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The Aftermath of Donald Trumps’ Electoral Victory

When Barack Obama announced in 2012, that he would contest the American presidency, Donald Trump had the illusion that, being “white” and rich, he could become president.

Later, the grandeur fizzled out but he misdirected himself into an anti-Obama campaign and said Obama was not born in America. He was Vitriolic and furious but Obama was roundly re-elected.

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Donald Trump (

This time around, Trump, unprepared but with dollar to play with, joined the presidential race. He did not have strategy or convincing programmes but relied on rough talk, indecent insults, verbal recriminations of events irrelevant to governance.

He denigrated Hispanics, African Americans, women of all shades and in all walks of life. From all on can discern, Donald Trump has money but does not have an intellectual habit of mind, evinced in a person, who aspires to be American President.

Only people, with grasshopper minds will quarrel with his prospective voters.

Donald Trump was expected to lose the election because of his style and he inflicted much pain on people during his electoral campaign.

Why Donald Trump is unsuitable to be US president-

  1. Donald Trump has no international legal and diplomatic ground.
  2. He takes a subjective rather than an objective assessment of events.
  3. He is very opinionated, even in things he knows little or nothing about.

This will make him difficult to advice.” A man who cannot be advised cannot be helped.”

Donald Trump has had a running battle with the American press. Trump has not been properly briefed that he cannot unilaterally set aside multilateral treaties. He is not an Emperor. Other States are not vassal entities.  States are equal under international law.  Agreements must be respected (Pacta Sunt Servanda).  American foreign policies must respect international law.  Trump’s inconsistencies do not augur well for global politics.

He promised to revoke unilaterally existing international treaties e.g. (NAFTA) agreements and protocols.

Trump needs a Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy graduate to teach and advise him on the implication of upsetting the international legal and diplomacy systems.

George W. Bush had little or no knowledge of International Law, which was why he illegally invaded Iraq with its attendant tragedies.

Trump must avoid the vulgarity of groping women. It is a habit encouraged by demonic forces.

A man with Trumps habit of mind cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. In a world where the decline of America has become embracing and there are other super powers like China, Russia, North Korea, etc, it will be unsafe for Trump to be in control of nuclear weapons. Trump is arrogant and this will affect his judgments.

Donald Trump should read the UN Charter and other books on International Relations.

Donald Trump has a merciless disposition. He can climb upon skulls to get what he wants. He has incited hatred against Mrs. Clinton through insults and verbal actionable assaults and verbal battery, humiliation and these acts are unbecoming of a President of America.

Donald Trump is short-tempered, irascible and vicious. To entrust nuclear bombs in the custody of such a man is very risky.

After riding roughshod over Mexicans, African-Americans, “black” and “white” women, Arab Americans, who will then vote for Donald Trump? I wonder. But by some magical conjuration he won the election.

Donald Trump needs to change his personal habit especially the mentality of a go-getter business man.  A president should act with the decorum. It is clear from Trump’s behavior and modus operandi that He embedded the power of politics as propagated by Hans Morgenthau and the teaching of Clausewitz. These militaristic doctrines are no longer acceptable in the 21st century in a multi-polar world in which the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans are players. Donald Trump must discard the idea of military intervention in the affairs of other states and political meddlesomeness in other countries. He himself had said that America will not be the policeman of the world which was why America got involved in, Vietnam, Korea, Indo-China, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Guatemala, I will like to refer Donald Trump to the 1928 Brain-Kellogg Treaty in which America undertook not to use force as  an instrument of national policy. Donald Trump has promised to improve the America Economy. It is hereby suggested that America may wish to cut back its military’s stationing of Troops worldwide.

Such funds will be very useful in the pursuit of the promise to make America great again. Donald Trump will sooner or later find out that things are easier said than done.

Donald Trump observations in Africa Condition is very true, particularly on the activities of Nigerians in America. He will be very helpful if he can assist the Nigeria Government to recover our stolen money in Europe and American Banks


The speech which Mrs. Clinton delivered after her defeat was very touching. It clearly brought out the pain of losing her cherished ambition. Her supporters’ worldwide also shared the pain.

These became manifest in the nation-wide protest the day after she delivered her speech.

In the material world, Mrs. Clinton was more suitable as the US president than Donald Trump.

Spiritually speaking, Mrs. Clinton seems to have suffered Karma, a spiritual re-payment for her major political mistakes. For example, her support for the illegal declaration of war against Iraq, the illegal invasion of Libya, had subscribed to the dangerous doctrine of regime change and interventions in some other countries.

If she could feel so much pain at the loss of an election, how much pain could she have felt if any of her family members had died in a bomb blast?

For god is not mocked, for whatever people sow, they shall reap. It appeared as if positive spiritual forces with unseen hands voted for Trump. Just as negative spiritual forces with unseen hands are fighting in Syria.


The approval of Trumps decision to reset diplomatic relations with Russia is a positive step. The world is tired of the perpetual mistrust and wrangling between the United State of America and Russia since the Cold War Period has not done anyone any good.

It is true that, arms manufacturers and the Military Industrial Complex in America and Russia serve demons through blood-letting, destruction of cities and social dislocation.

Donald Trump must exercise maximum restraint in his ambition to make America great again. Making America great again does not lie in fighting enemies, real or imagined.

Trump can save Billions of Dollars for Social Welfare scheme instead of throwing bombs in towns and cities, in order to show the American power.

America may wish to close down all the military bases it maintains around the world.

America should develop extensive International Trade Strategies in order to expand its economic activities. Trump should insist that every government should govern its people well so that the people are not push to revolt, leading to un-necessary political tensions and acrimony.

President Trump, should declare American Neutrality were ambitious rebels seek to over-throw their governments. Trump should also warn corrupt and inept government against violating the right of the opposition to express their discontent.

State governments which steal their country’s wealth, misused national funds and dare the people to express disgust  should not be assisted  to remain in power when the people revolt.

The new America government may wish to review the policy of supporting allies for ideological reasons. America should allow the institutions of the United Nation to function according to the Charter of the United Nation’s organization, and the principles and norms of International Law.


In the last 20years the United Nations was under tremendous pressure as a result, Kofi Anan and Ban ki Moon were very ineffective. The new UN Secretary General must be given a free hand to apply international law in solving international disputes.

The dangerous doctrines of “Regime Change” and “axis of evil” as well as “the Monroe doctrine” should be discarded. These doctrines often lead to isolationism and disorder.


Donald Trump does not seem to have been well briefed about U.S. CHINA trade relations. He should be thankful to China for the billions of dollars the Chinese have loan to America.

The International Trade capacity of China is expanding into Africa and Latin America. China now dominates the Asian markets and its links with Russia are very strong.

The Mexican government is very distraught because of Trump’s electoral victory. It is true that the Mexicans and other Latin America who troupe to America daily contribute to the illegal drug trade which is destroying American youths. Every responsible government should protect its citizens from harm. However, Trump determination to build a wall south of the American border with Mexico is not the best solution.

The NAFTA TREATY Donald Trump has vowed to scrap this International Trade Treaty. The Treaty is multi-lateral one. As a result, there is a well-established system to abrogate International Treaties. Any government which desires to abrogate a multi-lateral Treaty must notify all other High Contracting Parties in writing given adequate notice as stipulated in the Treaty stating the reasons for its intension such a state must indicate whether it wants to abrogate the whole Treaty or part thereof. It is usual to summon an International Conference to discuss the existence of such a state. I am sure that Donald Trump will find an America Professor of International Law who will advise him accordingly.

One of the strategies in War Governance is the false claim by world leaders that they know everything just by virtue of the fact that they were rigged or voted into office by hook or crook which amuses. These fallacies and Pretenses often bring the world to the precipice for example (regime change and axis of evil doctrines).

Donald Trump’s victory can be trace to the following factors:

  1. Rough talk
  2. Insult
  3. Verbal assaults
  4. Verbal battery
  5. Lies
  6. Intimidation
  7. Threats
  8. Bullying
  9. Vulgarism

This is why many people in America and elsewhere do not like him and have openly said so. I hope that Trump does not carry out His repeated threats against Mrs. Clinton because he would have inflamed passion that could call for retaliation. Because, he would have stoke the embers of discontent beyond pardon.

Trump should allow sleeping dogs in his “basket of deplorables“ to be.

Most of what he promises are no policies but hard talks to appease those who always lie low and who enjoy used loose cannon diatribe.

From Trumps speeches, it is clear that he does not think over his pronouncements before he utters them. If provoked, Trump reacts unconscionably   and such temperament is unsuitable for the office of President of United State who must be control of nuclear weapons.

Trump should hold discussions with North Korea, it was President Bush who included North Korea as part of axis of evil, it was this name-calling that pushed North Korea into extensive Nuclear research and production, now a threat to the world peace.

World leaders should be should be very careful because a new world order has come to be.

This is the age of the anti-Christ. The Four Red Moons have already appeared, heralding the era of great human suffering caused by a clash of civilization. They will establish soon a new Jerusalem because the God that protects Israel does not sleep.


A review of post-world war II, America politics extolled the virtues of power politics. These was characterized by Military and Political interventions in those states which did not accept the Capitalist way of development for example Cuba, Venezuela, Grenada and  China, the Soviet Socialist Republics, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea, Libya, Iraq, Syria etc..

America used overt and covert methods to deal with some African Government like Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Ghana. Some governments were over-thrown and some political leaders were killed, as a result of ideological differences. During the Presidency of Bill Clinton, bombs were dropped on Kosovo.

During the Presidency of George Bush, Iraq was illegally invaded. During the Presidency of Obama, Libya was attacked, as a result of these attacks president of Iraq, Saddam Hussien and Muamar Gaddafi, were killed.

There was political intervention in Syria occasioned by United States support for armed rebels and terrorist who sought to over-throw President Assad in violation of International Law.

These wars are still raging and have claimed millions of lives.

Taking all these terrible events into consideration, American political thinkers and Humanists everywhere decided that, there should be a change of the governance style in America. The Freemasons and the Illuminati met and decided to discard the old America political order.

Research for new person tainted and unencumbered by past American political practices in the person of Donald Trump was selected. Although Trump lost the popular vote, it is suspected even by Trump himself that the elections were rigged.  He did not know it was to be rigged in his Favor.

Haven been announced on November 8 as the winner of America 2016 election, president Obama invited Trump to the White House where they had constructive bilateral discussion. A day after this meeting, there were wide-spread demonstrations and protests against the victory of Donald Trump in America and else-where.

American political thinkers canvassed the view that in the last 20 years, while America was fighting wars and playing power politics abroad, the America infrastructure, educational system, the economy, crime, drug trafficking, police/civilian groups strives had deteriorated inexorably while China was expanding its trade relations, peaceful co-existence with other states especially with Russia. America spends huge sums of money fighting wars.

Russia developed a “TOVARISH” relationships, Military Intelligence Penetration and suspected hacking of American systems to push its Geo-political goals. Many European Union State have complained that political sanctions against Russia were hunting their country.

Trump thinks that the NATO Military Organization has become obsolete and expensive to maintain. He wants most allies of the U.S. to paddle their own canoes, and row their own boats.

These policy declaration by Donald Trump has shaken the confidence of its allies, But will be good for America. American’s lives will no longer wasted in faraway battle-fields and the America Dollar will no longer be wasted on arms purchases and maintenances.

Trump needs the expertise of highly qualified military Men and Women not those who waste precious time hanging out in Military barracks around the world.

Trump can perform economic feats by cutting military spending, military infrastructures, and payment to military staff, checking excesses in supporting undemocratic government around the world.

Most educated Americans have been inoculated with anti-communist propaganda and so will not support closer political ties with China even though China has given substantial loans to American.

Between 1945 and 1970, China was subject ridicule among Western-European and America writers and commentators. Today, the communist system in China has propelled that state to gain acceleration in the right direction.

I spend 3 years at the Shandong University of Science and Technology, teaching International Law and Diplomacy. I also travelled extensively within the country; I have also leaved in Russia and taught Human Right Law at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor during which time, I acquitted myself with America life. So, unlike many other academicians who look at things from the Western Prison alone, I have the rare inherent advantages and disadvantages both Capitalism and Socialism.

Some theories and practices in both Systems have become anachronistic and as a result, there is acute need for new world order and Trump’s ascendancy to power in America could provide a new impetus.

Until the intellectual prowess of the West return, the decline of Western Nations will accelerate inexorably. Lamentations, protest, and demonstrations will only exacerbate the America condition. So these divisions in the American political life must be handled with dexterity and open mindedness.


President Muhammadu Buhari sent a congratulatory message to Donald Trump. Unfortunately, two loquacious Nigerians from South West Nigeria, who suffer from illusion of grandeur, engaged in “SHAKARA”.

One of them declared that he would tear his America Green Card if Donald Trump won. While the other Owu Chief wrote Donald Trump claiming to speak for Africa by giving Trump conditions for Africa “support”.

The SHAKARA   literary guru had left his country to sojourn in America, coming occasionally to drop a controversial statement before leaving for America. His well-documented agitations have not contributed to Nigeria’s development.

The well-known Owu Chief was reported by NEITI as blowing trillions of Naira. He did not explain or disprove the allegation. He was indirectly informing Trump that he has special relations with America.

One of the conditions for getting the Green Card is that the person must respect the laws of the state, which has granted him or her permit to sojourn in the state.

Wole Soyinkaa’s declaration was a head-line grabbing statement. It has no political significance.  Obasanjo’s “invitation to treat” is cheap attention-seeking. The Ife-Oshogbo incident is not forgotten, as it is easily remembered whenever our literary guru speaks.


There is need for a sociocratic order in America. 21st century capitalism is characterized by boom and burst economic syndrome. It mainly favors the rich and entrepreneurs, who pay pittance wages to workers.

The upsurge in awareness of this social phenomenon, led to a popular revolt against the democratic process in the last elections.

Republicanism and Democratic Party politics must give way to a sociacratic political system that can ensure equity and social justice in America and in other states.


Amidst a formidable attitudinal change and paradigm shifts in American politics, under Donald Trump, we have witnessed opportunistic, tongue-in-cheek, turn-coat proclamations by European leaders, who have earlier expressed misgiving one month ago about Trump’s leadership.

Even the appointment of a right wing extremist adviser was condoned.

There is hypocrisy in the attitude of world leaders who have not condemned the brutalities against Syrian children but have eulogized the victory of Trump. What a shame!

Syria, Iraq, and Libya are wounds on the psyche of the world that cannot be bandaged.

A new world is born! It was conceived in HATRED and delivered by BIGOTRY. This new world is dangerous.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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