The Mosquitoes of Otuoke and the UN Project

In 1960, as  a junior clerk in the Accounts Department of Nigerian Ports Authority, Port Harcourt, I used to board the NPA steamer to go and pay dock workers in Abonema, Opobo, Buguma, Kalabari  and Okrika.
It was around this time that the Aso Rock man arrived in Otuoke. Who ever thought that Otuoke would produce the Aso Rock man?
Some Nigerian leaders seem to prefer to be born   in  out-of- the- way enclaves. AWO from Ikenne, Shagari from Shagari village, Zik from Zungeru, Tafawa Balewa from a Bauchi village. I come from Fugar.
mosquitoMy friend Erekosima lived in Otuoke. Each time I visited him, I cut my visit short because of mosquitoes. They insist on flying into the ear and I had to slap my ears many times during the night.
Last time I visited, Otuoke, now has a University!
In 1980, I led my international law students at the University of Ife, to the United Nations Organization in New York.
The didactic edge is   is sharpened by seeing, feeling and touching.
The lecture we heard what based on a major project to eradicate mosquitoes in Africa.
In 2002 or thereabout, Kofi Anan, who was running for the second term as UN Secretary-General was reported rightly or wrongly to have come to Abuja with a cheque for Ono Billion dollars for the eradication of mosquitoes from African countries.
It would appear that the mosquito eradication project, like the poverty eradication project under Olusegun Obasanjo failed to materialize. The power Obasanjo exercised over Nigerian affairs and which still runs in his veins could not contribute to mosquito eradication.
Although his writings have been anthologized in books and journals, he presents a dare-devil image, when he “thinks” that he is a “monarch of all he surveys.”
As a leader, he rejected strategic and moral advice but is quick to advise other leaders, who must harken to his say and his way.
This is the origin of the PDP crisis because E.K Clark also behaved the same way by offering counter-advice to the President.
The perceived weakness of not being in control, affected the Jonathan presidency, inexorably.
If mosquitos had successfully been eradicated, the First Lady’s campaign would not have been so vitriolic. The prospects of going from Aso Rock to mosquito-infested Otuoke, is not a laughing matter, at all.
However, in evoking the harsh melodies of hate speech, many people, whose cultural level is in A major, would not want to subscribe to insults, loose cannon diatribes, which  inflame passions and can also result in vote loss.
The Governor of Rivers State, Chibudum Amaechi has reported Mrs. Patience Jonathan to the ICC, the Human Rights Commission and the Inspector-General of Police for hate speech.
Seven PDP Governors, who are dissatisfied with the party are said to be   to be de-camping to APC. It would appear that PDP has serious problems.
The APC must not admit political harlots to pollute its pointed determination to change the NPN/PDP legacy of mindless corruption, political opportunism and obey- the -wind, maverick policy of de-camping to fair weather islands.
This would defeat the national expectation of the people and could institute the culture of business as usual. Then, the tragic and absurd conditions of Nigerian life will not change.
Our rejection of accommodating political harlots should remain powerful and should never waiver.
There was a major disagreement recently between the Chairman of the party and the President over the hate speech made by Mrs. Jonathan.
Concerns have been expressed by African leaders, who sent the former President of South Africa, Tambo Mbeki to intervene and mediate for peaceful elections in keeping with democratic practice.
In Nigeria, campaign directors have succeeded in evoking the ear-splitting melodies of hate speech, acrimony and stout-hearted negativism.
Advertently or inadvertently, Mrs. Jonathan, who speaks her mind, may put off many people with her candid, but often hurtful statements.
Nigerians are not used to people speaking the truth. This has been why we tolerate injustice, cant and hypocrisy in our national political life.
The AZATA/NEPU Party calls for restraint on the part of political opponents in their campaign speeches.
Our storm-tossed ship of state will weather the gathering storm. Dissenting political views should be harmonized through logical reasoning and intelligent dialogue. I re-read Professor Christopher Mezu’s book “, Behind the Rising Sun, which is a contribution to inter-Nigerian understanding and reconciliation.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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