The Voodoo Man from Tahiti: Against Political Evil-doings in Nigeria

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The Voodoo Man from Tahiti: Against Political Evil-doings in Nigeria. New Party Leaders Beware!

It is very disturbing that in the last two months, Nigerian politics has been full of “sound and fury” signifying stalled governance, near bankruptcy, proliferation of new political parties opposed to the ruling party.

The Nigerian state has reached a mock-epic as the Minister of Finance has declared that there no funds to pay university teachers, who have been on strike for months.

Uncertainty has grown into fear and fear into despondency. The die is cast and the time is fast.
Politicians are abandoning their parties to join new ones. Inter-party intrigues and subterfuges are very vehement.

INEC has already ordered ballots to be used in 2015, making some compatriots suspicious.
Absentee legislators are positioning themselves to join new political formations.

People are wondering whether PDP is falling to rise no more, as the Party’s Chairman has been under siege.
Nigeria must be saved from imminent collapse. The OGBOLOGBOS of Nigerian politics are creating confusion offering self-serving advice to the President.

Fifty-seven House of Representatives and seven governors have joined Atiku’s PDM.

Unemployment is rife and the unemployed youths are suffering, taking to desperate criminal habits.
As a result of these crises, our learned friend,Professor Ben Nwabueze of the PATRIOTS sent ten representatives to meet President Jonathan on the precarious state of the nation.

After BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU concluded its Seminar on “The Future of Africa and the New World Economic Order, on 4th December, 2012, at the University of Bradford, I went back to my Bradford Office.
Waiting to speak with me on Nigeria was an 82 year-old man from Tahiti. He told me that he was a seer, a Voo Doo man, who belonged to many occult brotherhoods, in India, Egypt and in Oceana.

He told me that he had friends among the Nigerian secret societies, who were politicians and are still active in Nigerian public life.

Mr. SASOUNI MADERA said that many past political leaders, who are still interfering in the political life of the nation, do so out of fear.

They had committed atrocities, especially blood-letting and crimes against Nigerian sons and daughters that they are afraid of repercussions if their opponents take over power and expose their terrible crimes.
He said that they have more money than “your country”, which they donate to the occult brotherhoods in Europe and in other countries. He said that he would visit Nigeria in October and see some officials.

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