The Future is Bright


One of the most iconic sculptures in the world today is that of the Boadicea group, strategically placed by the crossing into the Westminster Bridge from the Parliament square; it exemplifies a Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe who refused to sit back and watch her people perish; she rose against the raiding occupying forces of the Roman Empire.

Nigeria retraced her footsteps back to democracy in 1999, after years of military dictatorship, betwixt then & now; there have been ups and downs for the country but as citizens, we cannot afford to give up on our motherland.

The law made it mandatory for political parties to present candidates for elections while registered voters will choose their leaders from the representative of any of the political parties to govern the affairs of the nation either as lawmakers or leader of the executive arm of the various levels of government for a period of four years.

There have been several amendments to the Electoral Act but much more still needs to be done in order to strengthen our democratic process.

There is need to have a verifiable list of members of the registered political parties.

It is also vital that the Electoral Act puts a peg on the prices that parties charge for the Expression of Interest/ Nomination forms to contest elections.

It is also essential that we look into the sources fund for running political campaign, cost of running for political office & create an acceptable campaign funding mechanism for contestants.
Whether or not parties choose Direct or Indirect primaries, we need to place checks & balances on the system that nominates candidates for elections.

As the 2019 election draws near, it is essential that we all maintain a calm composure and refuse any form of agitation. We must desist from the do or die kind of political participation.
Every individual who has a PVC must perform their civic duty by voting for their preferred candidates in Feb., 2019 general elections.

The journey of having a prosperous nation begins with the right candidates that will perform when elected.

Over the years, we have been bedevilled with self-centered political leaders, lacking vision for communal growth & development. We must begin to vote in those who will make the society work better for all & sundry, people who will use the machinery of government for the benefit of all citizens.

Whether or not there will be availability of food, adequate mortgage system, effective transport system depends on those we elect in 2019.

We must not fold our hands and watch things happen; we must participate actively in the electioneering process. We must make sure that our votes are properly counted and not rigged.
The future of Nigeria is bright.

Nigeria shall become the most desirable country to live on the planet earth.

God bless you.

God bless Nigeria.

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Dapo Ajayi December 26, 2018 - 2:49 pm

The time has come for all Nigerians to stand up and participate in the electoral process so that we will have leaders who are truly interested in the development and progress of Nigeria.

It is a task that must be done by all and sundry.

Modupe December 23, 2018 - 1:09 pm

Amen. I believe that the future of Nigeria is great and it is in our hands. We have come too far to be gullible. Let us all be part of the movement of ‘taking it by force’ we can not fold our hands and allow awon gegudugera woyi continue to squander our resources in our korokoro eyes. We have got to arise and displace all of them. It shall be well.


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