‘We Must Get The Nigeria Project Right’ – Pat Utomi

by Uche Nworah

Frontline presidential aspirant in Nigeria’s 2007 presidential elections Prof. Pat Utomi speaks on the importance of getting the Nigeria Project right amongst other political, social and economic issues in this hour-long video.

Responding to some of the views expressed by Prof. Utomi during this round table session with some UK based Nigerians, Dr. Anthony Kila, a UK based lecturer and convener of Europe 4 Nigeria, an independent organisation committed to the enthronement of good political and economic structures in Nigeria says that ‘Prof. Utomi’s involvement in Nigerian politics would help raise the level of political debates in Nigeria, because his campaign has been an issue-oriented one’.

In his own comments, Chris Udechukwu of BusinessinAfricaevents.com says that ‘Prof. Utomi stands heads and shoulders taller than all the candidates who are currently jostling for Nigeria’s top job, in terms of integrity, character and intellectual assets’.

Responding, Chigbo Ugochukwu expressed fears for Prof. Utomi’s presidential bid, ‘in an ideal world’, he says, ‘Prof Utomi would be the right choice but borrowing from the late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, there is a difference between idealism and realism. I think that the structures are not yet there in Nigeria to allow the emergence of a philosopher king like Utomi’, he concluded.

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Paul Odu (USA) October 18, 2006 - 1:53 pm

Pat Utomi is very capable of running the affairs of the country come 2007, and every Nigerian who desires change need to look in the direction of someone in the mold of Prof. Pat Utomi to move the country forword. The idea that Pat Utomi does not fit into Nigeria's crude political system is really arrant nonesence because it takes good men to run a good government. All past Nigerian leaders have all shown ineptitude and unrepentant desire for corruption, hence this is the time for someone with intelligience and competence to come into the field. We all should remember that Prof. Pat Utomi will not be running the affairs of the country alone, he will definitely suuround himself with the services of many Nigerian professional who abound everywhere in this globe. He is no doubt the frontline presidential candidate available in Nigeria today.

ndu October 17, 2006 - 12:37 pm

The statement, "I think that the structures are not yet there in Nigeria to allow the emergence of a philosopher king like Utomi," is sad but true. Nigeria has a long way to go, but we (Nigerians) remain hopeful. Perhaps, one of these days the likes of Utomi would be allowed to serve our rich country. May God help us and help us quickly!


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