The God of Obasanjo and Fani-Kayode Versus God of Nigeria

by Yinka Leo Ogundiran

Sometimes last year, I watched an interview-programme on AIT called “Zoom Time”. In that particular episode, Femi Fani-Kayode was the featured guest. In the interview proper, the presenter of the programme asked him why he was so pesky and vexing in his contemptible profession of being the unconscionable Rottweiler of the directionless Presidency. Femi Fani-Kayode said it was “GOD”! When the presenter of the programme himself, Charlie Boy, got chagrined with this abysmal profanity, he demanded elucidation from Fani-Kayode. After adumbrating his successful and undefeated boxing career, Femi then embarked on excursion of rhapsodizing how his existence was assailed by “woes” just because he was against President Obasanjo! He narrated how he was personally involved in two separate car accidents in which his two cars somersaulted at different times and he nearly lost his “Life”. He said he then realized that his “woes” and “tribulations” were somehow spiritual. So, he sought spiritual succour and prayers from a certain powerful man of God in Ghana – a man who had previously predicted back in 1998 that Obasanjo was destined to be Nigeria’s next President even though Obasanjo was still in jail and totally unknown to this Ghanaian bishop. Anyway, so, after numerous fasting periods and many rounds of fervent prayers, “GOD” finally spoke through this Bishop to our brother, Femi Fani-Kayode. GOD’s words were that Femi Fani-Kayode should stop criticizing President Obasanjo and he should physically go and make peace with him at Aso-Rock. When they met, “Mr. President” then explained things better to him. It was then that he realized that he was wrong to have gone against the President initially and, therefore, anybody that criticizes the President is wrong and against God!

Hearing this hogwash, I was hit with very powerful vertigo which left me fuming in convulsion and seized me in seething revulsion on how Nigerians could easily prostitute themselves when ensnarled with inconsequential twinkling of counterfeited silver and gold – even to the extent of dragging God into their iniquitous and shameless existence. At a time during the airing of this programme, being a Christian myself and believing that nothing is impossible for God to do, I prayed to God to either endow me with power of “ofe” (teleporting magical power) to instantly zap into my Television set and confront his blasphemy live on air, or to extricate him from my Television and give him a ass-whipping he will never forget but I heard an inner Voice (I can’t say whether it is God’s Voice or not because I am not “HOLY and RIGHTEOUS” like Femi) whispering to me that “hey, this man, remember that Femi Fani-Kayode is a great boxer and he could just smack you o”. So, obviously, just like anybody else, I didn’t want to be beaten-up in addition to my frustration of Nigeria’s perdition, so I just keep quiet and continued watching the interview with simmering impuissance until “God” asked NEPA (or PHCN) to lay credence to the ingenuity and brilliance of Obasanjo’s administration by shutting down electricity supply to my neighborhood in Ibadan. (Anyone who wants to verify the veracity of this Interview can call AIT or Charlie Boy and request for Interview with Femi Fani-Kayode).

Transparency has been spurned by President Obasanjo in the management of the nation’s oil sector for the past 7 years and he scarcely has moralistic capital left with which to pursue other corrupt culprits. Today, Nigeria Government at all levels is replete with hideous and repulsive collection of some men and women for whom corruption is a hallmark. We are ruled, from top to bottom mostly, by criminals, men and women who, in civilized climes, would have life tenure in jails, rather than occupying splurgy political offices. But by some bizarre, mysterious and uncanny selection, the worst elements in Nigeria elevate themselves, or are catapulted by “devil-fathers”, into exalted offices. And the worse and condemnable their performances, the quicker their promotions to higher offices. By this same strange algorithm, an uncultured and obstreperous dimwit like Femi Fani-Kayode is the Minister of Culture and Tourism; a man who has even being alleged of violently resisting being checked at our local airport. It is analogous to appointing the PIG as the Chief environmentalist of animal habitation or dressing up a MONKEY in suit or both. It usually bemuses me when Femi Fani-Kayode, President Obasanjo and all Nigerian leaders claim to be born-again Christians and are unperturbed to mention God’s name whenever they utter their hollow words of vanity. Reference to God’s name has now become a device designed to disguise their medley of pranks and skullduggery in the strangulation of Nigeria. I am compelled to ask these puzzling questions that rage in my mind about the God they claim to serve:

Is it the same God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorra for their desecration and iniquities that these our thieving leaders claim to serve?

Is it the same God that loathes and abhors sin, debauchery, adultery and corruption that has anointed our old born-again President as an Evangelist who, after his unrivaled and embarrassing record in POLYGAMY, to be having MISTRESSES and hence illicitly instructing his nitwitted lackeys to divert public funds to purchase CARS for these CONCUBINES?

Is it the same “God” that rescued Israelites from the bedevilment and torture of Pharaoh that is allowing impoverishment, degeneracy, despondency, unemployment and corruption to be so rife and secular in Nigeria?

Is it the same God who safely led Israelites through the RED-SEA and Wilderness that supports the DEATHS of innocent Nigerians through road mishaps and air-crashes as a result of dereliction, incompetence and irresponsibility of the Government in the provision of good road networks and well-managed aviation industry?

Is it the same God that specially and supernaturally endowed us with “oil” as one of the largest producers in the world that has warranted us to be importing petroleum products for our local consumption whilst our President has defiantly decided not to open books of petroleum management for auditing?

Is it the same God that supplied “manner” to Israelites in the Wilderness that gave us “REFORMS” where a bag of Rice skyrocketed from N2,000 to N6,000 and a litre of petrol from N19 to N65?

Is it the same “JUST” God who instituted JUSTICE and severely punished King Saul and Nebuchadnezzar for defiance and disobedience that mandated President Obasanjo and his PDP side-kicks to superciliously flout the injunctions of court rulings?

Is it the same God of holiness who treasures righteousness, morality and uprightness that has ordained friends for our President in the persons of Lamidi Adedidu, Col.Ahmadu Alli, Tony Anenih, Ojo Madueke and Chris Uba?

Is God of Obasanjo and Femi Fani-Kayode the same God that Nigeria masses claim to serve?

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Peter Appio July 29, 2008 - 7:29 pm

Having known Femi for over 25 years I have to commend you on an extremely accurate and perceptive article on the beast known as FFK. Whilst he was schooling in London, he was known by the nickname of “Damian” (after the child of the devil in the film The Omen) by the Nigerian community in London, because of his sheer unadultrated capacity for pointless evil. Like many I believe in his “born again” conversion and thought he had changed for the better. How wrong I was. He invited me to be his Special Advisor after his promotion from Ministry of Culture and Tourism to Aviation and I offered my resignation after 5 days. I will be commencing leagl action against him in the High Court in Abuja in a few days time and the whole story will come out then. Keep up the good work and more graese to your elbow. Very best regards, Peter


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