“Touch Not My Anointed and Do My Prophets No Harm”, said the Lord

Because wickedness reigns in the hearts of Luciferians and agents of darkness, they have tended to act to destroy the Sons and Daughters of God, especially when they find themselves in transient political appointments.

In the days of yore, the forces of darkness had killed prophets, in order to stem the tide of the spread of the word of God.

The Almighty God moved decisively against the kingdoms of satan on Earth, cursing them and bringing ruin upon the race.

Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah and other nations, where the power of darkness reigned.
Very often, some people wonder why their nations are not moving forward but in circles. They should recall how their ancestors built shrines, engaged in witchcraft, sorcery, blood covenants and practiced other reactionary-minded tendencies.
The Law of KARMA is real and it can only be mitigated by repentance, atonement and the brotherhood of man.

Woe betides the “men of God,” who now prowl in the palaces of Kings and who have abandoned their pulpits.
To be seen pontificating on state matters is hardly the calling which is the foundation of pastorship.

“For whom he did foreknow them He called to be among the first-born of many Brethren.
Them He did foreknow them He also called. Them he called them He sanctified, them He sanctified, and them He glorified.

What shall we say about these things, If God be for us, who can be against us?
There are many churches in Nigeria, where the Holy Spirit no longer presides. The proliferation of churches has become amazing.

When one attends these churches, one wins the strong impression that in a country, where the wealth creation process has not been well defined, a resort to tithe collection and other money-making strategies augment daily life.

Some “pastors”, who are not anointed read from Genesis to Revelations and shout from the pulpit as if they were co-authors of the Synoptic gospels.

They send all sorts of veiled threats to fickle-minded members, in veiled spiritual admonitions.
They celebrate their church harvests and virtually extort money from the congregation.
Even from hard-put members, they expect them to sow seeds.

All this is good but the Pastor must be called to God’s purpose.
Many are in occult groups, manifesting the power of darkness. The Lord has asked us not to “Fret because of evil-doers and the workers of inequities for they will soon be cut down like the grass and wither like the green herb.”

I have seen the evil-doer in great power, spreading himself like a green by tree. Yet, they passed away. You will search for them and you will not find
them.( Psalm 37)

Wittedly or unwittingly, advertently or inadvertently, the evil ones touched the anointed of God, who is also His prophet, but unknown to the Luciferian, the witch, the magician, the occultist, the wizard, the mystic, the dark forces pushed him to violate God’s injunctions, “TOUCH NOT MY ANNOINTED AND DO MY PROPHETS NOT HARM”.
And because the Lord will fight for his people, they keep their peace. Then, at His appointed time, HE will overturn, overturn and overturn.

“Mark the perfect man and behold the upright, the end of that man is peace”
All the ambush laid for me at Ife, by Wale Omole, came to naught, for the Lord protects His people from the sons and daughters of satan, who wield power as man-made gods.
Because of one man or woman, the anger of God can consume a city or a nation.
We must all accept JESUS, for “JESUS in the heart of man is something more than gold”.

To YOU Lord, be all the glory
To YOU Lord be all honour
To YOU be all the power
And adoration forever more.

Wale Omole did not know, whom he was fetching firewood from his farm.
As the Igbo will put it, “Wale Omole amaghe onye onara akpa nku na isi oruya.”
The battle against evil-doers must never end.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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