This Pope Has Fallen! Pope Benedict XVI Should Resign

by Paul I. Adujie

Pope Benedict XVI should resign now, or he must endure squirms of contempt from the whole world over this unfolding pandemic of sex abuse by Catholic Church priests.

Abuses which occurred with knowledge of this pope, even when he was the doctrinaire chief enforcer on matters of faith and sins, in the words of Maureen Dowd of The New York Times, in a must read article by her, which was published on Sunday March 28, 2010. The New York Times has provided excellent service to the world public, on these sex crimes, the newspaper has done so through features, opinion pieces and a robust editorial as well.

If Pope Benedict XVI was the chief executive officer of a secular organization, he would be under arrest by now. This is so, given the fact that there are clear indications that he was aware of the crimes and played prominent roles as the church’s enforcer, in condoning and concealing these sex abuses.

These disgustingly scandalous crimes against children by the Catholic Church will bankrupt the church. It will be the last straw which breaks the camel’s back. The Catholic Church by engaging in rackets, have abused public trust and the public has accordingly lost faith in the Catholic Church’s ability to police and regulate itself and its marauding pedophile priests worldwide. The Catholic Church condoned and concealed these repugnant and reprehensible crimes against innocent children. Parents worldwide must now be fearful in entrusting their children to Catholic Church priests for catechism, Sunday School etc, the fear of pedophile priests and those who cover-up the sex abuse rackets, is the beginning of parental wisdom.

Sex abuse pandemic perpetrated by pedophile priests of the Catholic Church and the subsequent cover-up by top echelons of the Catholic Church exposes the church’s extreme hypocrisy. The Catholic Church cover-up of these sexual abuses surely identical with the actions of a crime gang engaged in a criminal rackets as a cartel. The Catholic Church has thus, robbed itself of any moral authority. The Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church have always engaged in moral absolutism and puritanical hypocrisy, all these must now come to an end. The holier than thou and moral grandstanding and sanctimonious lies must now stop.

It is quite a surprise to millions Catholics in New York City, that Archbishop Dolan mounted a spirited defense of Pope Benedict XVI a couple of days ago. It is a surprise that Pope Benedict himself have been quoted as referring to these egregious sexual assaults, as merely rumors and gossips, spread by others, rumors and gossips, intended to intimidate him and the Catholic Church! Nothing can be further from the truth and the reality of this sex crimes by pedophile Catholic Church priests in America, in Austria, in Germany, in Ireland, and in Italy, Netherlands, and apparently, across other nations worldwide.

But where is the outrage against those who were supposed to be men of God? And yet, they made careers out of sexually assaulting, sexually abusing and criminally molesting innocent, defenseless and vulnerable members of our society? Why is it that not many more people are demanding accountability, punishments and penalties for priest who have been in breach of the most sacred of sacred trusts? Is it not indefensible and most depraved to sexually assault and molest children? These heinous criminal acts worldwide, without exceptions.

It does take a great deal of arrogant audacity, and tone-deaf heedlessness, for the pope and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church to refer to this sex abuse pandemic as mere rumors and gossips! This, even though, the pope and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church ignored and disregarded the now very clear evidences of repeated warnings of the wide ranging complaints against pedophile Catholic Church priests and nothing was done. It must be clear to all by now, that the pope and the Catholic Church, in all of this, are still in denial and more interested in employing spin doctors, hoping that this goes away and the public is deceived yet again.

The pope and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church she be awarded the highest prize as hypocrites, full of sanctimonious preachment of moral certainty, while actively engaged prurient criminal sexual abuses and making victims of innocent children which were entrusted to them worldwide. And as if these crimes were not unpardonable in themselves, there were the additional depravity of covering up these crimes and papering over them. Children who were victims, children who were incapable of giving consent or valid permission or authority, were compelled by the Catholic Church helmsmen, to sign oath of secrecy and oath of nondisclosure, all these, in order to shield and protect pedophile priests engaged in criminal sexual behaviors.

The Catholic Church shielded and protected pedophile priests who were repeat offenders! It is the case that criminals and those who harbor them, protect and hinder prosecutorial efforts, are just as bad as the criminals themselves. The Catholic Church has for decades been engaged in aiding, abetting, connivance and collusion with pedophile priests who should have been tried and jailed for their crimes.

Billions of people across the world are sickened by the unfolding and revelatory details of the widening sex abuse of children worldwide. There are a multiple levels of disgust and dismay in all of these depravities of some priests in the Catholic Church. First is the heinous crime of sex abuse by predatory pedophile priests in the Catholic Church. Then the second phase, which is the elaborate cover-up by the “leadership” of the Catholic Church. Justice have been denied victims of these sex abuse worldwide, and this was made possible by the cover up afforded offending priests by the hierarchy.

Pope Benedict insist on blaming others in the Catholic Church, he does not accept responsibility and he does not seem capable of saying that the buck stops with him, even though the bulk of the child sex assaults, sex abuse and child molestation occurred on his watch as Catholic Church chief of ethic and disciplinarian or so-called enforcer of Catholic orthodoxy

Puritanical Catholics are notorious worldwide for forbidding and prohibiting women rights to abortion. The Catholic Church is also known for its retrograde and retrogressive “rule” against the ordination of women as priests and women preaching morality. In recent times, the multinational conglomerate which is also known as the Catholic Church, stridently opposed Health Care Reform Law in America, as the Catholic Church is insisted on a more stringent and more extreme anti abortion language in the law, in order to forbid and prohibit women abortion rights and access. The Catholic Church did this, despite the fact 200,000 deaths, needless deaths, occur in America annually, due to lack of health insurance and until the Health Care Reform Law bring full health care coverage to all, 40 million Americans have remained without health care insurance coverage. And many Americans have been compelled to bankrupted or filed bankruptcy as consequence of health care bills incurred and endured by mere fact of ill health misfortunes

The Catholic hierarchy opposition to abortion rights have never made any sense to logical persons. Why be against right to abortion? Abortion is essentially a personal matter and it is frequently determined by personal circumstances. Circumstances such as whether there was incest, rape, or some other emotional trauma. Then there are other situations such as whether there are adequate material wherewithal or financial means and resources, as well as physical and emotional well being or stability for nurturing a child that is borne. After all, childbearing and rearing is an awesome responsibility. And as it is, the Catholic Church have not done good business of looking after children entrusted to them, in loco parentis, and yet, the Catholic Church’s sense of doctrinal orthodoxy, impel them to shrill-shout against

anyone, who may for personal reasons seek abortion.

It is clear now, that the Catholic Church have been engaged in worldwide child abuses and sex exploitation, and yet, they wanted more children borne, just so perhaps, women can continue to give birth to boys to maintain steady supply of boys to predator priests and their twisted and warped pedophilia sex crazed gangs worldwide? The thought of sex by these priests, with little boys, innocent children, makes anyone squeamish and disgusted. Imagine if any of these victims were your innocent child or relative?

Pope Benedict XVI and the entire leadership of the Catholic Church must be judged and measured by their treatments of the weakest persons in our society. In this respect therefore, treatments meted upon children, for instance, the hearing impaired children who were sexually abused in Milwaukee stands out like a sore thumb added to this, is the fact that the Catholic Church have historically relegated women and demeaned and devalued women… Women remain outside of the Catholic Church hierarchy, there is no Cardinal Elizabeth, or Bishop Janet and at the rate at which the Catholic Church is speeding backwards into the medieval periods in doctrinal attitudes of the current pope, there will never be a female pope, at least most probably not in my life time

The catholic church hierarchy permitted the metaphorical and literal “screwing” of children, the most vulnerable and defenseless in all populations. And Pope Benedict see criticisms flowing from these heinous criminal acts and the massively elaborate cover up by the Catholic Church are mere gossips or rumors by those who are putting the Catholic Church’s feet to the fire!

Those who are inclined to defend the pope and the Catholic Church should remember that priests supposed “men -of-God” but in this sexual abuse romps, these priests have actually turned out to be consummate pedophile and adept at pedophilia, celibate priests who engaged in sex with minors, campaigners against homosexuality, who in actually preyed on boys as preferred sexual victims of sexual assaults and molestations

Catholic Church arcane and archaic orthodoxy have pilloried divorcees and have forbidden those who have gone through divorce, from remarriage. Divorce, it must be borne in mind, is a form of bereavement or personal grief in itself, here again, the Catholic Church engages in multiplying and prolonging human agonies, by forbidding divorcees from remarrying, thereby, imposing further hardship or hard times

The Catholic Church is loudly against homosexuals, gay and lesbian, transgender sexual intercourse between adults and yet, the same loudly celibate merchant of asexual life, were in the meantime, actively pursuing and wallowing in vile defilement of little boys worldwide, even though this is universally a criminal act, quite unlike any form of sex by two consenting adults, same sex or not. The Catholic Church have for hundreds of years, preached against sex as taboo. And yet, these pedophiles in the Catholic Church have been busy for hundred years having illegal sex… with helpless, hapless and defenseless children

Sex with children is not only immoral, irreligious and depraved, it is actually criminal worldwide. And yet, the puritans amongst us, the Catholic Church priests, were busily sexually assaulting children, which is the most heinous of all crimes by any measure and in every culture

Having sex with children has to be the worst sorts of depravity. Sexually abusing children is twisted and warped sexual immorality. And this is what very many Catholic Church priests in Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy and America etc have done. This is what the helmsmen of the Catholic Church, including the current pope, have covered up for decades! Unfortunately, during these several decades, victims suffered and more innocent children were exposed to sexual assaults, sexual abuses and molestations. And yet, these pedophiles priests were left in circulation with pat on their backs and slap on the wrists, with winks and nods transfers, and more transfers, instead of defrocking the Catholic pedophiles or even reporting them to the authorities for prosecution and penalties and punishments?

The Catholic Church and its pedophile priests have engaged in blatant criminal sex enterprises worldwide for far too long without retribution, penalties and punishments. The criminally decadent immorality involved in these sexual abuses of innocent children is so horrendous, that Sodom and Gomorrah now sounds like some spiritual experience or picnic, when compared with the pandemic of pedophilia in the Catholic Church worldwide. Pope Benedict have issued terse and tepid apologies. There is no forthright damnations and denouncements against the pedophile priests and those who condoned and concealed their criminal behaviors for decades. Instead, Pope Benedict is more concerned with himself and the fate of the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict devalues and demeans the pains and sufferings of these thousands of victims of the Catholic Church’s criminal actions, by referring to criticisms as merely gossips and rumors!

There is really nothing to say in defense of the Catholic Church hierarchy. The Catholic Church is supposed to be a worldwide religious organization and yet, it has managed to have protected rapists of the worst type… rapist of children, and as Christopher Hitchens recently wondered publicly, why should the pope and the Catholic Church demand that we give or allow some sorts of wiggle room for rapists? And in and he is right, and quite frankly, these are rapists of the worst types, rapist of innocent, trusting children

It quite difficult still, to understand why Pope Benedict XVI and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church condoned these rapes, sexual abuses and sexual assaults of children in America, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland etc. It is quite difficult to fathom the excuse for the elaborate cover up, which in itself exacerbated the rapes and sexual abuses.

More and more revelations have been unfolding, and apparently, these sex crimes against the most vulnerable of world citizens, went on, worldwide and for so long, while the Catholic Church hierarchy defended pedophile priests, pedophile priests were constantly transferred instead of being defrocked or prosecuted and jailed!

Imagine for a minute that any one of these children, victims of Catholic Church sex violence and collusion, connivance and long cover-up were my children, relatives? Also think of the fact that the children were forced to sign oaths of secrecy and nondisclosure… as the Catholic Church swept the sexual violence against children under the carpet?

The entire world should demand the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. The world must not shy away from announcing to Pope Benedict that the papacy days of papal infallibility is over and that he, Pope Benedict has fallen. Pope Benedict should resign or be shunned as a symbol rapes, sexual assaults, child molestations and elaborate and massive cover up of heinous crimes of sex abuse directed against children worldwide.

The world ought to be demanding accountability, penalties and punishments. This is so, especially considering that these crimes were perpetuated by the very sanctimonious hierarchy of the very religious asexual and pretentious religious organization, the Catholic Church… an organization which remains stridently and vehemently opposed to the ordination of women as priests worldwide. And in particular, because, the Catholic Church is a religious organization, which have for far too long harangued and harassed every person, persons and groups about sexual “purity” and the Catholic Church remains against homosexual sex and as it remains anti gays and lesbians, and essentially homophobic!

The Catholic Church hierarchy have managed through sex crimes to ruin the lives of so many children. So many children, some, who are now grown up adults, but, who continue to bear the scars of sexual assaul

ts, molestations, sex abuse that was clearly pervasive and went on for decades! We are talking about hundreds of thousands of rapes committed against children worldwide by “men-of-God”! This is about the hundreds of thousands of lives ruined before their primes.

These are heinous crimes and cardinal sins, committed by those who should know, those who ought to know! Where then is our collective outrage? Where is the Catholic Church’s hypocritical claim to moral certainty? Where is our claim to fairness or justice for these multitudes of victims of the crimes committed by the Catholic Church and covered up? Where indeed is our collective outrage against Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church for these crimes?

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Uziel B'nai Noach O'shobek April 7, 2010 - 10:22 am

The Roman Catholic church sex scandal was Pope Benedith de 16 and other Cardinal of their church who payed prostitutes and sex workers they committed fornicated with as sex partners as ,pre their ordination as Roman catholic church priest presently saw them in shadow of their own religion positions of who they are today through their own self struggle for survival and it reminds the girls,women and ladies who are female that those men,male and boys are people like Pope and Reverend fathers which they thought how they can explain to them about the fun time in hotels and brothels.

Ezhi Opfu April 3, 2010 - 5:59 pm

Pointless article!

If you are not a Catholic or even a Christian, you certainly have no grounds for crying about the Holy Father.

Moreover, this forum is supposed to be for issues pertaining to Nigeria and the Black race and not for seeking to attract the attention or approval of White anti-Christs and anti- Catholics.


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