The Obamaization of World Geo-politics and the Hillary Clinton Factor

A history of modern world geo-politics records President Barack Obama’s successes and human failures. He planned to be a path-finder for the New Age of American politics, but met with the political cobwebs left by the Bush administration. He hoped that he could clear those egregious blunders of the Blair/Bush “coalition of the willing” in Iraq. He found that things are easier imagined than realized.
With audacity on one hand and hope on the other, he marched. He failed to convince the gun traders, who are of the same profit-motive opinion still.
He succeeded in forming geo-political unity, solidarity and internationalism among West nations, in matters concerning terrorism.
He often stands tall and sure on the “Dome of the Rock”, with Free Mason backing, as he pontificates on world geo-politics, with grandiloquent audacity.
Having spoken in Berlin, at the Knesset , visited the Israel museum and having seen the horrors at Auschwitz, he has learnt to resist Senator  McCain’s style and his belligerent postures, which suggest that if he were US President, the war in Syria, could have been  lost and won.
Intervention in Ukraine could have heralded the Third World War, bring to a “successful catastrophic end”; the desires of anti-christ devotees.
Under Obama, America stopped its involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and exercised cautious in getting into Syria.
Obama  used  polemics to criticize Muamar Gaddafi, did not restrain the NATO mistake in killing Gaddafi, who deposed in interviews that the Al Qaeda in the Maghreb solicited his co-operation to allow them use northern Libya to attack Europe.
Today, ISIS is threatening to do that. They now threaten the US and Canada, as a result of Rasmussen’s blunder and grasshopper-minded Libyan adventure.
I have observed that Western policies are framed by a swarming hive of advisers, who have been postulating hackneyed positions on world geo-politics, since Kissinger and Brzezinski.
The ONE WORLD, ONE TRUTH doctrine, which Christiane Amanpour and her CNN commentators propagate with great energy and “conviction’ deflates the politicians’ minds from making rational judgments.
Interviewing only “celebrities”, presidents and the powerful admits to an immaculate obsession with decadent royalty.
The wisdom which hardship, experience and reflections impart is lost as only the views of those, who do not feel the pinch of geo-politics are canvassed. This is wrong!
Obama should recall that the Iraqi National Council, when they discovered that they would not be handed power, after the overthrow of Sadam Hussein, strongly cautioned against the Blair/Bush push. Oil greed dictated otherwise.
The disbanded Iraq army re-grouped and the devil always finds nefarious and wicked acts for idle hands to do. The world is walking along the VIA DOLOROSSA to its apocalyptic end, in the ERA OF THE anti-christ.
There is a growing condemnation of radicalization of young people. Have you stopped to think  that the single mum syndrome, action movies, films about crime, taking of marijuana, illiteracy, joblessness, hunger, hopelessness, gun availability, racism, social injustice, are eminently potent  factors  more than the fiery speeches  of a Muslim preacher or the misplaced idealism of naïve heroism?
The Iranian nuclear programme, Israeli opposition to its development, the North Korean nuclear war-games, the Palestinian helplessness, have all caught Barack Obama in the harrowing web of geo-political headache.
These headaches and more will, all things being equal, be inherited by Hillary Clinton in due season.
Last year, I wrote an article, which was published by the world press entitled,” “Hillary Clinton, US President?” I showed why she should contest.
Now, I want to show how she can win.
Hillary has been a brilliant lawyer, the wife of the long-time Governor of Arkansas, the two-time President of the USA. She was the opposition leader from close quarters in the White House.
She was the globe-trotting US Foreign Secretary, whose Syrian position was very American.
If she wants to win the US Presidency, she can cash in on Obama’s Immigration policy, Obama care,, improve race relations in America, fight the cause of marginalized , feral underclass women in India, in the Arab world, and elsewhere.
Clinton must depart from the American policy of being a meddlesome interloper in world politics. It is costly, wasteful and counter-productive.
She must infuse a new dialectical dimension into American capitalism. She must distance herself from the Republican ends of political action, which does not care about the poor and the down-trodden, which was the reason for the fall of Rome, Czarist
Russia, France, China and other socially indifferent regimes in history.
Republicanism is an anachronism because, time has moved on since the slave trade era.
The strategy of social revolution in Greece, Portugal, occupy Wall Street are new phenomena in contemporary political struggles..
In 1875, the Gotha Prgramme gave birth to social democracy in Germany. In a world becoming radicalized by religious and geo-political exigencies, in a world where diplomacy is bitterly vituperative, obamaization of world geo-politics, a new social philosophy must be fashioned to replace old, hackney ideas of ONE WORLD, ONE TRUTH.
The God, who has declared his strength, omnipresence and omniscience among His people, will continue to reign forever. The jacaranda tree he gave its smell.
The power of God over political idols in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy is all-conquering. HE is the Lord that answereth by fire and the God of Elijah. Selah.
The  AZATA/NEPU Party seeks the direction of progress and not retrogression and has political programmes  for advancing Nigeria.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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