The Knife Angel

by Opeyemi Ajayi

There was a time in the UK when knife crime was prevalent.

An iconic sculpture now known as The Knife Angel was erected by some well-meaning individuals to highlight knife crime in the United Kingdom and educate young people of the harmful effect of violent behaviour on their communities.

These folks gathered thousands of knifes from individuals to erect a symbol in their community.

Most developed countries of the world have had their share of crisis at one time or the other.

Most often, some patriotic citizens joined forces, pooled resources together to fight their common enemy by refusing to accept the status quo and their actions turned the fortune of those iconic countries that we all marvel at around.

Good things don’t just happen. Countries don’t just develop; leadership has a lot of impact to the development level of countries as everything rises and falls on leadership.

The world that we live in have experienced both bloody and peaceful revolutions to get to where we are today.

You and I must rise up at this stage of our human existence to redefine Nigeria.

We all have a common enemy and we know them; poverty, insecurity, maladministration, corruption and many more being pushed on the citizens at a massive scale by the political class while they live on the commonwealth.

The democratic system that we currently enjoy in Nigeria was made possible by the effort of some individuals.

Years ago, we didn’t have the privilege of changing government every four years, some patriotic citizens stood up to the challenge to make this a reality.

However, many Nigerians at home and abroad; young and old are not happy with the current situation of things in Nigeria under an elected government that seems oblivion of the current realities.

The nation is bleeding and our current crop of political leaders are only concerned about wielding the longer knife to cut a larger chunk of the national cake for themselves.

We cannot continue this way.

The 2023 general election offers a peaceful revolution for Nigerians at home and abroad to decide on which way the country should navigate in the next four years.

The decision of who we elect will have an effect in all areas of our human existence in the next 4 – 8 years and beyond.

From ASUU strike to price of maggi, from electricity to internet data, from good road network to aviation safety, from Boko-haram to Killer herdsmen.

All aspect of our life as Nigerians at home or abroad shall be impacted by the folks we elect. We must all be interested in who’s wearing our leadership hat.

We need fresh ideas in our legislative houses, we require innovative home grown solutions in the executive arm of government across Nigeria.

However, with the number of Nigerians who currently have P.V.C., it may be business as usual except something strategic is done immediately.

We have a golden opportunity in 2023 to cause a silent revolution through our votes.

The other way around getting a developed Nigeria outside of voting for visionary leaders across several elective position is a bloody revolution which is not admirable.

Democracy may be slow but we will definitely get there if we all participate in the electoral process.

Young and old, male and female Nigerian that is eligible to vote must endeavour to register in the on-going CVR by INEC before the opportunity closes.

INEC doesn’t count complaint, prayers or criticism, it only count votes.

INEC won’t count paper; they count votes which determines who will be leading us in the next four years.

Do you want the status quo or a breath of fresh air?

The choice is ours but before we can participate in the electoral process, we must have our PVC handy.

The process is currently ongoing and will end in June, 2022.

Register and have your PVC before that day and be a part of the silent revolution.

Be a part of history.

Nigeria shall be the most reliable country to live on the planet earth.

God bless you!

God bless Nigeria!!

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