The More You Look the less you see: Chatham House 2015

I read with diligence and unmistakable pride, Buhari’s Chatham House speech. Two weeks ago, I listened with rapt attention to Jonathan’s lecture on “stealing and corruption”
“Things are getting more grandiloquent by the day and the more you look, the less you see. The PDP henchmen solidarity is melting because they were not fully in the know of what had been done behind them.
Some staunch party men in the ruling party are having suffocating reflections and scalding ruminations about their party, after Olusegun Obasanjo took a dramatic exit. They are now thinking aloud.
The non-disclosure of many material facts they are now learning from banner headlines has caused some crisis of confidence, so deep that it cannot be “shaken by a side-wind”. Lord Denning.
“We have been defending the indefensible. How do we look in the eyes of our compatriots, who have been supporting us?” a veteran party loyalist told me in London.
“There is a limit to malevolent conduct stretching ignominiously to infamy and socio-pathy. ”he deposed.
The more we look at what is going on in our polity, the less we see. You should look less and see more.
Is it true or false that those colleagues in the corridors of power, who own private jets, now use them as” kabu kabu”?
Yes, but the Aviation Minister has threatened to withdraw their licenses.
But can he? I learnt that the powerful party members have frowned at his policy. These party stalwarts dictate their choices and no-one has the moral or legal authority to challenge them.
They tell you that white is black and black is white. So it has been, even during the period when Olusegun Obasanjo was a “monarch” of all he surveyed. “Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to one another” Euclid.
I wanted to know how the pangs of conscience were affecting democrats and intellectuals in the party. “A system that thrives on subservience, on groveling, on studied silence in the face of outrage renders one powerless and non-chalance takes over.’ “Man must whack” I joked.
“Tell me, all these private jets, houses in Abuja, London and New York could be part of the missing funds “I opined
“Well, it is the evidence that we have done well” , he quipped. Yes, indeed they have done well for themselves, but for how long more?
Buhari has said that” any war on corruption should not be misconstrued as settling old scores or a witch hunt” but” equity will not suffer a wrong to be without a remedy.”
I asked why there is this morbid fear of Buhari and I saw my compatriot’s heart palpitating irredeemably. He asked for a glass of water. He drank up.
I told him that in the higher realms, it has been decreed that “God is not mocked, what nations and people sow, they must reap. If the daughters of EVE are still paying their mother’s karma, those politicians suffering from porphyria can never go unpunished, lest they they see themselves as untouchables and above the law.
In other countries, impunity cannot go without restitution, rectification and karma.
So shall it be in the name of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, whose people were so brutally robbed, repressed and so, a harsh reprimand is the people’s command.
The share-cropping party members are complaining that their loot was not delivered on time, so they could not delivered to the campaign purse.
The hole in the horse-chest nut tree is getting bigger and there is visible trembling, sleepless nights, as the inner self reproduces the guilt, that is yet to be judged, in the fullness of time.  Every day is
For the thief, one day is for the owners of the Republic, WE THE PEOPLE.
Politicians, whose minds are adorned by “solid insets”, are desperate. Uncle will lift the lid off the Pandora box, else the people will.
The Nigerian treasury chimney sweeps are reported to have done a good job, which is their argument for seeking re-election. Who would not? But much will have more and lose all.
The visible indentation of the public psyche is treated with palpable indifference and benign neglect. Our miseries have been drowned in the obstreperous obscurantism by paid party foot soldiers, whose poverty is plain.
They have mortgaged their conscience, without any equity of redemption. It is beyond pardon.
But the rollicking days are numbered and the corrupt will have nowhere to hide. Their activities including the mayhem they have commissioned will be played back on VHF Golar, Goggle Earth soon. It is recorded HI-TECH WONDER.
Come and see what politicians can conceive and execute, in order to keep their office and loot. IHE UKU GAEME, MKPAM GA KPA O!!! In this HI-THE age, nothing is hidden under the sun, the CEO of World Intelligence Unit, told our London Seminar.
Both political opportunists and political mal-contents are crossing over to other parties.  The tabloids are having a field day.
Many former ministers have gone into political oblivion and can no longer pay their bills, since they have been cut off  from  illegal cash flow.
The banks, which were granting fabulous loans to politicians, are now demanding their funds back, in disrespectful tones. Debts blunt the edge of husbandry. Be neither a lender nor a borrower.
AZATA/NEPU Party is well-informed ABOUT THE POLITICAL AND GEO-POLITICAL REACH OF Chatham House. The Nigerian outreach is the poorly funded Nigerian Institute of International Affairs.
Since 1914, Chatham House, the Commonwealth Office and the British Foreign Office, the M.I 6, know everything about the governance of Nigeria.
The inter-related calamitous events have happened to Nigeria in the last one hundred years. The Lugard curse and Olusegun Obasanjo’s egregious blunders in imposing “leaders” on us. He tried to present Sule Lamido, saying that he “can do the job! “He has now come down from his intergalactic space to see his foibles, but it is too late.

The campaign is now in top gear and Nigerians are watching and waiting. Buhari is trying to assuage the fear of those jittery politicians, who remember the 1983 actions against corrupt leaders.
Who should they worry more about? Is it Olusegun Obasanjo, who has all the indictments, or Buhari, who has a forward-looking agenda?
That PDP is fretting over Buhari’s Chatham House appearance shows the provincial level of knowledge the ill-informed party advisers and their opinionated praise-singers operate.
Chatham House intellectuals guide the British Government efficiently. England ruled the waves for centuries because high intellect is nurtured, valued and used.
In Nigeria, because those who studied unrelated subjects to governance are scared stiff to recruit those “WEY GO BETTER SCHOOL, ”, we are governed by matronymic intellects.
I remember an old British song. “The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the  crown. The lion won the unicorn all around the town….”
Elections are the people are inherent right to choose their leader. To threaten mayhem if a particular  candidate does not win, is orangutan disputation.
Until Nigeria is governed by honest, patriotic and thinking men and women, we shall continue to grope in the wilderness of regrets.
The sorrows of a captive nation need redemption. This is our chance.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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