U.S. Meeting With Babangida: An Affront, Blackmail and Threat…

by Bode Eluyera


“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” Confucious.

“A ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” John Shedd.

“No one in the White House staff, no one in this administration, presently employed, was involved in this very bizarre incident.”

President Nixon. Excerpt of adress to reporters before impeachment. August, 1972.

“Personally, I am not going to have any deal with the present Georgian president. He is a persona non granta to Russia. Dmitry Medvedeev. Russian President. February, 2010.

“America is worse than Britain, Britain is worse than the Soviet Union, and the Soviets are worse than the two! But now America is a combination of all evils.”

Ayatollah Khomeni. Iranian spiritual leader.

“Militarization of American politics is partly a reaction to the feeling of being vulnerable, feeling that things are getting out control.”

Charles Calchan. Prof. of International relations, Georgetownh university. Head of European department National Security Council in President Clinton’s administration. Author of book: The end of American era.

“They have so much oil and gas. Nobody knows why they also need a nuclear energy.”

Dick Cheney. Washington Post. March, 2005.

“I believe in the principle that states that the duration of peace is in direct proportion to the pressure that you subject an enemy to. The harder you pressurize them, the longer they sit down quietly.”

Mikhail Skobolev. Legendary Russian General.

“I would consider the concession of any port in The Persian gulf to Russia as a deliberate insult to Great Britain,unjustified violation of the status quo and as an international provocation to go to war, and I would accuse any British minister that permits such transfer of betrayal.”

Lord Curzon. Former Foreign Secretary of Britain.

“Any unwarranted intervention of your country in the affairs of The Middle East which could hinder the exploration and transportation of oil, a life and death product for the security and economy of the West, will compell us to react, and if necessary use military force… We can’t live without oil and we would not allow anybody to suffocate us.”

Anthony Eden. Former Prime Minister of Britain. Excerpt from Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1945-1960.

“The change of regime in Iraq and the emergence of a pro-American government led to such a situation that the United States had so much influence that no other super power has ever had since the reign of Britain, and probably in Rome.”

David Frum. George Bush. Jnr. speech writer.

“The U.S. politics in relation to Iran remains radical and like before, it is still directed at putting pressure on that country in order to force it carry out the wishes of the United States.”

Anatol Lieven. British journalist. Political analyst. Author of the book ‘America: Right or wrong?’

“And I would like to remind the Americans one interesting fact: the first thing that the Commander of the Britiush army did – after conquering Bagdad in 1917 – was to give an order to spread a proclamation in which the following was written: ‘We came to you not as conquerors buit as liberators.'”

Nil Ferguson. British historian and publicist. Excerpt of interview given to the Russian first chgannel, November, 2004.

“One thing that is important. I pray for your president’s recovery. I met him. I saw him to be somebody who had a real vision for Nigeria. But ultimately, the presidency is more important than the person who occupies it. In a democracy, there is the office of the presidency and the person elected to that office is the servant of the people and he is accountable to the people.”

Condoleezza Rice. Former US Secretary of State. Answer to a question during visit to Nigeria. February, 2010.

“Indeed what is happening in Nigeria today itself is a manifestation of corruption we are talking about. What is corruption? It means simply abuse of office or misuse of authority. We have ended up in a situation where leadership refused to respect the law, refuse to follow the constitution, refused to go by what the National Assembly is saying. Elders of the country! it is tragic. Apart from just taking the money the resources of the country, it is also includes abuse of office, not doing things according to the law. Sadly this is the case of our country. It is unfortunate.”

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. Excerpt of interview. February, 2010.

“One week after a delegation from the House of Representatives returned from Saudi Arabia, there is still no report on its findings. The five-man delegation, which was led by the Deputy Minority Leader, Alhaji Baba Shehu-Agaie, was mandated to visit ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua in Jeddah in a bid to ascertain the true state of his health. The group was, however, reportedly denied access to the President by his wife, Turai. On Thursday, the Minority Leader, Alhaji Mohammed Ndume, led a protest to demand why the report of the trip had not been laid before the House. But the Akwa Ibom State CNPP Chairman, Chief David Ekanem, argued that Yar’Adua committed an impeachable offence when he refused to write the National Assembly about his medical trip to Saudi Arabia. Ekanem, who is also the state chairman of the Action Congress, pointed out that it was better for the President to be impeached for dereliction of duty than to allow the fate of Nigerians to hang in the balance. To him, ‘Nigerians are compassionate people and they have shown a lot of compassion to the President. But the fact remains that up till now, no letter has been written to the National Assembly on the President’s health. We are aware that some lawmakers who went to Saudi Arabia to visit Yar’Adua were not allowed to see him. For how long should we condone such disregard for constituted authorities?'”

Excerpt of news report. February, 2010.

“Following the National Assembly resolution empowering Dr Goodluck Jonathan as Acting President, the cabal sympathetic to ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua has intensified moves to ensure the status quo is maintained. Sunday Sun gathered that as part of the plot to convince Nigerians that Yar’Adua was recovering and would soon return to the country to assume duties, the presidential fleet crew comprising the captain, co-pilots, flight engineer and attendants have been prevented from returning home even as they are said to be missing their families and dependants. It was gathered that the passports of the crew members has been confiscated to ensure they do not leave Saudi Arabia while being confined to their hotels. A dependable source informed Sunday Sun that even the movement of the crew members was being monitored in connivance with the Saudi Arabia authorities. Back home in Nigeria, the powerful group is said to be working towards reversing the resolution of the federal legislature and paint the new leadership of the country as incompetent. It is also said to be behind the worsening electricity crisis in the country and plans to sabotage fuel distribution across the nation, in an attempt to portray Jonathan as incapable of ruling Nigeria. Sources said the group made up of some serving ministers, a handful of senators, House of Representatives members and some powerful businessmen from the northern part of the country was working to frustrate the government. It was gathered that the same group has plotted to ensure that the power supply in the country gets worse. Electricity supply to major towns and cities in the country has plummeted in the past two weeks. They are equally said to be targeting the petroleum sector to create artificial scarcity of petroleum products, all in an effort to discredit the Jonathan leadership. It was learnt at the weekend tha

t some members of the group in the House of Representatives were responsible for the death of the Bill for the alteration of Section 144 of the Constitution, which would have legitimized the action of the National Assembly in addressing the power vacuum created by the absence of Yar’Adua. The group, which met in a Minister’s house on Wednesday night, resolved to ensure the death of any bill to alter the Constitution to favour the resolution of the National Assembly authorizing Vice President Jonathan as Acting President. The group was reportedly formed to counter the growing influence of the National Interest Group (NIG) led by Bala Mohammed, which ensured that the National Assembly passed the resolution empowering Jonathan. But, the pro-Yar’Adua group is said to be hampered by revelations that Yar’Adua is still believed to be in coma. It is, however, said to be working towards selling a dummy to Nigerians that the ailing leader was recuperating fast. Although details of the plan are still sketchy, it was learnt that an official in the President’s office and others in the office of the first lady were coordinating the new dummy.”

News report. February, 2010.


After series of protests from Nigerians from all works of life, which was later accompanied by former protests that kicked off in Abuja led by Nigeria’s Nobel Laureatte, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Femi Falana and other human rights activists and groups; the unprecedented breaking of ranks by Prof. Dora Akunyili, the minister of information with her FEC colleagues, The National Assembly finally bowed to pressure, summoned the courage and swore in Mr. Jonathan Goodluck, Nigeria’s Vice President as the Acting President to replace Tuwo Yaradua, Nigeria’s incompetent, visionless and morally bankrupt president who left for Saudi Arabia on medical trip since November 23.

By swearing in Jonathan Goodluck as the acting president, the law makers have put a stop – at least temporaryly – to the public ridicule and embarrassment that Yaradua has subjected Nigeria and Nigerians to due to his absence which undoubtedly amounts to a gross violation and disrespect for Nigeria’s Constitution.

However, on Novemeber 23, when Tuwo Yaradua left for Saudia Arabia on another medical trip – which has become itinerant and his favourite routes since becoming president – what many Nigerians did no suspect was the fact that this particular trip, this time around, would be a special one in all sense of the word. Nothing has been heard of Yaradua since his departure for the holy land. The assumption of most Nigerians is that he is still alive, however, nobody is 100% sure of this. Initially, the official reason given for his protracted absence was that Tuwo Yaradua was on a ‘small hajj’ to Saudi Arabia. Alas after the period for small hajj has longed passed, Tuwo Yaradua remained not only incommunicado, but unaccessible even to members of his cabinet, PDP party stalwarts, the party that brought him into power.


The ‘Hide and Seek’ game that Yaradua is playing with his party, ministers and Nigerians at large has become an ’embarrassing intenational show and/drama that is being watched and monitored all over the world. Yaradua is entertaining the whole world free of charge, but at the expense of Nigeria and Nigerians – unfortunately. Yaradua’s soap opera with his health has cost, and is still costing Nigeria and Nigerians enourmous amount of money and damage to its reputation. Thanks to Yaradua, Nigerians in diaspora, from all angles of the globe, from Argentina to New -Zealand, have become ‘laughing stocks.’ The ’embarrasing ‘questions thrown to us now; everywhere, at every ocassion, at any time, include the following:

1. Good morning, has your president been found? Good afternoon, what is the latest news about your president? Good evening, any news about your lost president?

2. Where is your president really?

3. Do you really think that he is in Saudi Arabia?

4. Do you really think that he is alive?

5. Who are his doctors – Nigerians or foreigners?

6. Do you really think that he will come out alive?

7. Do you really think that his disease is curable?

8. What is your president really suffering from?

9. Could it be possible that he is suffering from aids?

10. Didn’t you guys know that he was sick before electing/Choosing him?

11. Why did your president decide to seek medical service abroad especially in Saudi Arabia, a muslim country?

12. Is Nigeria a muslim country?

13. Don’t you guys have modern medical equipments and well trained doctors to take care of your president despite the billions of dollars that your country has made from oil?

14. Why did your president decide to entrust his life to foreign doctors instead of Nigerian doctors – afterall, we know that you have some very good doctors with international experience? Why does your president trust foreign doctors: Arabs, Americans, Germans, British, Japanese, e.t.c. than Nigerian doctors?

15. How is it possible that a president elected/selected to rule over 150 million people disappeared and became incommunicado since November 23?

16. Don’t you guys have secret agents that could determine the true state of the health of your president?

17. Why is he hiding from everybody and keeping the true state of his health a secret? What is he up to? What does he want to achieve by doing so?

18. Why don’t you guys seek the assistance of secret agents of other countries or the U.N.O. to determine the state of health of your president since you are not capable of doing it by yourself?

19. How could an ordinary woman (Turayi) who is not holding any official post prevent a whole country of 150 million from seeing your/their president?

20. Don’t you think that what is happening to your country can only happen to a Banana republic?

19. Don’t you think that Nigeria is a Banana republic?

20. Why don’t you guys just impeach the guy, swear in a new president and move on with your lives?

21. Isn’t your president aware of the consequence of his action for your c ountry and its citizens?

22. Isn’t your president aware of the fact that his action can lead a coup detat?

23. Isn’t your president aware of the enourmous financial cost of his action to the country and its citizens?

24. Isn’t your president aware of the fact taht his action could distabilize the country?

25. Why does your president so selfish and loves himself than the country?

26. Why is the guy power drunk to the extent of destroying the country?

27. If your president claims that he not only believe in ‘the rule of law’ but will as well do everything to uphold it, then why is he doing the exact opposite now?

28. Could it be possible that your president has been kidnapped by Al-Qaeda headed by Saudi Arabian citizen, Osamen Ben-Laden or the Niger Delta militants?

29. What right do you guys have to call yourself the ‘giant of Africa’ if something ridiculous like this is happening to you?

30. How is it possible that something incredible and ridiculous like this is happening to you guys in the 21st century?

31. How could two people, Yaradua and his wife, Turayi, hold 150 million people to ransome?

32. Why do you guys allow Yaradua and his wife, Turayi, to treat you guys, a country of 150 million with such indignity and contempt?

33. Will your president ever allow any Nigerian – apart from members of his family – to see him?

34. Will he even be able to perform his duties as president when he eventually returns back to Nigeria?

35. Could the guy be acting all this drama alone without some support, encouragement from certain individuals, groups and countries?

36. How many weeks or months more do you think that it

will take before the guy gives up, and comes out of hiding?

37. Could it be possible that the guy is long dead and has been buried without your knowledge?

38. Could it be possible taht thee guy is in the state of ‘clinical death?

39. Why does your president hate your country and its citizens to such an extent as to do this to you?

40. What have you guys done to your president to deserve this kind of public humiliation?

The mysery and secret surrounding Tuwo Yaradua’s health and true whreabout has gone to the extent that even Ogbuolafar, PDP’s national chairman and the delegates that consisted of 5 people just sent by the Federal Government headed by Goodluck were denied access to Yaradua by Turayi, Yaradua’s strong woman. Obviously, Yaradua, if he is still alive, does not even trust nor hold in high esteem Ogbuolofor and the delegates sent by Goodluck on behalf of Nigerians to verify the true state of his health enough to allow them access to his ‘sacred body! Definitely, it’s high time we asked Yaradua through his wife, Turayi, whom does he trust and respect enough to allow him/them access to his holy decaying and weak body?


However, despite all that have been written above, the focus of this article is not about Tuwo Yaradua per se, but about Jonathan Goodluck, Babangida, Robbin Sanders, Jonnie Carson, Barrack Obama and the American government policies and politics towards Nigeria.

Immediately after the swearing in of Jonathan Goodluck, 3 very importanct events – but the significance which was ignored or has not been fully assessed by Nigerian journalists, politicians, political scientists, democracy activists – took place in sequence. This is very unfortunate because there is no doubts about it that these events – depending on how smart we handle them – will definitely play a major role in Nigeria’s democratization process, political stability, sovereignty and independence in taking decisions that best meet its economic, political and military interests.

The first event: Immediately after Mr. Jonathan Goodluck was sworn in as Nigeria’s acting president, he held his first meeting ever NOT with members of his cabinet but with the Americans. The first foreign envoys that Goodluck received at Aso rock were Ms. Robin Sanders, the U.S. ambassador to Nigeria and Mr Jonnie Carson, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Matters.

The second event: immediately after their meeting with Goodluck, the duo left for Hilltop Mansion, Minna and held almost a 2 hour ‘closed door’ meeting with ‘guess who?’ with Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, Nigeria’s former military dictator popularly known as the ‘evil genius’ for his ruthlessness and the unprecedented evil he lsubjected Nigeria and Nigerians to during his reign of terror.

The third event: immediately after their meeting with Babangida, the U.S. government gave the Nigerian government four conditions that must be met in order for Nigeria to be delisted from its list of terrorists. The conditions included the following:

1. That the Nigerian government must always give a public condemnation of terrorism anywhere it is committed in the world.

2. Must beef up security lapses at its airports especially at flights leaving for the U.S.;

3. Must be a party to an agreement to deploy U.S. air marshalls in all U.S. – bound flights originating from US;

4. Must pass anti-terrorizm bill into law.

As stated earlier, I have decided to write about these three events because apart from the fact that I consider the activities of the Americans as an affront, blackmail and unceremonious intervention in Nigeria’s internal affairs all in the name of defending its selfish economic interests. Most importantly, I am convinced that if not properly handled by Goodluck’s government and Nigerians – since we are the major stake holder in the country – they will definitely have a long term ‘negative effect’ on Nigeria’s young and evolving democratization process, its sovereignty as a true independent country, economy, most especially on the political stability of Nigeria and security of Nigerians. Furthermore, I believe that If the Americans are allowed to go scott free with this affront and public humiliation of Nigeria and Nigerians, it will further confirm the general belief that NIGERIA IS NOT JUST A PUPPET OF THE UNITEDSTATES, IT IS INDEED THE LARGEST BANANA REPUBLIC IN THE WORLD WHERE ANYTHING GOES and it will encourage the Americans to continue in this direction and with this kind of politics and policies in relation to Nigeria.

In addition, in order for Jonathan Goodluck’s government to succeed – which I believe is the wish and prayer of any rational Nigerian – it is of utmost importance that it not only conducts an independent foreign, economic and military policies that best meet the interests of Nigeria and Nigerians, but must as well set the tone from the on set that it is a pro-Nigerian government and not another puppet government remotedly controlled from Washington by Barrack Obama and Jonnie Carson, the American Embassy in Abuja by Robin Sanders and the executives of major U.S. oil and gas companies based in Texas and other cities in the U.S. History has prooved over and over that any country that flirts with the American government does so at its own peril and to the detriment of the economic interest and security of its country and citizens. We must understand that dancing to the tune of of Americans and protecting the interests of its citizens are two mutually exclusive events for a serious government whose priority is serving its citizens and bringing their standard of living at par with developed countries. This objectivecan not be attainable if we allow the United States to hijack our democracy and dictate to Jonathan’s government.


Concerning the first event, for our analysis and in order to establish the innocence and involvement of Goodluck, the first major questions we need to ask ourselves are the following:

1. When exactly was the meeting arranged?

2. Who was the initiator of the meeting? We need to give the benefits of the doubts and not automatically assume that the Americans why the initiator. The initiator could as well be Goodluck and/or the PDP.

3. What was the reaction of goodluck to the meeting – If the Americans were the initiator?

4 Why were Ms. Robin Sanders, the U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Jonnie Carson, the Assistant Secretary of States for African Affairs, the first visitors that Goodluck received immediately after being sworn in?

5 Why were the Americans in a hurry to be the first to meet with Nigeria’s acting president?

6. What did the Americans discuss with Goodluck?

7. How did the tone of the discussion go? Did the Americans try to put any kind of pressuyre on Goodluck?

8. Did Goodluck consult with any of his staff and his party, the PDP – especially his security adviser, Mukhtar, before approving the meeting with the Americans?

9. Was Goodluck’s Security adviser, Mukhtar, informed officially or aware of the fact that a meeting of such nature was going to take place?

10. If no, why was he not informed about it?

11. If yes, what was the reaction of Mukhtar as regards to the meeting?

12. Which memeber of Goodluck’s cabinet knew about this meeting before it took place?

13. Was Goodluck advised against such a meeting and its implication for him and his government by any of his staff or PDP senior memeber?

14. Did Goodluck go ahead to hold the meeting despite the fact that he was advised against it by any of his Staff, especially his security adviser?

15. Did the Americans discuss about the Niger Delta and America’s investment in the oil and gas sector in the region with Goodluck?

16. Did th

e Americans deliver any message and/or request from the U.S. government Barrack Obama to Goodluck?

17. Did the Americans give Goodluck any documents to sign?

18. If yes, what was/were the contents?

19. Did the Americans seek any oral committment and/or promise from Goodluck during the meeting?

20. If yes, what kind of oral committments and/or promises was/were given to the Americans?

21. Did Goodluck seek any form of assistance or support from the American governmet during the meeting? If yes, what form of support and/or assistance did he seek?

22. What was the response of the Americans to his request?

23. Did the Americans ask for anything in exchange for granting Goodluck’s request for support and/or assistance from the American government? If yes, what exactly did they ask for in return for their assistance?

24. Who else from the Nigerian side apart from Goodluck was present at the meeting with the Americans?

25. Was Yaradua, especially the true state of his health, discussed at the meeting? If yes to what degree did the Americans share the state of health of Yaradua with Goodluck?

26. Did Goodluck enquire from the Americans the true state of Yaradua’s health during the meeting?

27. If yes, what was the response of the Americans? How detailed was their response?

28. If no, why didn’t Goodluck seek the opportunity to enquire from the Americans the true state of Yaradua’s health?

29. Did the Americans tell Goodluck that the American government supports its government and are ready to work with him?

30. Was there any bargaining in any form during the meeting between Goodluck and the Americans? If yes, what kind of bargaining?


Before going further in our analysis, it is worth mentioning here that the duo of Carson and Sanders were not just the first foreign visitors to meet with Goodluck immediately after the swearing in ceremony, but were the first visitors ever in general – including among Nigerians – to meet him. Infact, governor Oyinlola of Osun state who had arrived in Abuja much earlier than the Americans was forced to wait until Goodluck’s August visitors completed their business with himk. What an insult!

If we are to give Goodluck the benefits of the doubts – before getting the answers to the questions above from him, and assume that the Americans were the initiator of the meeting, nevertheless, this does not free Nigeria’s acting president from blame. As far as I am concerned, and I assume any other rational thinking Nigerian, by agreeing to hold his first meeting ever in the capacity of Acting president with the Americans, representatives of a foreign country, Jonathan Goodluck has committed the first and very serious diplomatic blunder before even settling down for business at Aso rock!

Unfortunately, with this meeting, Nigeria’s acting president, Jonathan Goodluck, has compromised himself especially his independence, allegiance and promise to defend the interests of Nigerians and Nigeria and its sovereignty which are paramount to its economic development! After this meeting with the Americans, it will be very difficult for Goodluck to convince Nigerians, especially people like me, that he is not a C.I.A. agent in Aso rock remotedly been controlled from the American embassy in Abuja by Ms. Robins Sanders and The White House by the duo of Messrs. Jonnie Carson, U.S. Assistant Secretarty of State for African Matters and Barrack Obama, the U.S. President.

By holding his first meeting ever with the Americans, are we to assume that Jonathan Goodluck, a seasoned politician, did not know the negative implication of his action – even without being told? In that case, we need to let him know that by holding such a suspicious and secret meeting with the Americans, he has not only compromisd himself, but has equally publicly ridiculed Nigeria and Nigerians, and committed a serious diplomatic gaafe. Undoubtedly, this is a false start on the part of Goodluck whom many Nigerians from all works of life fought for in order to be sworn in as their acting president and gave their loyalty and trust to in advance.

This suspicious, senseless and unwarranted meeting with the Americans has seriously dented Goodluck’s political reputation and trustworthiness as a leader ordinary and down-trodden Nigerians could rely on to defend their interests without any fear or compromise before any individual and/or foreign government – no matter how powerful. We also want to remind Jonathan Goodluck – incase he has forgotten – that when Richard Nixon was impeached by the Senate for lying to them about his activities and involvement in the Water Gate scandal, and Gerald Ford was sworn in as the new president to replace him, the firs visitors to the White House were not foreigners – not even the British Ambassador to the U.S.- despite the very warm and cordial diplomatic relationship between the between the two countries.


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1 comment

chinny February 27, 2010 - 10:09 pm

hello bode

thanks for this really interesting article.

i have been following american and british involvement in nigeria for a while and one thing that strikes me is the fact that many nigerians are unaware of the fact that nigeria is in fact a client state of america and britain. i have researched nigeria’s downward trajectory since independence and the major players in nigerian politics and a pattern has emerged. Almost all former nigerian leaders have either had links to the CIA or have been stooges of the CIA this explains why nigeria has kept regressing. This is what the americans did with Zaire – they got rid of Lumumba and replaced him with their stooge who destroyed the economy of that country beyond recognition – this is their modus operandi.

the fact that the current acting president Goodluck Jonathan has met with american diplomats before meeting with members of his own cabinet does not come as a suprise. i honestly beleive that the americans and british and possibly Israel are involved in the disappearance of Yaradua, i say this because Yaradua’s dissappearance coincided with nigeria’s decision to invite massive investment from China, China as you know is one of america’s greatest economic and military opponents – i beleive that the americans are trying to cripple China’s rise to super power status – they are intent on kicking China out of Africa in order to impede their (China’s) economic and military development and i think Nigeria’s continued trade with China was a source of great anxiety for america.

To my mind the appointment of Goodluck Jonathan was part of the plan (i may be wrong) i think the long term plan may be to handover to IBB next year – he has a proven track record of obedience to western economic reforms (SAP) and i beleive he is a CIA stooge.

Nigeria is a full fledged bananna republic and things are set to get even worse for the people of nigeria if IBB, Obama and his cronies suceed with their evil plan.

Oh yes i forgot to mention AFRICOM – i beleive that plans to locate military bases all over africa will now start to move into their final phases as this is a crucial part of america’s plan to recolonise all parts of africa with valuable natural resources.


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