The Shames of the Nation

by Yahaya Balogun

Reflections on Mamman Vatsa’s death, the gruesome assassination of Dele Giwa and the unresolved murder of Bola Ige are some of the shames of the Nation. The dramatis personae in these unfortunate incidents continue to play irrelevant roles in the Nigerian polity. The unsuspecting Nigerians daily celebrate them with no iota of shame or reflection.

To the Literati, the story of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and Mamman Vatsa is not only a sad story but very instructive for man and posterity. Mamman Vatsa was one of the finest poets and authors Nigeria has had. His untimely death in the hands of his childhood best friend and the best man of his wedding shows, with a man like Babangida as friend, you do not need an enemy. The politics a man plays to kill or manipulate others for his political expediency has been ongoing from time immemorial. Babangida is a ghoul who has institutionalized official corruption and state murders in Nigeria.

Babangida is a friend you will not want to have if you’re evading your enemies. He is an ambitious man who loves ambition more than his blood. An evil genius who lives life with so many evil conditionalities; and with surreptitious moves to pitch man against man; children against mothers, religionists against religionists; friends against friends; politicians against politicians. Babangida is a man who has had his name etched in the darkest part of the Nigerian history. Everything he has touched in Nigeria has turned to misery for the nation, yet some warped minds daily romanticize and celebrate this Machiavellian man. Babangida has succeeded in planting Babangida’s doctrine in some of these children of corruption.

It is pertinent to peruse Nigerian history to see the unfathomable destructive foundations Babangida and his coterie of looters have laid for Nigerian paths to destruction. Corruption is institutionalized and it has become norms and a national nuance. Babangida will exit this world ignominiously and unsung. He has murdered sleep, he will undoubtedly sleep no more in the minds of his political victims and the hapless Nigerians.

Babangida, Abacha and Obasanjo are evils of Nigeria. One of them, Abacha died inglorious death. Babangida is a conspirator while Obasanjo is a co-traveller and opportunistic man who has contributed to the ruination of Nigeria. Obasanjo’s inglorious roles in the annulment of June 12, 1993 presidential elections are still very fresh in our collective memory.

The main problem with Nigeria is the nauseating Nigerian citizens’ sense of history. Our history is annoyingly very repetitious. We are a nation with so many ugly contradictions. Recently, politicians and Any Government in Power (AGIPs) converged in Ota, Ogun State for the birthday ceremony of the Nigerian Tortoise. I watched with amusement the celebration of mediocrity at Obasanjo’s multi-billion dollars library at Ota. The library that was built with the sweat of the deprived Nigerians. We saw with the naked eyes the monstrosity of the Nigerian media and the pretentious nature of the political stooges. They were celebrating a man who did not only killed Nigerian dreams but stealthily has a question to answer publicly in the assassinated of a finest Bola Ige, his Attorney General, and one of the most intelligent and brilliant men in Nigerian jurisprudence. “Who killed Bola Ige?”, “Who killed Dele Giwa?” These are unanswered mysterious questions that will continue to haunt these schizoid individuals to their graves. Bola Ige was a finest and resourceful man who was one of the Nigerian robust dreams in the Nigerian legal theories and political sphere. His life was abruptly terminated for selfishness and political expediency.

Mr Olusegun Obasanjo has been the luckiest Nigerian man dead or alive. Fate bequeathed him great opportunities at one time or the other, because of his opportunistic tendency and innate behavior, he squandered those opportunities to make Nigeria great again.

Obasanjo relishes in a grotesque grandstanding and dwells in political opportunism. He is a political pawn and a willing tool in the hands of the enemies of the Nigerian people. Look at these evil men’s dysfunctional families and judge for yourself the fates that await their infamy and impending infamous ends. In the anal history of Nigeria, these people have contributed immensely to the devolution, destruction and emasculation of Nigeria, and aided by their political elites. These people have eaten their cakes, and they can never have them back. “The evils that men do live after them” and their families.

We must not be too complacent in an attempts to channel a new path for Nigerian greatness. We should beware of Any Government in power (AGIP) and the sociopaths next door. President Buhari and Vice president Osinbajo are giving us course to be hopeful for a new Nigeria and that’s enough for now…

Moreover, there are some individuals in our decades ugly history that need to be allowed to live to run their aweless and kooky course. OBJ and Babangida are very salient examples of these Nigerian anathema. We have to allow their present twilight to expire or fizzle out into the dustbin of Nigerian history. Our future belongs to us, not to these failed leaders who have mortgaged the future of this generation. The rational minds amongst Nigerians should brace up to fight the surrogates of these individuals mushrooming gradually into our political space.


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