The Real Problems with Nigeria

by Sadiq Chuks Orji

“ God Does Not Change The Condition Of Any People Until They First, Change What They Have In Their Minds ”.- H. Q 13 : 11

If your Quest and Journey is to Know the Real Problems With Nigeria, then this Post is for you. And if, on the other hand, you are truly Concerned about Nigeria, then this Post is also for you. For Nigeria’s Real Problems are not just the Problems that the Nation is facing now. The Actual Problems there are the exact Causes of those particular Problems.

In this very Post, my Utmost Aim and Purpose is to present nothing other than the TRUTH. In the same vein, this Post is also aimed at presenting all the very Bests of Options for each and every Nigerian to Pause and to Ponder and to Re-think.

In short, this Post is NEVER, in any way at all, Targeted or Aimed or Intended to Provoke or to Insult and, or to Condemn any particular Person or Group. For Honestly, the Real Problems With today’s Nigeria is not Boko Haram. It is not the Niger Delta. It is not the Results of Global Economic Downturn. It is not Lawlessness. It is not Population. It is not Hunger. It is not Unemployment. And, it is neither Poverty nor Corruption nor Tribes nor Religions nor Politics. The Exact Roots and Nucleus of Nigeria’s Overall Real Problems are:


The Country, “ Nigeria ” has neither a Foundation nor is She really Organized. For the real Organization; Security; Administration; and Foundation of any Modern Nation can only be, Re-Assuredly Built on a Solid Valid Registrations in Recognition and Identification of her Individual Citizen.

As a Nation, Nigeria for now is at least over 50 years. That the Country is being Administered from Federal to States and to Local Government Levels, is not really the Grass-Root Organization and Foundation that is here in question.

In short, the Overall Success or Failure of any Nation’s Administration Depends on the Valid Instruments, or say the Abilities and Frameworks that it uses Directly to Reach the Individual Citizen. And any Nation that lacks an Authentic Foundation, can only be beating about the bush. For the actual Unity and Security of such a Nation can always face a Series of Risks and Threats. And even if such a Nation has no other Odds, anyone from anywhere can do anything and even go Un-identified.

On the other hand, for a Nation to have very Solid and Valid Foundation, is something of Countless Blessings and Rewards for both the Government and the Governed. At least, Crimes; Corruptions; Lawlessness; and Insecurity will drastically be reduced.

To this end, it is not a Cock-and-Bull Story to say here that Nigeria, even at over 50 years of Age, has no Actual Foundation or a Registry for a Doubtless and a Valid Identification of her Citizens. In a Country that we Naturally Love and Cherish as Our Fatherland; Everyone, Young or Old, Male or Female, Rich or Poor, is supposed to have at least a Real Peace and Rest of Mind.

For Population is never the Real Problem of Nigeria. That Nigeria’s Population is now over 150 Million, is merely an estimate. The Plain Truth there is that the exact Population of the Real Citizens of Nigeria is still as Unknown as She has no Valid Records. In fact, the existence of Millions of people in today’s Nigeria, are neither Documented nor ever Accounted for.

So, Consider How and for Who exactly Her Governments are Spending those Year-To-Year Billions of Naira Worth of Budgets; yet Nigerians do not even have Food, Water, Electricity, Shelter; and even the Petroleum that She Produces. Consider Why Large Sums of Public Funds and Properties do repeatedly get missing in the name of Corruption.

Consider Why, in 2006 Nigerians were Helplessly Counted like Goats in the name of Census. Consider Why many Nigerians often get Missing or Killed, yet Unaccounted for. Consider Why all the Basic Rights of Nigerians are being Denied or Embezzled or even Privatized. Consider the sorts of Hardships and Poverty that people are facing under Nigeria’s current High Costs of Living. Consider the Alarming Rates of all sorts of Crimes; Dishonesties; Immoralities, and Lawlessness in the Country…

And Nigeria is so very Liberal a Country that from whichever way you manage to see yourself there, you are already a Citizen.

Please know that someone Speaks one of Nigeria’s Languages does not really Identify him or her as a Real Nigerian. That one is in possession of Nigeria’s National Id Card or Driving License or Nigeria’s Passport, does not even answer this question.

For, Nigeria has Out-grown the Stage where Her Real Citizens are rather Identified with a mere Declaration Of Age than with their own Personal Valid Birth Certificate and, or their Mothers’ Certificate.

See! The Actual Valid Organization and Foundation of every Successful Caring Nation, can only start from Maternity Hospitals. How ?…

Firstly, each and every Child-Birth need to be Validly and Officially Registered by the Government. The moment a Child is Born, and ever before the Mother and Child leaves the Hospital, an Official Birth Certificate / Mother’s Certificate must Accompany them. With this Record[s] Alone, the Government can Validly and Directly Issue National Id Cards, International Passports, and many more; to each and every Real Nigerian Citizen at 18 years of age.

Secondly, every Marriage, even if it is joined in Traditional, in Religious, or in Court; need to be issued with Government’s Official Marriage Certificate. The Official Motherhood Certificate, sees to the Records of the exact number of Children that a Mother has in a Marriage. Even, An Official Certificate of Divorce can also be directly issued by the Government whenever and wherever it Applies. These alone can, easily and Automatically Identify and Protect every Nigerian’s Nobility and, as well Generate Funds for the Government.

And Thirdly, before any Declaration of a Nigerian Citizen as Dead or Buried; the Government need to be Notified with, at least Doctor’s Report and Police Report; then an Official Registration / Issuance of Death Certificate will follow. It is only in this way and order that Nigeria can Solidly Organize and Build an Authentic Grass-root Foundation for Her Real Citizens.

In fact, Nigerians are Naturally Industrious; Peace-Loving; Democratic; Honest-minded; Hard-Working, and Un-lazy. No one is expecting the Government to give him or her a single Penny as his or her own Share of the Nation’s Surplus Petroleum Funds. No one is even willing to go jobless in an expectation that the Government there will Spoon-Feed him or her. No one either expects any sort or form of Free Gifts from the Government; and, or even for the Government to, Miraculously Mend the Wide Gaps there that exists between the Country’s Haves and the Have-nots.

That this kind of a Valid and Caring Foundation, is Totally Non-Existing there for Nigerian Citizens, is really a very Big Problem. It is a clear Mark of Denial of Peoples’ Natural Rights. It is the exact Root of Embezzlements and Exploitations of Peoples’ Basic Needs. And there in Nigerian Society, Accountability; Honesty, Security; Dignity; Trust; and Orderliness, are Shamefully Lacking.

People, in a very Wealthy and Blessed Nation Like Nigeria; are not even sure of Three-Meals-Per-Day. For people to even Re-charge their common Mobile Phones, the Electricity is not there. On the Streets, people are not really Safe. In their Homes they are not Safe. Yet, Nigeria’s Body Politics remains in Prejudice and Boundaries and Sentiments of Tribalism; and of Religions, and of Class.


Total Lack of Patriotism is another Real Problem that faces Nigeria. This has almost Silently; Deeply, and Gradually put a Sharp Knife to near

ly All the Things that Actually held the Nation together.

Specifically, there can never be an Actual End to Nigeria’s Sentiments of Tribalism; and Crimes; and Distrusts; and Corruptions; and Disunity, until Patriotism is there.

In other words, the Greatest and the Highest Steps to a Better Change in Nigeria, is for Her Citizens to Grow a Real Sense of Belonging, and that of a Real Discipline of their Inner Selves.

In short, Nigeria’s Total Lack of Patriotism may, or may not likely end up in Dividing and, even Re-Dividing the Country. But, as the Situation now is, even the entire Wealth of Nigeria’s Natural Resources can never, in any way be the Key Basis to the Country’s Actual Unification and Progress and Peace.

In the same Vein, Re-addressing all the Odds and Sentiments of Nigeria’s Tribal; Religious; Political and Economic Problems, cannot equally be the Best Option. For, even if all these Issues are brought to better Settlements, the Country still can go nowhere Until a very Strong Implants of Patriotism is Truly entwined into the Minds and Attitudes of each and every Nigerian Citizen.

Now, if you can stop and take a very close look at the Life and Attitudes of people of other various Nationalities; you can quickly Notice that Nigerians are relatively Unpatriotic. Almost every average Nigerian is, particularly Concerned about his or her own self alone. That is not to say that all Nigerians are Naturally a Disunited; Selfish, and Heartless People. The Plain Truth there is that Peoples’ Basic Dignity and Needs are Unjustly Stolen Away. And in short, quite a Great Lot of Wrongs has already been done to Nigeria and to Nigerians. And, it is all the Wrong Situations there in Nigeria that, Negatively Turned the entire Society to nothing but a Matter of Survival of the Fittest.

So, many Nigerians out there are really Self-centered. Some really are Lost in their Struggles and Love and Pursuits of Money. Some are merely being called from afar. Some, even are not 419ners. Yet, they are neither Satan nor Angels. For some do not, and can no longer; even stop to Think or to Re-think and, or even to Re-weigh on what they are supposed to do for the Good and Honor of their Fatherland. Rather, the only thing they care for is themselves and, or for what their Country can ever do for them.

In my travels, I repeatedly watched several large groups of people of other Nationalities Living Peacefully together in Actual Mutual Understanding and Unity and Patriotism. Unlike Nigerians, they Peacefully Share the same Roof or Apartment together. They Eat and Drink in the same Dish, and there are neither Fights nor Misunderstandings nor Crimes nor Distrusts nor Sentiments of Tribal or Religious Hatreds or Discriminations.

And like Nigerians, all these people have their own respective personal and National Problems and Challenges of Life. But, please know that the Utmost Out-standing Secrets to these people’s Unity, is neither Tribe nor Religion nor Color nor Wealth. They are Strongly and Indivisibly United, only from their own respective Inner Spirits of Patriotism.

Admittedly, this kind of a Patriotic Spirit is only visible in Nigerians’ Mutual Love in Football. But, it is never Impossible for Nigerians to further extend such a Mutual Patriotic Spirit to other Spheres of Nigerian’s Life and Behaviors.

For nothing ever can Change for any people if they continue to do things the way they have always done them. “ God Almighty”, The Glorious Qur’an did Say, “ Does Not Change the Grace that He has Bestowed on any People Until they First, Change What is in their Minds ”. – Holy Qur’an Chapter 8 Verse 53 as well as Chapter 13 Verse 11.

In a nutshell, the Actual Reasons for Nigerians’ Lack of Patriotism is not Democracy. It is not Corruption. It is not Modernism. It is not Westoxication. It is not the Hard Situations of Things in the Country. And, it is not President Jonathan. The exact Reason is: “ YOU and ME ”. Yes! The Reason is each and every Nigerian’s Mindset, and the way that he or she Reasons and Reacts each time; each day, and each place.

Anyhow, everybody can never ever be the same. As Individual Faces are different, so are the Minds. But, as far as this particular issue is Concerned, I am not, personally and in any way, in expectation of a 100% Perfect Patriotic Nigerian People or Society. For honestly, nothing and no one ever can offer Perfection except God Almighty.

But as a Nation, Nigeria has Great lots of Projects Uncompleted; Dreams Unfulfilled, and Talents Undeveloped. But, the Life of this Material World is full of known Knows and Unknown Knows. There are Unknown Unknowns. And, there are knowns but Undermined. As for Nigeria, She is still so Very Good enough for Her Citizens to, at least Blend-in some Mutual Spirits of Patriotism and Understanding in their own Lives and Cultures and all.

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