The Potency of Social Media in Nation Building


Now, majority of Nigerians through social media are no more apathetic to politics in Nigeria. It is a big sigh of relief and a welcome development. The temerity and confluence of consciousness of the Nigerian people will never allow the business as usual in the governance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The custodian of the people’s mandate, president Muhammadu Buhari has succinctly said that “there must be more seriousness in running this country and we are determined to instill that seriousness”. There’s nothing more soothing like perusing through the dailies or social media now to read about the good news emanating from our country-Nigeria.


God is actually answering the prayers of the common people in Nigeria; and even in many folds. Common sense is now prevailing in some quarters in my country to oust inanity. Meritocracy is being born to replace mediocrity. “People who live in difficult circumstances need to know that happy endings are possible” – Sonia Sotomayor, US Supreme Court Justice.

The new political consciousness will surely consume those with the ailments of corruption in Nigeria. “Nigeria 2015 Revolution: History Rewritten; Future Reassured”. ( Everyone is being conscious of taking or giving bribe at the top. I am cock sure it will trickle down to the base as time goes on. A very slow government that is taking its time, to scout for some incorruptible individuals with impeccable and unblemished credentials to steer and manage the portfolio of a castrated nation.

Meanwhile, any attempt to surreptitiously sabotage the change we fought for must be vehemently resisted, and with sustained outcry until we realize the Nigeria of our dreams. We have dreams and direction we want Nigeria to go, never should we be complacent of our roles in this new political dispensation and nation building.

The immediate past prodigal administration in Nigeria should be our last collective journey to the past. We should look into the promising future with sustained hope, imagination and possibility.

Sadly, it is not fair to blame some non-correctable individuals amongst us; those who are used to jackass approach to governance in the past. A long brutal and misadventure of military and political debauchery in the affairs of Nigeria has been an unmitigated disaster to our collective psyche.

That’s why this writer finds it so difficult to de-empathize with some people whose minds have been reconstructed with pittance by the sociopaths in our midst, these people are unfortunately and ignorantly corded with these wimpy and corrupt politicians. With dismay, they continue to question our love and patriotism.

The solution on the part of the humanists amongst us is not to be encumbered by their burdens of history; teach the disfigurement of characters and the unteachable, so that the multiplier effects of their disfigurement will not metastasize to unbearable level. Afterall, we are our brothers’ keepers. There’s urgent need to deconstruct their minds, as mind is a terrible thing to waste. One teachable mind amongst us is one for majority.

When you live abroad and you muse the endowed potentials of Nigeria (human and material resources); our loyalty and professional expertise to socioeconomic development of other nations, you cannot but remain patriotic for your country to succeed in the midst of human challenges.

Some of us were born in slum or ghetto but we realized the slum was not born in us. Our destiny is hidden in our own hands. As a people, all hands must be on deck; we should come together to nurture our nascent democracy in order to build a strong, prosperous and united Nigeria. It is doable..!!!

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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