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The World could come to an End

This is a fiction, which could become frightfully real, if those who are given to belligerency have their way. In this essay, I will use hyperbolic polemics to present my narrative.

Mit Romney, who is a presidential aspirant to the most powerful post in the world, openly and unashamedly proclaimed that he “does not care about POOR PEOPLE.” He would not however, mind getting the votes of poor people.
I am frightened at the prospects of a man with such a mind-set becoming the President of the United States. “Out of the fullness of the heart, the mind speaketh”.

Mit Romney will promote the welfare of the rich and famous. He has no respect for social justice, social engineering and social change. As a conservative, he will advance the cause of those, who are already over the rainbow.

Such a mind will not hesitate to order the demolition of the Pyramids of Giza, order that the Grand Canyon be filled up by slave labour, order the demolition of the Taj Mahal, order that the Statute of Liberty be thrown into the Atlantic, insist that the poor must be given queries to explain why they should remain poor, that the Democratic Parties of all nations be proscribed for advocating social reforms and the alleviation of poverty, which should be made to fester.

He could also pray that the Mahdi should not return and that the Second Coming of Our Lord should be postponed indefinitely.

That all the wars America fought since the Vietnam War should be fought all over again. That he has a “vernichten” programme for states that America does not like.

He could order the manufacturing of chaos, more bombs and more bombs. As soon as these policies are put in place, the world could come to an end.

• The policies of mutual assured destruction have been promoted since the secrets of the atomic and nuclear power, which were embedded in the puny brains of scientists, became manifest in the laboratories of major powers.

• Ever since, it has been difficult, if not impossible, to effect nuclear disarmament as a result of mistrust and geo-political considerations.

• It is not easy to tell how far nuclear scientist made it clear to their political leaders, the destructive power of the nuclei, when enriched and above all, when deployed.

• The ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have long settled with disastrous consequences.

• The next deployment of nuclear weapons either as deterrent or retaliatory strategies, will bring the world to an end.

• This is the time to pray for the total exorcism of the spirit of Adolf Hitler, Alexander the “Great”, Genghis Khan, Stalin, Pol Pot etc, whose demonic mien led to the destruction of the Sons and Daughters of the Triune God.

• We are not fond of, nor can we accommodate nor be in any agreement with the war-mongering postulations of well-connected, commissioned commentators, who regularly expouse exalted, hallucinatory and incendiary suggestions as to how one state should strike neither another, nor the insipidity of their positions in international affairs.

• Since the Bush years came to an end, there have been revisionist attempts to define democracy only in political terms of elections, without the social democratic component. For US democracy to meet the challenges of the 21st century, it must adopt social justice and social change as its operational strategies.

• President Obama has captured the message of social engineering and has put it into practice in the face of stiff opposition from the Republicans.

• All the Republican presidential aspirants do not seem to understand that republicanism has lost its ancient appeal.

• The original evolutionary stance of gradual progression cannot propel the American state to gain acceleration in the desired direction. Throwing dollars around cannot serve to convince hard put American citizens that there is hope in a Republican conservative government.

• The impact of the world revolutionary movement as expressed in the “Occupy Wall Street Movement; will demonstrate its potency in the forth-coming re-election of Barack Obama, which could have the potency of sending republicanism into political oblivion.

• The tough line political attitude towards Iran, North Korea and Syria, cut no ice as the Libyan misadventure has shown the futility of interventions around the world, which deplete national human and material resources, with nothing to show for it. Yet, there are political commentators, who have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.

• In his GPS programme on 19th February 2012, Mr. Fareed Zakaria was putting words in the mouth of the US Joint Chief of Staff in a psychological push to extort a commitment that the US will condone an Israeli strike against Iran. He failed. His perfect-pitch theories on modern warfare are dangerous and should be ignored.

• Rev. Brother Alfonse Weber, who lived through Hitler’s war said in a lecture at the Papst Johannes Burse, in Cologne in 1969 that it was Josef Gobbles, who through his powerful speeches and briefings, pushed Adolf Hitler into a Blitzkrieg in 1939.

• Has anyone calculated the damage such action would cause in the entire Middle East? We, who play in the international arena should talk peace and not allow satan to invade our mental space with destructive postulates.

• GPS Zakaria, an otherwise brilliant scholar, who seems to have sworn to an Affidavit that only Caucasians are fit to appear on his programme, at times ,goes too far in his sophistry,encouraging war-games that could lead to the end of the world.

• We should sue for disarmament and not to encourage nations to use war as an instrument of geo-politics and be proud of it. Diplomacy must replace power politics; otherwise the world could come to an end.
• No President created the world and none can destroy it. Adolf Hitler tried but he failed.

• To re-introduce hysterical form of McCarthyism into world politics in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man is neither proper nor appropriate because it will stoke the embers of world disunity.

• The oceans of the world, the skies, land mass are buzzing with nuclear weapons. If and when they explode, the world could come to an end. We must fashion new political theories about peace and international economic cooperation, instead of dusting up Clausewitz and the faded theories of Hans Morgenthau.

• Oh Lord of all Creation, permit no man to cause the world to come to an end, AMEN.

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