The Unwholesomeness of Homosexuals and Homosexuality

by SOC Okenwa

Homosexuality is a convenient creation of man. When a man ‘falls in love’ with a fellow man courting or ‘marrying’ him as his ‘wife’ it beats one hollow as an ‘outsider’ to really appreciate the feeling, the ‘love’ there is to exploit between two Adams. Those in the West championing the cause for ‘gay freedom’ are frontally attacking the natural order of creation. The infallible wisdom of God is being questioned as it were because on creating Eve out of the ‘rib’ of Adam the Great God sought to provide him with a companion having seen his solitude in the great Garden of Eden. Today some men would have had God re-order His priorities by asking Adam if he had preferred a woman partner or a fellow Adam!

In the wider world this subject matter is at best divisive; it elicits passion from one end and loathsomeness from the other. While Westerners (in the minority) are ‘worshipping’ science preferring practical solutions and evolutions to the present-day challenges the striking Omnipotence and Omniscience of the Big Boss above is beyond question. Make no mistake about it: He reigns!

One report few years ago had it that the police in a major capital city in the West had a hard lewd time controlling some protesters, naked with ‘holes’ and ‘guns’ dangling, who were demonstrating restrictions on the freedom to bare it all even in the streets at their convenience! Extreme human rights agitations are turning into animal rights in the jungle or natural rights of cave-men or early men.

While in the West a huge school of thought defends and celebrates gays and their rights these ‘rights’ are criminal and taboo in Africa. The African tradition frowns seriously at homosexuality but the jet age has brought a lot of damaging un-African culture to our beautiful clime. As the hidden secrets of creation and the underlying beauties of the universe get unlocked and discovered by human evolution and science there are more rooms being created for tolerance, freedom, understanding and competition.

Having conquered poverty or other concomitant daily human worries for survival and self actualisation the Westerners are pushing the frontiers of freedom to include even the freedom to visit hell and Satan if its abode is known and made a ‘tourist attraction’. Like space shuttles which costs exorbitantly the inquisition and curiosity of the modern man to know has made many to pay millions of dollars (including a South African billionaire) to visit the outer space. If the speed with which huge resources, time and energy are deployed towards the construction of the unprecedented international hotel in space was the case in the titanic battles in Africa against disease, poverty and hunger then our world would have become a safer, more just and happier one.

Be that as it may the tragedy of misery in Africa transcends the unwholesomeness of homosexuals and homosexuality: they exist under the African sky too! Yes gays live with decent men in Africa too. Like bigamy homosexuality is treated with serious opprobrium by the Africans. Those known or suspected to be members of the ‘gay-club’ are seen generally as sources of shame for a continent whose fortunes are better managed by other breed of leaders than what is presently obtainable.

The Nigerian elite practice homosexuality; it is rampant in the military. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, former military dictator with kleptomania as hobby, for example, was allegedly known to be one. Some of the notorious IBB-Boys made it in the military due to their ‘service’ to the boss. Former Information Minister Alex Akinyele was allegedly known to be an “addict”! Some highly-placed royal fathers and business moguls in Northern Nigeria are professionals in sodomy.

A young musician here confessed just last week in a show-biz magazine “Prestige” interview that he is a ‘homo’ and that he was ‘forced’ by promiscuous circumstances of the opposite sex to be. He revealed above all that in the game he is the one that ‘f*cks’ and not being ‘f*cked’. The “decale-coupe” musician cannot be alone; a whole lot of entertainers are homosexuals but they lack the courage to assume this disgusting label. In the international scene some of the richest and brightest of the show-biz world seen as role models are gays. Like hard drug it is a huge problem! Like the cloning controversy it’s here to stay.

In Southern Africa a former leader was once accused of sodomy. Sodomising babies and under-aged is a crime that must be deprecated by all and sundry. Like rape it goes against the principle of free will. With juvenile delinquency threatening the moral fabrics of the universe (with the youths as the hope and leaders of tomorrow) it is to be bemoaned a morally polluted world where anything goes in form of freedom. In South Africa, a society post-Mandela and post-Apartheid that has embraced violence as a way of life, the freedom to kill in self-defense has been taken to the extreme. Gay rights are being promoted and propagated! And those on the offensive are descendants of the apartheid apostles.

The ‘right to be gay’ and proud campaigns are heating up and hotting up in many European cities. And the campaigners are winning; now marriage between gays, gay-marriage has been legalized in many an European country. We have even gay priests, gay pastors and gay preachers! We have gay politicians, gay athletes, gay billionaires and what have you. The gay phenomenon is gaining momentum indeed! What a gay world!!

Conclusively the unwholesomeness of homosexuals and homosexuality, in my humble opinion and opinions of the majority in the world opposed to it, could be linked to its ‘uprising’ against history. History of our creation, history of nature. History of our beautiful universe. As man continues (vainfully?) to try his hands on mechanisms for self-annihilation the ultimate unanswered frightening question is: which form will Armageddon take when the trumpet sounds? The beautiful things (in other planets and beneath the waters) are yet to be fully discovered beside the point that the beautiful ones are not yet here with us!

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Anonymous September 11, 2007 - 10:48 am

Excellent writeup and as the proponents of homosexuality feel they have the freedom to preach in support of it, so do you have the freedom to preach against it.

Shemeta Abolarinwa September 10, 2007 - 3:38 pm


There is so much going on in Africa right now – Poverty, diseases & corruption – Sexuality should be the least we should be worried about.

The beauty of being in the western world is that one can live their lives without any interferance from religious fanatics or so called "Born Agains" who would like to dictate to others how to live their lives simply based on a religious moral code of conduct.

This world is changing, whether you like it or not and it's changing for the better! People are People! Please don't be ignorant! There are a lot of gay people in Africa and in Nigeria! The only reason they can't come out is simply because they will be persecuted and even killed.

Another reason is because we Africans suppress everything using culture and religion. Period! We are no different from the Europeans. If we are given the same freedoms that people here in the western world have, I guarantee you that we will even be worst than them in terms of behaviour. Look at Saudi Arabia! It's easier for men to have sex with each other than the opposite sex but yet the country is governed by a very strict Islamic moral code. Homosexuality is so common in northern Nigeria and it's even referred as "Dandaudu"

You are definately entitled to your own opinion and I am also entitled to mine. I am not defending homosexuality but I am trying to be neutral on the topic. I don't think it's fair to start being judgemental (Something we Nigerians are very fond of doing) on any group of people simply because of their sexual orientation.

We Nigerians always like to behave "Holier than thou" when in comes to sexuality issues but I have come to realize that we are no different from other people. We don't want to believe that sexual abuse occurs in families – Fathers, Uncles and Brothers molesting & raping their daughters, nieces and Sisters – No! The typical Nigeria won't want to talk about that. They only want to believe that this sort of thing takes place in "Oyinbo Land" and not in Nigeria.

I visibly remember when I was in boarding school and hearing that such acts were taking place in the boys dormitories. Senior boys actually sexually harrasing, assaulting and molesting junior boys. As usual the poor Junior boys never had the courage to report this abuse to the school officials because of the "Culture of Silence" that we are brought up with. How come despite the fact that Africa is very conservative in issues like Sexuality but yet we have the highest rates of HIV infection in the world? Whereas in Europe and the rest of the western world where they are so liberal with sexuality and still have the lowest rates of HIV infection!

Knowledge is power!!!

If you start to demonize people that engage in homosexuality, you might have well demonize all these fashion designers that Nigerians patronize, all these musicians – Late Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson (Yes! He is Gay), Elton John, the Nigerian Singer – Weird MC (Yes! She is a lesbian even though she has denied it several times. It's so plain to see). I can go on and on.

Can you provide any concrete evidence that former President Ibrahim Babangida was engaging in homosexual activity? That's a very serious claim and you can be sued for defamation. I hope you don't plan on visiting Nigeria anytime soon.

Noni September 10, 2007 - 2:52 pm

Adebisi, to disagree with someone's view on homosexuality doesn't make them liberal – read very carefully what the "dissenters" said. If SOC didn't want anyone's "judgement" s/he should never have made their opinion public – that's what happens when you bring your personal views into a public forum.

The height of hypocrisy is the person who supposedly opts for homosexuality because of the supposed promiscuity of the opposite sex – God does have a sense of humour!

As Rosie pointed out, some "Christians" condemn homosexuality but ignore fornication, as if God is selective when it comes to sin. Remove the log from your eye first….

unknown September 10, 2007 - 9:13 am

When are you going to write an article on "Why do Christians JUDGE so much?" Isn't judging a sin too?

Nothing better to do with your time but write this slander of an article. I can't wait til somebody prys into your sex life and report how such a bore you are since you are so concerned on what others are doing in their private lives.

I am not angry that you wrote an article about homosexuality in Africa because we everybody is entitled to their opinion. However, I am angry you decided to name names.

Shame on you! Now lets see how God judges you.

Adebisi September 10, 2007 - 8:54 am

Hold on everyone, how come people can't say anything anti homosexuality without them being "attacked" by so called liberals? The man does not agree with this particular lifestyle and he has every right not to without anyone seeing him as a bigot. We have our cultures and values and those values have to be protected.

If you are for homosexuality, so be it and of course you are entitled to your views, but for God's sake, heterosexuals make up the majority and we sure do have our rights too.

Rosie September 9, 2007 - 3:25 pm

I hate it when people use religion or the bible to mask their own hatred for people who are different from them. The Bible preaches about staying away from so many things, homsexuality, adultery. fornication, eating pork, eating shellfish and many others. Yet, a man who fornicates with a woman is never placed on the same deviant level as a man who has sex with another man he is legally "wed" to. Africans who claim to be good Christians love to eat shellfish and many eat pork. So, by logical reasoning, hell should be filled with pork-loving, shellfish-eating good Christians. As well as fornicators, adulterers, and gays. Homosexuality has been evident from the beginning of creation. As this is so, what makes it "unnatural?" Our own prejudices, that's what! Please, there are other pressing isues at hand, such as violence, war, poverty and other social ills. Let's solve these before determining what is appropriate to do behind closed doors. Shio!

Patricia September 8, 2007 - 11:29 pm

Think about it. You mention Westerners as if homosexuality started in America. In the bible, God destroyed Sodom and Gommorrah due to the sin of homosexuality in those two cities, for homosexuality was openly practiced there. And I do not believe those places are located in the United States.

So the first mention of two cities being destroyed due to the sin of homosexuality is not in AMERICA. Sure there is much homosexuality and many other kinds of sexual sins in America, but make no mistake, homosexuality is also in Africa, for where human beings are, sin is there also. And I do not believe Africa is exempt from that sin, and I believe that there are also homosexuals in Africa that are not from the "elite" crowd, for sin knows no barrier or class of people. That lifestyle in Africa is not openly accepted like it is in America, but do not be blind and think that it is not rampant . .at one point in time, many homsexuals in America were also keeping their lifestyles under cover for fear of ridicule, shame, and exposure. However, over the years, it seems to not be a big deal to man. I did not say it was not a big deal to God.

You seem very shocked at that sin, but the real shock should come when "we individually" fail to do what God wants us to do and be what he wants us to be.

I am straight (not gay), and I thank God for it, but neither do I look my nose down on those that are homosexual. I do not agree with their lifestyle, but I do not have to stand before God for their sin. As a Christian, I should tell them what the word of God says about homosexuality, pray for them, and love them regardless of whether they change or not–for God is love! He loved the woman taken in the act of adultery–why not love the man or woman that is homosexual–as if that sin is greater than adultery, fornication, or the SIN OF DOWNING OTHERS FOR A PARTICULAR SIN.

ANY sin that goes against the rightousness of God–not just homosexuality–is sin!

unknown September 8, 2007 - 11:46 am

How do you know so much on what people practice? Are you too one of the people practicing homosexuality. People, I think we have a DL brother here.

With all other autrocities going in parts of Africa, this is the only issue that rises (no pun intended) your attention.


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