Unzipping Reality: I Will Obey Court Verdict Says Buhari

by Sylvester Fadal

Sometimes, it is best to ignore people to get them to understand the realities of prevailing happenings as indicated by the recent comments attributed to Buhari who in responding to a question posed by a BBC correspondent as to how he would react if the court ruled against him said:

Yes, we will accept the verdict of the court. That’s why we went there. We want to achieve victory democratically. Where elections were not free and fair, there is no social justice and we intend to fight this to its logical conclusion.

Individuals can be so unmindful of the truth that they continue to fight a long lost battle. The truth is that Nigerians neither voted for Buhari or OBJ. They both made an attempt to steal the election and OBJ came out ahead of the pack. Buhari failed to see the writing on the wall and was (still is) ignorant to the fact that Josef Stalin spoke from experience when he said “those who cast the votes decide nothing: those who count the votes decide everything.” Buhari is starting to come to grip with the fact that it is best not to start a losing battle especially if those who count the votes are not on your team. He has not only lost the contest, he has lost woefully with little or no pride to hold on to as clearly indicated by the swiftness of departure of his key followers such as governors and other contestants who ran under the auspices of the ANPP.

How sad that it took him this long to realize that he can’t win a battle against those who hold the aces unless the masses are clearly with him. In Buhari’s case, he had no true supporters. He lost his followers during his short reign as a dictator. Those who initially saw some opportunities for personal gain very quickly alienated themselves from him because he was quickly gaining the perceptive reputation of a taboo.

OBJ, the “taker” of the last election is just as untrustworthy in the eyes of most Nigerians as Buhari himself and in the mist of two horrific options, Nigerians chose none regardless of who actually sits at the reign of leadership in Nigeria. I find it appalling and realistically painful that Buhari has not looked at himself to measure his influence on the citizens of that country. Does he have any true followers or was he solely seeking an opportunity for self-replenishment as it relates to (a) wealth, (b) power, and (c) recognition. Delai Lama once said, “When you realize you have made a mistake, take immediate actions to correct it.” Buhari made obvious mistakes when he ruled the nation and he is yet to come out outright and acknowledge that, so he can begin to live an honorable life and establish a foundation for future opportunities.

There is a circle of illness that seems to create a litmus of internal self-confusion among those that seek to liberate Nigerians from their suffering and that is the fact that they are just as lost in the wilderness as some of those they seek to govern. I guess they just don’t realize the fact that they are blind to prevailing issues because they have never really had to answer to those they want to serve because the system allows an environment where stolen wealth can be migrated to political powers, positions or appointments. If the blindness to reality is not an illness, what is? Most interesting however, is the fact that each self-proclaimed potential savior often has a retinue of followers that believes in them and sees wisdom in their desires and speeches. Sometimes, I assume it is the ability of the leader to infest their followers into believing in a doctrine that is as flawed as the credentials of the leader himself. In a nation of highly intellectual and educated people, why such a high level of unwariness? It is simple, the influence and power of money.

Experiential reality shows that intellect, ability or potent qualified capability holds no weight in Nigerian politics. All that matters is money. It is virtually impossible to run, gain followers or even make a moderate impact if one does not have the loads of ill-gotten wealth to shuffle around. Those that have earned their wealth righteously are often too scared to gamble with their hard-earned wealth realizing what it takes to replenish their portfolios. Having agreed on this fact, where did Buhari get his wealth to contest and make the impact during the last election? We know OBJ has a deep-rooted pocket so the focus should be on Buhari. How did he make his wealth? Perhaps, through smart investments in bonds during his military years? Oh no, bonds don’t pay that much so he must have invested wisely in the Nigeria Stock Market. Not quite, realizing that he was too busy managing the affairs of a great nation and tending to his family at the same time. How then did he grow his finite salary as a military officer to a questionable proportion of wealth? To reach a reasonable conclusion, we must agree that he either had a great financial adviser who managed his portfolio or he illegally borrowed from the coffins of the nation.

Buhari, like his previous-and-after counterparts know how easy it is to gain wealth once in a position of control and that is perhaps the obvious reason he seeks power dearly. Buhari and other desperate power seekers want to remain or return to positions where their needs can be met unquestionably, their financial strength raised higher and their egos, polished to greater heights. The welfare of the masses is of no significance to them. The citizens can smell the truth a zillion miles away and the only reason they don’t cry out too loud, too often, is because those who hold the aces do not listen. They honestly may not even care. Those who do care and have a passion for others don’t have the power nor the ability to effect changes. Now I know why so many of the citizens have turned to churches for salvation, not for just for their souls, but for the souls of our rulers. For you salvation-seeking citizens, I am with you so please pray for me while you are at it.

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Y.A. January 1, 1970 - 12:00 am

Mr writer you know that the previous elections was stolen from Buhari so why don’t you say the truth about the elections. Your article does not make sense why don’t you read over and over and rewrite your article it might gain grounds then. Just observing.


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