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The Man Refuses To Die!

The fingertip of Esau, the voice of Jacob touched the internet again a few days ago, via those whose stock in national or international trade is to hear the sudden death of President Muhammadu Buhari from his medical leave in London. What is wrong with the mind of man?

Those who traffic in wishes of president Buhari’s death are heaping irredeemable and irreconcilable curses on their own heads and their families’ generation. Peruse the black book of Nigeria to see the evil asterisks on those before them in all its chapters. The cyberpunks should be warned of the moral and existential consequences of their actions.

No one is in possession of another man’s death certificate until the man dies. My advice to those who are at the death panel of a man, or in the factory of death, manufacturing Buhari’s death is to desist from trafficking in hate, resentment and death wish for another mortal, or else, they may meet their own Waterloo or expiry date before Buhari even expires. These people should be reminded that when stupid rumor hovers around and couldn’t find its pseudo target, it will be back to senders. Man is not what we think he is, he’s truly what he hides. There’s God in His infinite mercy giving healthy life to the debilitated individual.

Buhari is a one-man battalion struggling with his enfabbled health and the ailing health of Nigeria altogether. May he succeed to put these enemies of Nigeria to shame. The children of corruption who want Buhari dead should be reminded that death is a necessary end, it will come when it will come; death is a debt that everyone owes in life. We are all going to expire someday! Whatever we do today by commission or omission is subject to the judgment of history. History is a precursor to our actions and inactions. As Buhari refuses to die, Mr. President will return to Nigeria hale and hearty to the admiration of friends and all good Nigerians. Buhari’s Death-wishers will be put to horrible shame, their death-panel will be consigned to the dusbin of history ni agbara Olorun! AMEN!

Existentially, may these evil-doers have renewed heart to have mercy and love on themselves; and those around them, so that they can avert self-inflicted curses hovering around them here and hereafter!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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