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There was a time in the history of the world that Great Britain was a world power. They controlled activities in all the commonwealth countries. They colonized U.S.A., Nigeria, India, Pakistan e.t.c. It is however very funny that Britain herself is not a big country; she is only a tiny island.

The Britons, however, possess maritime knowledge which they used creditably to enhance their economic development by colonizing different nations across the globe, using other people’s resources to develop their tiny island. The compass, a veritable tool for controlling in the marine world was developed about 2000 years ago in China. At that time the Chinese did not realize the potential of the compass, they were using it for religious purpose. The same tool China worshipped was used by Great Britain to move around the world, controlling empires and colonizing nations, they raised the British Union Jack in those countries.

Africans today sit over a lot of resources but they are the poorest people on earth. The world has shown that resources don’t make a great nation; it is the ability to value what one has that matter most. Places don’t make people, people make places. That is why countries with little or no resource at all value their people; they invest in the intellectual capital development of their citizens while countries with all the world’s mineral deposit have to rely on the people who have no natural resource to survive.

You and I have great knowledge deposited inside of us but we have refused to value it because of the circumstances around us forgetting that great men recorded in history books are men who ruled the world in their chosen fields despite all odds.

If you decide to stretch your mind, you can change the wrong things around you, let’s stop saying we can’t do more, study your immediate environment and provide solutions to the problems around. The world respect solution providers and not problem avoiders. You can rule the world with that idea inside of you.

The only commodity God gave all human being equal is 24hours. When you wake up every morning, a suit case containing 24hours is regularly handed to you. Barak Obama, Nelson Mandela, Arsene Wenger, Ben Carson do not have more time than you have. They all have 24hours. Your childhood hero does not have more than you have but what you packed into your suitcase of 24hours yesterday and what he packed into his yesterday are the results you are having today.

It was reported that Albert Einstein, the man voted man of the century used only 15% of his brain with all the equations that he solved. You can do more!

Bill Gate, the supercomputer hero of our time earns US$500 per second with an idea while three billion people in the world earn US$500 per month. Bill Gate is richer than 70 poorest nations on earth. 78million Nigerians live on less than half a Dollar per day. Bill Gate with his financial wealth has conquered more territories than Adolf Hitler or Julius Ceasar.

Think and bring solutions to the problems around you. Value yourself, because your brain can process data faster than what a computer is processing. Stop focusing on the problems and challenges around you instead focus on the solution to those challenges. The most interesting thing about successful people is that they always think they can do more.

What legacy would you leave behind in the world? What will people say about you? Will any invention be attributed to you? Will your country celebrate you? Will you ever write any great book? Will you ever deliver any great speech?

You have so much, don’t settle for less. Don’t fail God. Don’t fail your generation. Don’t fail yourself.

Till we meet at the top!

God bless you!

Written by
Opeyemi Ajayi
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  • You sound as if you what you call success is what people can see or remember later. Anyway, I could have said much more but lets face it, any life without God First is a waste of time. you can be remembered all you want but what does that do for you as a person? you are long dead and buried but with God in all, you are promised everlasting life even if you loose your life now, you will eventually be resurrected and live for ever!. ALL IS VANITY!