Too Much Make Up Turns Off Most Men

by Imole Joseph

3 Simple Reasons

1. We are not seeing the actual person ( it means a different face in the night and another during the day).

2. It connotes she is trying too hard, focusing on her exterior rather than her interior (in the long run most of us develop feelings for the person’s soul, not her face)

3. It suggests she is most likely to be vain, which usually means rudeness & immaturity (something that tastes sweet might be a thriller but too much of it in a man’s life can make him sick)

Please before you cast your stone on me, wait a moment; I am a strong advocate for good looks, but decency and modesty shouldn’t be substituted for fashion and trends. (That’s what separates the babes from the ladies)

And never forget that; “To attract a man is simple; just look ‘hot’ (But no man desires a hot home, we all want a cool one)

A good point to always remember is that “We are attracted by what we see, but what keeps a real man in a lasting relationship are things he sees within a woman’s soul”.

Take note of these things to be truly considered a wife material

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