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The Merits of the Presidential Debates

A gymnastic political party ought to be able to field only a candidate whose breadth of knowledge covers the whole political issues of crucial interest to the state and its people.
According to Aristotle, any politician ought to possess the political prowess to debate societal issues of interest to the polity.

This is an irreducible minimum requirement for political aspiration to lead a state. If the political and ethical problems of a state are uppermost in the minds of the populace, then they must have the inalienable right to listen to their political leaders in open debates.

No radical separation of political debates from the democratic process should be intended. On the strength of the knowledge of a political leader’s in-depth grasp of societal issues, the people can form the synthesis of their political judgment, before the go to vote.

A thinking nation will frown upon the deprivation of their right to make rational judgment on how to cast their votes
.The recommendations of an oligarchy and the yearnings of democrats,stand on a footing of manifest inequality
The AZATA/NEPU Party of thinking, honest and patriotic compatriots encourages voters to cast their votes after pondering over how the nation has progressed or the lack of it.
The retrogressive recommendations of an oligarchy and the progressive yearnings of democrats, stand on a footing of manifest inequality.(repeat)

There is something, at once curious in the adopted postulations of men of experience, who choose to down-grade logical thinking and give formal logic a name .which it does not deserve.
The Americans and other states have adopted the syatem of presidential debates and Obama, would probably not have been American President today, but his brilliant political debates, leaving the American voters no choice but to elect him twice

Through presidential debates, we can evaluate the emotional intelligence, the mental intelligence and the depth and breath of clearness that assists political leaders in the governing of polities.

The democratic and oligarchic principles in consideration open the question of our state of mental intelligence.

For example, The Nigerian Council of States is barely meeting to discuss the Chibok Girls crisis three months after the event!. A comparison of African intelligence with other races, yield evidence of palpable inadequacy.Ask yourself where we stand in our contribution to the development of the human race?We are always been asking for other people’s help because we lack the perseverance that leads to creativity.

Now, we have the misguided hip hop generation of Africans1
The Confab, which permitted hopes of a new societal engineering, has produced Adams of full bellies, with Oliver Twist-like demands. They have proved to be a passive and enervate race, ready to swallow any promptings and to acquiesce in anything,, with intellects, once sharp, but now dulled with old age, indifferent to the yawning paralysis,obsequious only to the whisper of gains and interests and to the beck of power.
Bent ham’s jurisprudence espoused the utility theory and this was embraced by our Confab delegates.

Paradoxical, as the proposition against presidential debate seems to be, the voter’s resolution, will be decided by the on-line, on-screen presentation of any presidential aspirant.

I was told that the debate will be inquisitorial as happened then in the Court of Star Chambers. That a presidential prosecution service will ferret out hidden, undisclosed information, which will help the presidential debate inexorably.

” God is not mocked, what nations and people sow, they shall reap”. “The LIP of truth shall be established forever, but the lying tongue is for a moment”. “What shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul?

The people have a right to listen to a presidential debate, in order to assist them frame the synthesis of their judgment as to who to vote for, which is a cardinal democratic right.

The AZATA/NEPU Party of thinking, honest, patriotic Nigerian men and women has written to elucidate the cogency of presidential debates as instruments of political engineering.

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