2015: Political Choreography and the End-game: Observations and Comments

An atavistic fear of power erosion has visibly gripped the ruling party. Its internal feuds do more damage to the party than the combined Onslaught of the opposition parties.
The visit of the APC presidential candidate, Buhari, to Chatham House, London, produced a joint resolution on peaceful change. It also revealed the extent of financial profligacy in Nigeria.
British interest in good governance in Nigeria is enormous. They have an insurable interest in Nigeria’s stability.
The disclosures of mind-boggling missing funds may explain the desperation, evinced in the postponement and virulence of the political campaign methods.( see Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai, ( Commentaries on Contemporary Nigerian Politics, Authorhouse Publishing Company, England, 2013 at page153.” The Era of Disclosures”)
The dramatic political situation in Nigeria has remained volatile. Demonic forces are seriously at work tugging at the very soul of the nation.
In an election year, such forces from Hades, take human form and are known to push desperate political leaders to paranoia and criminal range, as they chose the path to infamy.
Nigerian elections have a strident, deceitful and violent history. The AZATA/NEPU Party condemns the recent hedonistic manifestations of killings in the name of religion and politics.
Anyone, who hurts a fly or a human being, forever destroys his own soul.
LUCIFERIANS of the deepest darkness in Nigeria, whose identities have been recorded for posterity in VERY HIGH FREQUENCY Goslar Earth, which picks gun shots, monitors brutal assaults and dark-room conspiratorial musings. It is Hi-tech wonder.

Unfortunately, innocent citizens become pawns in the political game, after political leaders put out their political doctrinal heresies of hatred and calumny, which have always been part of the anti-christ crusade.
The idiot Yanukovich is cooling off in Russia, while Ukraine burns and innocent citizens have died in their thousands.
It could happen here as the psychotic must -win ambition rides on demonic wings. Marcion bible was a classic case. Tertullian(AD 180-255), called him the “PONTIC MOUSE”, while Polycarp(69-155), who  was familiar with the Venerable John,  upon meeting him ,called him the “first son of satan”. ( see page 153 of “Cracking the Da Vinci Code”)
In spite of the visible machinations of agents of the anti-christ in Nigeria and in the Universe of Man, about which I have written extensively in Nigeriansinamerica.com, men and women have GUARDIANS on earth to protect them from the work of evil forces.
These are souls, who Elizabeth Claire Prophet wrote, “Have transcended the circles of Karma and re-birth and have Ascended into the higher Realm, which is the eternal abode of the soul.
These souls are to be counted among the immortals. They are concerned with the evolution of our world and are united for the highest purpose of God in Man as set forth by our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God, who alone can save, in the HOLY BOOK”.
In three part articles, I warned the international community to  caution  the moronic, political leader, Yanukovich to shed his love of Czarist way of life and re-election maneuvers.
When a wretched half-wit, drunken man has tasted power and demonic forces in high and low places goad him on to remain in office, disaster beckons.
Olmert, Gbagbo, Idi Amin, Jean Bokassa, Pol Pot, Perverse Musharraf, Campore, Mobutu Sese Sekou, Thaksin Shinawath , were overpowered by superior forces in the people’s army.
The people amaze me in that they condone evil, condone corruption, condone humiliation and they lack self-knowledge. So, the politicians have their say and their way.
Until the populace, docile and unthinking begin to run helter skelter, their stupidity in supporting the Naira donor begins to dawn on them.
A pitiable phenomenon has gripped the Church in Nigeria. A prominent preacher has abandoned the path of righteousness and has gone back to his old wayo ways from which he was rescued years ago. The Church will keep marching on without political pastors.
Pastors must open their eyes to inspiration. Most unemployable people are now “pastors”. Whose pastors? Politician’s pastors? They are not called. They are not known for good works.
They hanker after ill-gotten wealth, shamelessly running after thieving politicians with naira and kobo.
In the Era of the anti-christ, we have been forewarned about fake pastors, prosperity pastors, billionaire evangelists and promoters of materialism.
With all the dirty  revelations about financial scandals, arms transportation, currency and money laundering, awash in the news media, some pastors do not want to know.
“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul”? Our pastors do not preach this message!!! They must.
We are happy, we belong to Jesus. We are happy, we are not for satan (2) Hallelujah, praise the LORD.
Hallelujah! Jesus conquered the world, Hallelujah, satan you are defeated…….Hallelujah praise the LORD.
Another problem with Nigeria that it  is disturbing  the way we invite foreign powers to” help” in solving our national problems, which are mostly self-inflicted.
At times, we put round pegs in square holes and when these cannot perform as a result of palpable inability, we farm out our national responsibilities to others, with attendant consequences to national security and pride. For example, what has Tony Blair got to do with our elections?
The Oxford binge drinker has been a chartered confusionist. He misadvised George Bush over Iraq. He hobnobbed with Muamar Gaddafi, had a restless run of locust mission in the Emirates. His NEPAD fancy was a failure.
He ignored Gaddafi’s warning that the Al Qaeda in the Maghreb wanted him to allow them operate from Libya. He was silent when Rasmussen ordered” a no fly zone” over Libya.( see “Commentaries  on International Law and Diplomacy, Authorhouse Publishing Company, England, 2013 at page 235)
Today ISIS is threatening the US, Europe and Canada.
Tony Blair likes to behave important and clever. He is universally acclaimed as a certified meddlesome interloper.
When we open our territory to multinational forces to fight insurgency, we are, in international law, under a regime of capitulation or under consular jurisdiction.
Do we have a Minister for Foreign Affairs? What is his name? What college did he attend?
Government is very serious business. Only people with relevant knowledge of specific disciplines should be appointed thereto, carrying a party card enjoying federal character posting are not enough.
The AZATA/NEPU Party of patriotic, honest, thinking Nigerian men and women urges
Nigerians to be careful not allow over-ambitious  charlatans to wreck the Republic.
Henshaw’s first novel,” This is our Chance” rings a loud bell to which we must harken.
In this digital age, social media misinformation can drive some politicians to paranoia schizophrenic range. Politicians, who manifest criminal psychological status, require anti-psychotic treatment before they push the nation down like Yanukovich set Ukraine on a clear path to infamy.
Political tantrums by political rascals do the nation no good. Those, who have no seasoned political argument, resort to vulgar expositions and gutter-snipe language.
Nowadays, horrific pronouncements  of the most bizarre genre are common. Poor political behavior is directly traceable to a little learning.
When the military wrote their constitution, they used School Certificate as a standard for entry into high office. This enabled the untutored to enter into the Councils of the land.
Today, the nation is worse off as barely literate politicians sit in high office. Who will rescue us from the razor of neo-colonial manipulations and control?
That Nigeria is still at the level of political puberty will remain an evanescent mystique. Until intellectual rigour dominates our national affairs we shall continue to grope in the dark wilderness.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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