The Federal Government and the ASUU Strike

The Federal Government and the ASUU Strike: A Note on the Humanitarian Concerns to the Federal Attorney-General

The Federal Government of Nigeria seems to have lost its patience with the Academic Staff of Universities, so the government has ordered the universities to go back to their work.
The Universities have one week’s notice to go back to teaching their courses or risk being sacked.

I am constrained to think that the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of the Federation was either not consulted or he failed to give a simple advice against the threat.

University academics, who have been confirmed have tenured appointments.
Where they err, there are legal procedures to relieve them of their posts. The erring academic or academics must face a disciplinary committee, which sends the report to the Appointments and Promotions Committee, then to the Senate of the University.
The academics involved can petition the University Council for a final resolution of the matter.

The rule of law and the rule of force seem hard to reconcile. The role of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice is to educate over-zealous politicians in transient power that the law must be obeyed, even if the heavens fall.

Other nations are surprised and amazed at the turn of events.
It is good business for private universities. As for standards, who cares!!!
The most worrisome aspect of the situation is that after four months of no pay, the conditions of life in the universities must be pathetic.

When professor Wale Omole was vigorously doing Abacha’s bidding at OAU, Ile- Ife,
he stopped the salaries of opposition academics, including yours truly for one year. He filed thirty-nine frivolous cases against students at the Ile-Ife and Oshogbo High Courts.
I mounted a vigorous defense of the student’s union officials, and I called upon my brilliant former law students, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim, OFR and Barrister Macdonald Osagie, leading Barrister Mrs Elizabeth Esiemokhai to disgrace Omole in the Courts.
It was an arduous legal exercise. We later learnt the Omole put the cases in court to pay huge fees to lawyers.

We learnt from his close associates, whom he later dump from his occult brotherhood coven, that they helped him to carry “ ebo” naked in the OAU groove, when he wanted to be Vice Chancellor.

We have sworn an AFFIDAVIT to be sure in our statements.
The former Director of OAU Bookshop still has the full story.
Omole, according to the Dr. Chiboka, used a lot of scientific data from his Agric student’s
scientific work to publish his works. We found this to be true.
Coming from a white garment background, the OAU Students still hold him responsible for the deaths of some students during a raid on students’ hostels, when he was Vice Chancellor.

He weakened ASUU, OAU, by promoting his obedient colleagues, while punishing scholars.
Professor Awopetu, Professor Toye Olorode and Professor Dipo Fasina stood firm against Omole’ knavery.

He benefited from contract awards. The Oduduwa Hall contract was animally awarded at seven million Naira, but was later awarded with the connivance of Mr. Anthony Aniagolu, the pro-Chancellor to a mouth-watering sum.

These and other disgraceful and unconscionable criminal conducts, which the opposition academics at OAU, lucidly presented to the Government of Olusegun Obasanjo, backed by incontrovertible documentary evidence that resulted in the ignoble dismissal of Injustice Anthony Aniagolu as Pro-Chancellor and Professor Wale OMO-OMOLE as Vice Chancellor.
The OAU students have a PERPETUAL DISCLAIMER on their former Vice Chancellor, which is a classical poetry, declaring him WANTED and urging anyone, who sees him, to capture him and bring him to the Student’s Union Building for interrogation.

The decree led OAU students to protest to Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State, to nullify the purported appointment of Wale Omole as “Pro-Chancellor of LAUTECH”.
I read with delight the articles of Professor Fred Onyeoziri, Dr. Olatunji Dare, the master craftsman, Professor G.G. Darah,the literary scholar,Dr. Reuben Abati, the erudite polemicist and consummate editorial guru.

What then is Forestry Professor doing behind the editorial desk of the Guardian newspaper? Oyamilenu!!!

The lesson I want those in transient office to learn is that you do not play the dirty games of Luciferians. The Law of Karma will catch up with you sooner than later.
Wale Omole must have thought that he could get away with the heartless policies of enforcing Abachas’ ignoble and wicked policies.

For more on “ Wale Omole’s Role in the Decimation of ASUU, OAU” please read my new book, “ Commentaries on Contemporary Nigerian Politics” 800 pages, published by Authorhouse Publishing Company Ltd. Bloomington Indiana, USA.

To deprive a group of people their source of livelihood, can be interpreted as attempted murder, a charge I filed against Professor Wale Omole at the Oshogbo High Court before Chief Judge Bioshogun, who told Omole one Sunday evening that he could face a long-time imprisonment if he continued ignorantly with is illegal actions that violated the Labour Laws enshrined in the codes of the International Labour Organization as incorporated into the Laws of Nigeria.
The Oshogbo High Court awarded me substantial costs; issued a consent judgment and so the matter lied down.

The Attorney-General and Minister of Justice should live up to that name by entering a robust word of caution in this very contentious matter.
I have the solution to this crisis having been a member of ASUU and a university student since 1962.

I realize that in Nigeria, the best teams do not play!!!

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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