The people of Anambra State have spoken: Now let's get to work!

by Emeka Chiakwelu

Vox populi, vox Dei – The voice of the people is the voice of God. Governor Peter Obi has been reelected and the victory goes to the people of Anambra State, whom inspite of the obstacles turned out to elect the candidate they believed in. In a free society, power comes from people and the people have spoken. Democracy is about the market of ideas and the person that is able to convince the electorate wins the election.

This is a fresh and new mandate for Peter Obi; obviously he was distracted in his term with interrupted impeachment and trials. But with this victory the people have spoken and empower him to lead them for the next four years. This is not time for revenge or resting in his laurels but an opportunity to complete what he has started. A time for hard work; A time to talk less but definitely a time for action and to deliver the promises he made to the voters. The people put their destiny and trust in the hands of Governor Obi and he must reciprocate by doing the people’s business.

The possibility that Anambra State might live up its motto: The light of the Nation – is emerging. The politics of Anambra State might spearhead the revitalization of Nigeria’s polity. Let’s get this right, nobody is saying that the election was a utopia without hitches. But far from the truth, this is the best so far and this is a good beginning. There was absence of violence and intimidation at the polling stations. Although there were some hiccups especially with the absence of names of the voters together with the lateness of some of the polling stations. But it we can make a fair assessment by generally saying that election was credible. Yet there remains a room for improvement, as this can become a foundation to build on. The INEC can learn from this as a case study as they get ready for the 2011 general election.

Governor Peter has to be humble at his victory and he is a thoughtful person. He should extend his hands of amity to his competitors and invite them to aid in building a great state. The campaigns and election are over and time to start planting crops has come! There are many challenges, problems and opportunities in our state. Governor Obi has to take the bulls by its horns and live up to the expectation and mandate from the people.

There are numerous problems in the Anambra State which begs for leadership and pragmatism. First and foremost, he must tackle issue of kidnapping and armed robbery enterprise. The most important function of a government is the protection of live and protect. The governance must be creative in arresting unemployment that is culprit to the criminal behaviors. Public sector does not necessarily create jobs but formulate policy and liberalize environment that enable private sector to create jobs.

The pressing issues of erosion gullies must be confronted before it reclaim a sizeable landmass of the Anambra State. This is a serious matter and must treat as such without politicization and polarization from the federal government.

The proliferation of water boreholes is not the panacea to paucity of safe drinking water. The new government must embark on provision of tap water in the rural and urban centers. The digging of the soil for water wells might increase the vulnerability of the soil to erosion. The underground water might be exposed to the toxic and hazardous nature-occurring materials which is carcinogenic.

Let us not forget Onitsha the commercial nerve center of Anambra state and indeed Nigeria. During the campaign Obi promise to transform Onitsha to a functional city; Yes! We must hold him to his promise. The management of solid waste collection and disposal in the city must be upgraded. The littering must be controlled with reliable best management practice. The new government must institute a modern sewage treatment plant and operations not just in Onitsha but in the rest of the state. The state may not have the adequate resources for all the projects but the most intrinsic social capital is the political will.

Due to inefficiency of the electric power authority, neighborhoods at nights were engulfed with coagulated darkness: Therefore the street lights of Anambra State especially Awka and Onitsha should be powered with inexpensive solar panels.

The people of Anambra State have suffered long enough in the hands of poor leadership and mismanagement. This is the time for liberation. With the support and loyalty of the people, Governor Peter Obi is capable of delivering and this is the beginning of a new day.
May God Bless Anambra State, Nigeria!

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Pam February 15, 2010 - 8:15 pm

This is nonsense! Tiv is the only bantu language spoken in Nigeria, how did it become Igbo descendant? Nzew, you need to support this with facts.

Nzewi Uchenna Osita February 13, 2010 - 5:37 pm

Igbo language was like a cult with religion we a decendant of udo in search of place where the founder of 11th century Igbo knowledge got understanding and wisdom toform Ibo cult sure he was to know about the souece of the tribe and formed his own in 17th century which was “quasi-Igbo” meaning Akwa-ibom which is Ibibio cult and religion that is alanguage too in Aqua-ibom or Aqua-ebo,with acts like former where Igbo cult also known as Ibo orginated which is Ultra orthodox in fellowish known as Urohobo where Ibo cult renegaded.

Some templers in the area formed thier own cult which was Tiv,Itsekiri and Efik.


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