Undeniably, Gov. T.A. Orji Has No Hidden Agenda

by Odimegwu Onwumere

In any locality, state or country where the leader is weak, not as a result
of old age, but out of incompetence, such an environment is bound to grow
weaker and the people that such a leader is heading, susceptible to
suffering. There would be many hurt, because no job has been done. Having
an eye for money becomes the order of the day; the definition of governance
becomes absentminded. Such a people are pushed to see weakness as a norm
and, should not complain about their pain and suffering.

It does not take anybody who has been to Abia State to read newspapers to
understand that the state is undergoing serious misapplication of
governance before broadsheet testimonies captioned one of Governor T.A Orji
of Abia State rampant comments this way: “I Have No Hidden Agenda – Gov.
T.A. Orji”.

Yes, Gov. Theodore Orji has no ‘hidden agenda’ for governance than the
incompetence that has paraded his government; else we would have seen a new
agenda from the failures he has been proud of as good governance. You
wonder why it was only the members of the Peoples Democratic Party that
called on the governor at the Government House, Umuahia, as part of their
2013 Democracy Day celebration and, not the general public of Abia State.
This is where he told a select of his dependents, stand-ins and proxies
that he has no ‘hidden agenda’.

One agenda the governor was able to tell his yesmen was the biased
statement that they should be circumspect of persons who may want to come
into the party, according to him, just for the reason of obliterating it.
And you wonder why the party and the mirage of persons so much of
importance to Orji. No one praises himself or herself, but the governor
after looking round, would tell the world that “we are laying the
foundation for Abia state”. A state like Akwa Ibom, has finished erecting
edifices, whereas Gov. T.A Orji is still “laying the foundation for Abia

He always talk about “a good working relationship between the three arms of
government, especially, between the Legislature and the Executive, made up
of PDP members”, whereas we have never heard nobody or as a group in these
bodies spoken before, except Gov. Orji. Rubber stamp deputies!!

It is obvious that the government in our state has become one for the PDP
members, hence no “hidden agenda”. If the government is an all inclusive
one, we would have been seeing many agendas as they unfold, because a dog
that bites does not bark. The dog must have a secret and surprises people
with action. But the Gov. Orji government is like a dog that barks much
without action. Agenda-less government is too bad!

The government of Orji, because it lacks agenda, is always calling for
“confidence, support and faith from members of PDP”, knowing that our
hapless people have lost confidence in the government since June 2010 it
said that somebody was holding it down from developing our state and, we
later found out that all that were sold to the general public against that
person were blatant lies, mischievous and malicious.

Perhaps, Gov. Orji government has something to teach us with its incessant
statement of “this government has embarked on legacy projects in an effort
to uplift the standard of the state”, because when well-meaning Abia people
look round, the ‘legacy projects’ we see are heaps of dirt, gully roads, a
government that has refused to conduct Local Government Areas (LGAs)
elections, that is always fighting with the authorities of Abia Poly, that
hikes school fees in Abia State University, where teachers are owed months
salaries, non-Abia indigenes in the civil service are chased out of the
state, critics are labeled rapists, extortionists, kidnappers, just name
them. Are these the ‘legacy projects’?

It is laughable when we read from Gov. Orji saying that his administration
was “empowering the youth of the state for them to be self-employed and
earn decent living” and you wonder when he would tell the world how many of
our people have been gainfully employed and how many job opportunities are
there that his government has created. Did you say, empowerment, indeed?

All we get year in and year out is the PDP leadership in the state going to
the governor to ‘re-assure’ that they are in his support and that they are
“happy with what the governor has been doing in the state”.

Anyway, Nigerians know that Gov. Orji adoration for shame, blame,
lack-of-respect, betrayal, and the preservation of affection have damaged
our once vibrant and ebullient Abia State; he should know that shame eats
the emotion of the soul, when a person continues to boast in his or her

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