Fidel Castro

Understanding the Life and Times of Fidel Castro

The late former president of Cuba, Dr. Fidel Castro, was a great man, a Marxist extraordinary, a human rights lawyer, a revolutionary, an anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist freedom fighter and the commander of the Cuban revolution.

Goaded by the fear of American punitive measures against him to overturn the Cuban revolution, he became a dictator.

Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro

To understand the life and times of Fidel Castro, one must acquaint oneself with 18th, 19th, and 20th century political philosophy, dialectic materialism and historical materialist theories and doctrines that influenced Castro’s thoughts and actions. When Karl Marx, Engels and Lenin advanced sociocratic philosophy of vibrant political economy, the communist manifests became the “gospel” of left-wing, radical narrative world-wide. Marxists engaged in anti-capitalist onslaught through hard-hitting criticism of capitalist societies in Europe, America and Latin America.

Between 1848-1948, revolutionary Marxism had led to the overthrow of monarchies in Russia, Germany, china, America and the overthrew of the dictatorial regime in Cuba

Left-wing ideologists set their own populist agenda and changed societies inexorably.

The most successful change was effected by Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries in Cuba.

The Batista dictatorship with strong latifundist, reactionary, pot-bellied, well tattooed American regular visitors, who preyed upon young, dark-skinned Cuba girls, who they spoiled with Yankee dollars, lost out in the Cuba revolution.

Those Cubans, whose lives became down-graded as a result of the revolution, received slush funds to carry out a disastrous bay of pigs failed, operation and other dirty tricks actions.

They were later granted exit to Miami in Florida, use to enjoy “freedom”.

Marco Rubio-type characters formed opposition, vociferous anti- Castro groups, hoping against hope; they have been living through dope pushing, prostitution, petty and major thefts, rapes, false marriages, drinking rum and Coca-Cola.

What manner of people celebrates the death of a Cuba liberator who raised the standard of lives of millions of Cubans instead of allowing the latifundists, the sugar-cane plantations owners to oppress the poor in Batista’s Cuba?

Cuba under Castro has the best medical services, education programmes in Latin America.

Castro helped to liberate South Africa from apartheid. Also he helped Angola defeat Savimbi, helped Lumumba gain independence in Congo. South West Africa’s Sam Nujoma, whom I met in Lagos, Nigeria, hailed Castro as a great man.

While a band of hired Cubans in Miami celebrated Castro’s death, Russia, China, Africa, Latin Americans, Asians are eulogizing Fidel Castro.

When I was teaching international law at Shandong University of Science and Technology, in china. I wrote and congratulated Fidel Castro on his 80th birthday. He sent a “thank you” letter.

Most Africans, especially British trained Nigerians, like the English/American ideologues who have been long inoculated by anti-Castro anti-socialist propaganda should read this article.

It is only recently, when china portrayed the worth of socialist state organization, that it is getting clearer which ideology is more suited for the 21th century world.

Trump will have to understudy how china has over-powered America as a result of socialism.

Obama‘s rapprochement with Cuba was a defeat of McCarthyism, anti-socialist hysteria that lasted for decades. To go back to hate-filled Cuban policy will be counterproductive.

Castro came, he saw and he conquered Cuba’s oppressors and hegemonists.    History has absolved Fidel Castro!!!

Donald trump has no choice but to sustain diplomatic relations with Cuba.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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