cool in 2015, that person certainly, is not Kalu. Ndigbo
should be ahead of the time that their perceived enemies are setting for

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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