Whitney Huston: The Mezzo Soprano Extraordinary…

Whitney Huston: The Mezzo Soprano Extraordinary, the Pride of the World, the Nightingale of America and the Golden Canary of Newark

Whoever brings joy, happiness and emotional upliftment to the world, I rate higher than those in the service of satan, who cause wars, promote rebellion, cause sorrow and societal dislocations around the world.

I applaud the the Governor of New Jersey for ordering that the flag be flown at half-mast in honour of the Nightingale of New Jersey, world citizen, Whitney Huston, during her funeral.

Whoever does not like the noble gesture should jump into the Potomac deep and drown. Some people are just ugly and irredeemably wicked. I have read and listened to comments about Whitney Huston.

Most of these commentaries flow from unclean hearts. They are the efflusions of racists, whose stock in trade is to denigrate people of colour, associating them with only vices and no virtues.

There is no doubt that the black race is and will be on the ascendancy in all fields of human endeavour, having recovered slowly from the destructive practices of slavery, colonialism and imperialism.

It has become a disturbing trend that “white” football players, surprised and amazed at the level of artistry of coloured football players, now resort to insults and unwholesome behavior towards football maestros, who happen to be beautifully coloured.

The hand of the Universal clock has turned and there is no going back on the progress of the black race. The GOLDEN GUINEA race of the earth is on the march.

They once inhabited Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Guinea, Guinea Bissau, up till and including Papua New Guinea. They were an advanced race, with Timbuktu, as a place of world learning.

The Dragon was dethroned and fallen angels introduced wickedness in the affairs of the Guineans. Climate change caused absolute damage to the race.Then centuries of slave trade, colonialism and imperialism caused the decline of the race

The riches of the Euro-America states are traceable to the war booties, colonial exploitation of the black race.

It is natural for people to feel “superior” to the people they heartlessly vanquished. One would have thought that racial discrimination and racism would have been regarded as anachronistic musings.

Those black people, who have excelled in many ways, are evidence of assurances that God is alive.

Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Jesse Owens, Kwame Nkrumah, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Jomo Kenyatta, Sekou Toure, Didan Kimathi, Rev. Dr.Martin King, Steve Wonder, Oprah Winfrey, Sidney Portiere, Whitney Huston and other outstanding representatives of the black race are God’s examples of what He holds for the race that worship Him and do not worship man-made gods and scientific feats.
In the fullness of time, the meek shall inherit the earth and its abundance of peace.

In examining the incandescent light that shone in Whitney Huston, this is one occasion when one can write in hyperboles. She sang unto God and was later lured by American circumstances to sing for fame and huge financial rewards.
She is, not was, the Mezzo Soprano of the World, the Nightingale of America and the Golden Canary of Newark. Race consciousness is irrelevant, when one is dealing with EXCELLENCE in this Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.

This is why I take very strong objection to CNN’s Piers Morgan’s irreverence for daring to suggest that Whitney Houston’s was “a wasted life”. He owes her an apology! He should take it to St Peter’s gate.
The life of a superstar is hectic, busy, stressful and eventful. The lurid press and the putrid paparazzi make them sacrificial lambs in order to get cheap scoops for cheap money, recklessly unconcerned for the pain they inflict on social humans.

In the case of Whitney Houston, the pressures of fame took their toll on her. We should extol her vocal prowess and overlook her human frailties. We are not any better. But hypocrites must shine.

There is a demonic dimension in propulsions to superstardom. I wrote about this in my article entitled, “Superstardom and the Pressures of Fame”( See Nigeriansinamerica. com)

There are people, who live a rotten life but because they serve in the tabloid press, they are accusatory, wicked and evil. Each time I read about famous artists, their artistic prowess is not as eulogized as should be, but every wrong step gets overblown.

If the artist happens to be coloured the heavens must come down. Until man cleanses his heart of evil and embraces love, kindness and holiness, they will continue to live under the influence of evil forces.

The United States may wish to combat the use of narcotic drugs, which have taken a toll on its best artists, its youth and public figures.
There goes Whitney Houston, the Mezzo Soprano of the World, the Nightingale of America and the Golden Canary of Newark, whose voice was soft as the voice of an angel.

Jesus loves you!!! Jesus is the Rock, the only Rock of Ages, other Rocks are shifting sands.

Those, who practice racial discrimination, are mal-adapted people, who have a problem with their own inadequacies. They are evil-minded and should be pitied. They should be grateful that the sun shines on them and that they breathe the colourless, invisible, air by the Grace of God.

It is very important here to ask why the African-American, whose ancestors worked in the cotton fields, in the coal mines, in the factories of America, are only heard of in the field of sports, music, volley ball and other peripheral areas.

The answer is not floating in the wind, my friend. In the United States, it costs a lot of money to study in the Ivy League colleges and universities. As a result, only wealthy sons and daughters of highly privileged people have access to these opportunities, which open the doors to central points in highly paid jobs.

If I apply, what I describe as the doctrine of restricted opportunity and suppressed talent, the capable, but deprived African- American, expresses his genius in the areas of sports, music, dance and other fields, leaving the golf course to Harvardians. The tide is turning and will keep turning.

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