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The Mark Of The Beast

Besides, it is unfortunate that in this era of globalization, some cultures in Nigeria, are still living out the medieval Great Britain and European past fantasy. During the medieval times, and between 1542 and 1684, Great Britain and Europe never spared witches. In fact they used to dump witches in boiling waters and overheated oils and left to scream, disfigured and to die with unbearable pain and agony; some others are forced to confess and burnt at the stakes; some are chopped off in bits and pieces until they give up the ghost while some others are either stoned to death or crucified and hanged in the most gruesome and unimaginable manner. The Britain and Europe of today is seemingly repentant and ‘born again’, whose debased primitive past of crudity, wickedness, ignorance and backwardness, were bleached away by the advent of the renaissance. The renaissance was later negated by the era of Enlightenment, then came industrialization which fast forwarded the decline and final demise in witchcraft belief . Even “children as old as 6 years were made to testify against witches” in the Britain of old. In all, nowhere was it established, through scholarly research, how to really know who is a witch. The then British courts and numerous assizes sitting in dispositions of those cases could not even establish how to objectively identify who a witch was, but they still went ahead to hang those accused based on hearsay.

The mark of the beast is therefore on the prowl. It is not 666 or 999, no, it is the criminal and sinful acts consciously committed by “mental adults” who, if they are resident in advanced countries, proceed to court, to claim the handyman bogey – “diminished responsibility or guilty but insane”. The mark of the beast is clearly depicted in that programme, where innocent children where randomly abused, traumatised, maimed, bruised, tortured and killed with effortless ease. The mark of the beast is shown in Western paedophilia ( where “mental adults” make love to children as old as six months and strangle most of them} and practice sodomy. The mark of the beast is shown in Okija shrine where political “mental adults” consciously go, take oath of allegiance on the throne of Satan and put conscience on sale. The mark of the beast is depicted where educated and enlightened political office holders sequestrate and purloin public funds meant to develop and provide for local communities.

Just some few weeks back, the BBC carried a news item where it was revealed that more than one million highly vulnerable elderly parents are living with the daily fear that they would die in such manner that nobody in the vicinity of their homes would know that they are already dead in their house. Most of these old women and men are lonely and alone in their houses and are suffering from one form of debilitating ill health or another. A number of them have arthritis, dementia, rheumatism, waist and back pains. While some have had one form of delicate bone surgery, some others are seemingly bedridden.

Now, the question is; does it mean most of these old parents do not have grand children? In the same UK, in middle of this year or there about, it was reported that an elderly woman died in her house. Neighbours for almost six months, never cared or got to know until a passer-by saw “anthills of the Savannah” casually strolling in and out of the house like landlords. As expected the Samaritan saw these fat ants, sensed danger and called the police. They came with the ambulance services. The police broke the door down, went in, and discovered only the skeletal bones of a woman in a lying position, on a long chair. The body has decomposed and dried up. For six months, neighbours who lived close by did not care nor ventured to find out whether she is dead or alive. Now, we may ask the simple questions: what about her children and grandchildren, did they care to inquire or even visit their mum? That is Britain for you!

Unlike Africa, there is a complete absent of community here in the UK. People just wake up and go about their business in whispering tunes. Britain is one of the most suspicious societies I have lived in. And I hope, it would be the last. You could help somebody only for you to discover that your kind gesture has landed you a police invitation or trouble. Your fingerprint, toe print, mouth print, knee print, face print and all the other prints would be taking and put on a data base, especially if you are a Black. So the urge to help is there but sometimes the consequences of that could be interpreted correctly, misinterpreted and reinterpreted later, depending on circumstances. Such is the atmosphere, that people just work to live.

According to the BBC report of Monday, the 17 of November, children’s charity organization, the Barnardo, recently commissioned YouGov polls to do a survey on people’s view on weird UK kids. The result of the poll shows that “more than half of the population believe that UK children are “feral” and behave like animals”. The survey shows that these children are erratic, dangerous and uncontrollable. Now, if you live in London, please do take a casual stroll at night to most high streets. You see stubborn kids who have refused to listen to parental advice perambulating at midnight virtually looking for sin to commit before going to bed. Before you could say Peter to these kids, they have opened their wild mouth to make cockney sentences that you will simply loose count and walk away. The mark of the beast is on the prowl!

And, these are the grand children of lonely grand mums. Grand mums that are left to live and die alone in a “me, me, me society”. Children in the UK hardly go and visit grand mums on weekends neither do they go there on holidays. No, they prefer to go to Australia, Thailand, France or Spain or, preferably, join gangs, stab, knife and shoot one another in the streets of London. Who do you blame? The govt and law says parents cannot smack their children. They say, that there is convincing evidence based on research that if you spare the rod, the child will grow up well and disciplined. But the reverse has so far been the case. UK children have gone and are going wild. They have been left off the leash. The same govt is now turning round to put the blame for such weird behaviours at the door steps of parents. The mark of the beast is on the prowl!

The British welfare capitalism has generated one of its own peculiar contradictions, which is, the ever increasing rate in crime, especially very, very vicious criminal acts of murder and wide spread anti-social behaviour tantrums. The mark of the beast is on the prowl! The London METRO of 18th November 2008 screamed this headline: I butchered Family With 300 wounds. The paper continues: “A possessive father stabbed his two children to death, along with his ex-girlfriend and her brother, knifing them more than 300 times, a court heard yesterday…..Neil Crampton {the attacker}, admits killing his 12-year daughter Abigail, her brother Steven, five, their mother, Olufunke Sobo, 36, and her brother, Yemi Sobo, 41.…..Mr. Sobo was found first, in the hallway with 67 stab and slash wounds. His sister was also discovered downstairs, with 105 knife injuries. Abigail’s body lay under a duvet and had 105 knife wounds, many to the head and neck. Her younger brother was on his bedroom floor with 25 injuries”. The attacker, who “denies murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility”, committed these outrageous crime in Newcastle. He attacked the family in a jealous rage and then dialled 999 to tell the operator: “I have murdered my entire family”. Wonders shall never end! The mark of the beast is on the prowl!

This report is just one among numerous outrageous but very vicious killings going on in the UK, a developed economy where quality education, functional social welfare system, excellent health programme, clean potable water, food, low unemployment, good social Housing, industrialization etc., and, where virtually all hallmarks of development have taken firm roots. The crucial question is: what is going on in the world? What do homo sapiens want? Perhaps the “bang theory” will provide the answer! But for now, that Biblical mark of the beast is on the prowl! Yes, it is on the prowl! I rest my case!

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